International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering (IJAME)



Volume 4  Number 4 Spl., (2014)





Numerical Analysis of Steady and Unsteady Flow for Dragonfly Wing Section in Gliding Mode
pp. 365-370
Authors: Husain Mehdi, Brajesh Kumar Lakhera and Anil Kamboj

Evaluation of Flexural and Tensile Properties of Short Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Green Composites
pp. 371-380
Authors: K. Kishor Kumara, P. Ramesh Babub and K. Raja Narender Reddyc

LabVIEW Based Automated Test Set Up of an Electrical System: Compressors
pp. 381-386
Authors: Khyati Shukla, Pallav Gandhi and Nital Patel

Vehicle Design and Manufacturing: Advanced Tire Technology (ATT)
pp. 387-388
Authors: Rathindra Nath Biswas, Mohit Ojha and Arijeet Bhadra

Development Processes of Cost Effective Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite - A Review
pp. 389-394
Authors: N.K. Jha, Akshay Dvivedi, Rajesha S and Ujjwal Kumar Srivastava

Stress Analysis of Single Lap Riveted Joint for Leak Proof Applications by Adhesive Bonding Using Finite Element Method
pp. 395-404
Authors: P. Shiva Shankar and L. Suresh Kumar

Computational Analysis of Hypersonic Combustion Using Flame Stabilizing Fuel Injection with Species Transport Model
pp. 405-412
Authors: Prateek Srivastava and K.M. Pandey

Effect of Various Chemical Treatments on the Damping Property of Jute Fibre Reinforced Composite
pp. 413-424
Authors: Priya Singhal and S.K. Tiwari

Optimization of Electrical Discharge Machining Process Parameters Using Taguchi Method
pp. 425-434
Authors: Chandramouli S, Shrinivas Balraj U and Eswaraiah K

Stress Analysis of Underground GRP Pipe Subjected to Internal and External Loading Conditions
pp. 435-440
Authors: Nimish Kurien Thomas, Saj P. George, Steve Mathews John, Sam P. George guided by Asst. Prof. M.S. Steve

Human cum Electric Powered Vehicle 
pp. 441-446
Authors: Sambhav Jain, Siddharth Dhapola and Nauman Khan

Study of Automatic Pipe/ Rod Slitting Machine (Pneumatically Controlled) Sinhgad Institute of Technology and Science
pp. 447-452
Authors: Shinde Vaibhav Kailasingh, Ahiwale Anish Jahagirdar Kuldip and Sutar Onkar

Effect of Oxygen Enhancement on Methane Diffusion Flames 
pp. 453-458
Authors: Swati Bhardwaj and Sushant Ahuja

Performance Analysis of a Refrigeration System Using Nano Fluid 
pp. 459-470
Authors: T. Coumaressin and K. Palaniradja

Development of a Fixture for Robotic Assembly Station for an Automotive BIW (Body in White) Line
pp. 471-476
Authors: Vijay Patel, Nilesh Ghetiya, Jatin Dave and Sandip Shah






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