International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 8 (2014)  Special Issues






L-Shaped Dual Band Microstrip Fed Monopole Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications
pp. 855-862
Authors: Jayanta Ghosh, Bappadittya Roy, A. K. Bhattacharjee and S. K. Chowdhury 

Comparison and Analysis of AD-Hoc Routing Protocols (Proactive, Reactive & Hybrid)
pp. 863-868
Authors: Jaiyasha Jain, Ms. Nidhi Gaur and Vivek Upadhyay

Assessment of Biomass Resources for Decentralized Power Generation in Punjab
pp. 869-875
Authors: Jaswinder Singh and Amit Chauhan

Comparision in Rotational Speed of Savonius Rotor Having Deflectors around it and Savonius Rotors Having No Deflectors
pp. 877-882
Authors: Dhrubajyoti Rajbongshi, Sourav Dutta, Gautom Malakar, Rupam Swargiary, Manjyoti Kalita, K. K. Sharma

Improving the Surface Texture of Mild Steel using Vegetable Oil as Cutting Fluid
pp. 883-888
Authors: Papiya Bhowmik, Gaurav Arora, Nitesh Pal and Nitin Bhardwaj

Heat Pipes for Ground Heat Recovery
pp. 889-896
Authors: RA Dubey and SS Pabla

A Critical Appraisal on Engineering Kalman-Filters for Real-Time Object Tracking & Motion Detection Systems
pp. 897-908
Authors: Sanchia Harsha and M. Pavithra

Binuclear HydroxyBridged Copper (II) Complexes of Salicylamide (OHydroxybenzamide)
pp. 909-913
Authors: D.K.Tyagi and Satish Kumar

Gel Combustion Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoparticles of Eu: Gd2O3
pp. 915-922
Authors: Shwet Kumar Rinwa and Mainak Roy

Implementation of Micromechanical Flying Insect as a Spy and its Field of Application
pp. 923-933
Authors: Sibu. C. M, Vijay. M and Roshan. R. S

SiO2 Nanoparticles: Effect on Seedling Biology
pp. 935-939
Authors: Smriti Sharma Bhatia, Saloni Bahri and Sushma Moitra

Analysis of Device Parameter of PEDOT: PSS and MoO3 based Conventional Organic Solar Cells
pp. 941-947
Authors: Sunny chug, J. P. Tiwari, Mohan S Mehta and Suresh Chand

To Reduce the Maintenance Cost in Transportation System by Using Air Spring
pp. 949-957
Authors: Jinesh Jain, Suraj Kumar and Dhananjay Chauhan

Overview of Aluminium Matrix Composites for Automotive Applications
pp. 959-966
Authors: Jaswinder Singh and Amit Chauhan 

Thermodynamic Analysis of Natural Gas Fired Combined Cycle (NGCC) Plant with Different Degree of Supplementary Firing of Biomass
pp. 967-976
Authors: Vikash Kumar Dewangan, G. Naga Srinivasulu and Ashish Singh

Modification in Design of Solar Parabolic Through
pp. 977-984
Authors: Vinod Parashar, Vinod Jat and Swati Chaugaonkar

Measurement and Simulation of Hydrogen Storage and Thermodynamic Properties of LaNi4.7Al0.3 Hydride
pp. 985-994
Authors: Vinod Kumar Sharma and E. Anil Kumar

Design Principles for an Automotive Muffler 
pp. 995-1002
Authors: Vinod Sherekar and P. R. Dhamangaonkar

Smoothness of Running of Train on Uneven Tracks with the Help of Air Springs
pp. 1003-1010
Authors: Suraj Kumar, Dhananjay Chauhan and Jinesh jain

One Dimensional Photonic Crystal Reflectors: An Analytical Approach
pp. 1011-1011
Authors: Maitreyi Upadhyay, Puspendra Singh and Suneet K. Awasthi

Experimental Investigation of Solar Assisted Desiccant Wheel
pp. 1013-1013
Authors: Surendra Singh, Sudhakar Subudi, R.P. Ghakkar










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