International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 7 (2014)  Special Issues





CFD Modeling of Slurry Flow in Pipeline System for Solid Concentration Distribution
pp. 733-742
Authors: Arvind Kumar, Kanwarpal, Sachin Gupta and D. R. Kaushal

High Temperature HF C-V Characteristics of High--Based Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Devices: A Role of Interfacial Layer Thickness
pp. 743-747
Author: Chaitali Chakraborty

A Review Paper on Hardfacing for Increasing Service Life of Some Industrial Application and Construction Equipment
pp. 749-753
Authors: Charit Vyas, Divya Deep Dhancholia and Virender paul

PLC Based Automatic Powder Coating Machine Controller 
pp. 755-763
Authors: Darshan P, H V Ramakrishna and Vijayavithal Bongale

Importance of Lean Tools and Techniques in Industrial Sectors: A Literature Review
pp. 765-771
Authors: Mandar M. Sumant and Pritesh R. Patel

Implementation of Lean Manufacturing in Indian Dairy Industry: A Case Study
pp. 773-782
Authors: Mukeshkumar N Parmar and Shashank J. Thanki

Effect of Cross-Section on Flexural Capacity of Square Concrete-Filled Steel Tube (CFST) Beams
pp. 783-789
Authors: Pramod Kumar Gupta and Susheel Kumar Katariya

Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Process Parameters in WEDM of WC-6% Co Composite using Response Surface Methodology
pp. 791-800
Authors: Sanjiv Kumar and Jatinder Kumar

Issues and Challenges in Concept Generation for a New Product
pp. 801-803
Author: Soumil Arora

Fuzzy Inference System
pp. 805-813
Authors: Suman Lata and Mohammad Ayyub

Effect of Welding Processes on Mechanical Properties, Microstructure and Corrosion Behaviour of Dissimilar Weld Joint between Ferritic Stainless Steel and Weathering Steel
pp. 815-824
Authors: T. S. Ravichandran, A Kumar, S. Sayeeda Sultana and Moses Cecilraja

Calculation of Carbon Footprint of Thermal Power Station
pp. 825-838
Authors: Siddique Mohammed Umair and Sudhakar Umale

Software Assistance for Analysis of Osteoarthritic Patients: A Review
pp. 839-846
Authors: Deepa Sharma, Vijay Kumar Meena, Seema Chawla and Suman Singh

PLC Based Sensor Operated Obstacle Detection Carriage Vehicle
pp. 847-851
Authors: Vikash V. and Amarendra H. J.

A Study on Free Vibration of Non-Homogeneous Rectangular Plate under Thermal Condition
pp. 853-853
Authors: Anupam Khanna, Narinder Kaur and Ashish Singhal









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