International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 5 (2014)  Special Issues





Experimentation on Performance and Emissions Characteristics of Single Cylinder Four Stroke Spark Ignition Air Cooled Engine by Using Premix Homogeneous Charge Of Hydrogen Gas As Fuel Supplement
pp. 491-497
Authors: Abhijit A. Sur, Prashant R. Walke and M. Basavaraj

Variables for Implementing ERP in Supply Chain Management
pp. 499-504
Authors: Bhasker Bhargava Sayala, Dipesh kumar Yadav, Nivedita Chauhan and Ajay verma

Selection and Comparison of Industrial Robots for Packaging and Palletizing using Graph Theory
pp. 505-509
Authors: Akriti Singh and Rajeev Saha

Synthesis, Characterization of PVP Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles for Gas Sensing Applications
pp. 511-515
Authors: Amita, Manish Kumar, Pooja Devi and C. Ghanshyam

Applying FMEA and ISM Technique to Identify Factors Causing Delay in Road Construction Projects
pp. 517-524
Authors: Amrita Jhawar and Purnima Bajpai

Design, Fabrication and Testing of the Suspension Subsystem of a Single Seater Off-Road Buggy
pp. 525-536
Authors: Anurag Das, Nikhil Unnikrishnan, Balakrishnan Shankar, Joshua David Freeman

Numerical Modelling and Theoretical Validation of Shock Tube Flow
pp. 537-544
Author: Arjun Jayakumar

An Experimental Analysis of Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Superalloy Inconel 718 at High Temperature
pp. 545-551
Authors: Arka Banerjee, Parthapratim Dey, S. Sivaprasad and Kaustav Barat

Estimation of Unknown Input of a Linear Time Invariant System Using Full Order Observer
pp. 553-558
Authors: Ashis De, Samoshri Mitra and Gourhari Das

Increasing Downforce in High-speed Motorcycle Specially during Cornering
pp. 559-566
Authors: Ashish Rana and Prem Shankar Kaushik

Analysis of Steam Cycle in Combined Cycle Power Plant by Using Solar and Biomass Energy
pp. 567-574
Authors: Ashish Singh, G. Naga Srinivasulu and Vikash Kumar Dewangan

Stress Distribution due to Digging Forces on Dozer Blade Cutting Edge of Different Grades of ADI
pp. 575-581
Authors: Baldev Singh Rana, Mohinder Singh Sethi, Onkar Singh Bhatia

High Temperature HF C-V Characteristics of High--Based Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Devices: A Role of Interfacial Layer Thickness
pp. 583-587
Author: Chaitali Chakraborty

Landing Gear Retraction System Using Sensors
pp. 589-595
Authors: J. Sriramkumar, G. Premkumar, Mahaveer and Surender

A Green Supplier Selection Model for an Agriculture-Machinery Industry
pp. 597-605
Authors: Virender Paul and Arvind Jayant

Green Supply Chain Management: A Review
pp. 607-613
Authors: Virender Paul, Arvind Jayant and Charit Vyas











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