International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9,  Number 2 (2014)  Special Issues





3 D Contaminant Transport Modeling through Saturated Porous Media Using Finite Element Geotechnical Package SV Office- Chemflux
pp. 127-132
Authors: A.M. Hulagabali and C.H. Solanki

Flow Analysis for a Converging Compound Channel
pp. 133-138
Authors: B. Naik, K.K. Khatua, Rahul Sahoo and Shiba Shankar Satapathy

Adapting to Consequences Due to Climate Change for Sustainability in Developing Countries
pp. 139-144
Authors: Surendra Kumar Yadav and Govind Chandra Mishra

Abatement of Chromium by Adsorption on Nano Iron Oxide Using Response Surface Methodology 
pp. 145-148
Authors: Deepak Gusain, Vinay Kumar Singh, Chih–Huang Weng, Yogesh Chandra Sharma

Treatment of Biodigested Distillery Effluents with the Help of Emulsified Liquid Membrane Permeation (ELMP)
pp. 149-154
Authors: Shraddha Awasthi, Dhanesh Tiwari and Pradeep Kumar Mishra

Rightist Approach to Make Life Prosperous, Pleasant and Promotional
pp. 155-158
Authors: ShivamTeotia, Deepak Tolia and Arfatahmed

Histological Alterations on the Muscle and Intestinal Tissues of Catla Catla Exposed to Lethal Concentrations of Naphthalene 
pp. 159-164
Authors: Jeheshadevi A.K, Ramya T.M, Mr. S. Sridhar and J. Helan Chandra

Soil Toxicity in Cropland Due to Trace Elements Found in Sewage Sludge
pp. 165-170
Authors: Surendra Kumar Yadav and Govind Chandra Mishra

Remote Sensing and GIS Based Weighted Model for Assessing Health of Glaciers in Ganga Basin, India
pp. 171-176
Authors: Jyotsna Vaish, A.K. Sharma and V.S.P. Sinha

Need and Comparison of Energy Storage Technologies–A Review
pp. 177-184
Authors: Neetu Meena, Vishakha Baharawani, Alka Dubey, Urmila Brighu and Jyotirmay Mathur

Green Building – Traditional Approach for Future
pp. 185-192
Authors: Pragnya Prakash, Mustakeem R. Khan, Nishant Nathani and Nalin Ranjan

Malaria Entomology Studies to Underst and Vector Control Program
pp. 193-200
Author: Surendra Kumar Yadav

Development of Regression Equation for Defluoridation by Continuous Flow Electrocoagulation
pp. 201-206
Authors: Richa Sinha and Sanjay Mathur

Novel Approach to Tackle Siltation Problem in Hydraulic Dams
pp. 207-212
Authors: Shivam Teotia and Arfat Ahmed

Remote Sensing Data in Monitoring SPM, SO2, and NOx, in Industrial area of Gaziabad (UP)
pp. 213-218
Authors: Surendra Kumar Yadav

Effect of Rice Hush Ash on Lime Stabilized Black Cotton Soil
pp. 219-222
Authors: Prasad Dahale and Vaishali J. Rajurkar

Improvement of Swelling-shrinkage Behaviour of Expansive Soil Using EPS Beads
pp. 223-228
Authors: Shital R. Wankhade, Vaishali J. Rajurkar and Prasad Dahale

Carbon Dioxide Scrubbing by Chemical and Electrochemical Method
pp. 229-238
Authors: B. Sugeetha and N. Balasubramanian

Use of Cellulose for Sustainable Bioenergy Production
pp. 239-240
Author: Anubhuti Gupta






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