International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 9, Number 22 (2014)  Special Issues




Passive Control For Prevention of Flow Separation In Axial Flow Compressors
pp. 5163-5168
Manoj Kumar A K, Dr. S. Elangovan, Dharmahinder Singh Chand

Numerical Investigation of Mixing Characteristics of Chevron Nozzle By Passive Controls Method
pp. 5169-5179
Dharmahinder Singh Chand, Dr. S. Elangovan,G. VasanthKumar

Ramjet With Steam Fuel System
pp. 5180-5183
Dharmahinder Singh Chand, Dr. S. Elangovan, A. Aswin Raj

Smart Stimuli Material For Hybrid Ornithopters With Alternative Power Source 
pp. 5184-5187
Dr. S. Elangovan, U. Nirmal kumar, Dr.P.Baskaran

Augmentation of Lift By Airfoil Modification

pp. 5188-5192
R. Asad Ahmed, Dr. S. Elangovan, D.Hasen

Computational Analysis of the Flow Past a Circular Cylinder with Different Reynolds Numbers
pp. 5193-5198
D. L. Vasthadu Vasu Kannah, Dr. S.Elangovan, R.Ragavendiran

Fabrication, Testing And Analysis Of Composite Hybrid Joints
pp. 5199-5203
S. Gopinath, R.Bhoominathan

Influence of Counter Vortex Winglet on Aerodynamic Efficiency
D. L. Vasthadu Vasu Kannah, Dr. S. Elangovan, S. Vignesh Kumar

Multi-criteria Optimization using Grey Relational Analysis in Drilling of Glass/Epoxy Polymeric Composites
pp. 5214-5223
A.Ragothaman, Dr. S. Elangovan, K.Vijayaraja

Performance Study of Ramjet Engine Using Swirler
pp. 5224-5229
Dharmahinder Singh Chand, Dr. S. Elangovan, Dr. M. Sundararaj

Static Testing of A-N Based Rocket Motor Model
pp. 5230-5234
Dharmahinder Singh Chand, Dr. S. Elangovan, Dr. M. Sundararaj

Structural Strength of Natural Fibre Composites for various resin ratios
pp. 5235-5240
D. Sukumar, M. Sundaraj, A. Aswin Raj

Study of Controlled Laminar Flow Aerofoil With Thrust Generator
pp. 5241-5249
Nirmal Kumar. U, Dr. S. Elangovan, D. Hasen

Vibrational Analysis Over An Aircraft Wing Section
pp. 5250-5258
S.Gopinath, Dr. M. Sundararaj, Dr.P.Baskaran

Aerodynamic Efficiency of Counter Vortex Winglet
pp. 5259-5267
K.Vijaya raja , Mr.A.Aswin Raj 

Computational Analysis of Influence of Aerodisk Over A Spiked Blunt Body In Hypersonic Flow
pp. 5268-5282
J. Sivaramakrishnan , Mr.D.Hasen

Design And Fabrication of A Simple And Economical Miniature Supersonic Wind Tunnel
pp. 5283-5295
P. Aparna Lakshmi, Mr.R.Ragavendiran

Effect of Grain Sizes In Burn Rate For A-N Based Rocket Motor Model
pp. 5296-5300
O.N. Boopathirajan, Mr.S.Gopinath

Effect of Swirler In Ramjet
pp. 5301-5305
Dharmahinder Singh Chand, Dr.M.Sundararaj

Experimental Investigation of Laminar Flow Aerofoil With Thrust Generator
pp. 5306-5314
Baskaran P, Dr.S.Elangovan

Fabrication And Charecterization of 3d Woven Composites
pp. 5315-5318
Chinnadurai G, Mr.A.Aswin Raj

Design And Fabrication of Aero-Acoustic Wind Tunnel
pp. 5319-5330
Jyothi, Mr.D.Hasen

Flow Visualization of Various Blade Profiles In 3d Water Flow Channel
pp. 5331-5334
Dr.S.Elangovan, Mr.R.Ragavendiran

Lift Augmentation By Airfoil Modification For Small Scale Uav
pp. 5335-5339
S.Elangovan, Mr.S.Gopinath

Numerical Analysis of Drilling Characteristics In Gfrp Composite Using Grey Relational Algorithm
pp. 5340-5347
K.Vijayaraja, Dr.M.Sundararaj

Mechanical Characterization of GLARE Composites
pp. 5348-5353
Madhan R, Mr.A.Aswin Raj

A Simple and Economical Laser Flow Visualization Setup for Subsonic Wind Tunnel
pp. 5354-5361
P. Bright Solomon, Mr.D.Hasen

Design And Development of A Hovercraft
pp. 5362-5367
ARJUN SHANKER, Mr.R.Ragavendiran

pp. 5368-5378
ARJUN SHANKER 1, Mr.S.Gopinath

Micro Air Vehicle With Flappers
pp. 5379-5385
Sairam.G, Dr.S.Elangovan

Stress Analysis Over An Aircraft Wing Section Using Fea
pp. 5386-5393
Dr.P.Baskaran, Mr.S.Gopinath

Structural Strength of Natural Fibre Composites For Various Resin Ratios
pp. 5394-5398
Arun.B, Dr.M.Sundararaj

Numerical Simulation of Supersonic Free Jets
pp. 5399-5406
R.Asad Ahmed, Mr.A.Aswin Raj

Testing And Analysis of Composite Hybrid Joints
pp. 5407-5410
R.Bhoominathan, Mr.D.Hasen


Study on Optimal Location of Permeable Reactive Barrier (Prb) In Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater Using Groundwater Modeling
pp. 5411-5416
Y.Sathya, J.Gopi Krishna, T. P. Meikandan

Numerical Models In The Application Of Coastal Engineering
pp. 5417-5421
Dr. P. Kasinatha Pandian, Dr. V. Thamizharasan

Experimental Investigation On Developing Low Cost Concrete From Paper Industry Waste
pp. 5422-5426
A.Dasprakash, J.R.Thirumal, D. Rachel Evangelenetulip

Effect of Microsilica on High Strength Concrete
pp. 5427-5432
J. Kumar, K. Sathish Kumar, P. Dayakar

Experimental Investigation On Strengthening Of The Flexural Member Using Micro Silica And Fibre Reinforced Polymer
pp. 5433-5438
K. Vijayasrinivasan, S. Dilli Babu, Dr. V. Thamizharasan

A Study on Strength Characteristics of Concrete Using Polyethylene Waste As A Fibre
S. Prem Kumar, S. N. Ahmed Ibrahim, Dr. K. Illayaraja

Strengthening on RC Beam Elements With GFRP Under Flexure
pp. 5443-5446
T.Srividya1, B. Saritha

Experimental And Theoritical Studies on Confined Steel Concrete Composite Beams Under Pure Torsion
pp. 5447-5456
M. Ajona, Tongbram Tarun Kumar

An Environmental Friendly Self-Healing Microbial Concrete
pp. 5457-5462
M. Ajona1, B. Kaviya

Planning and Design of an IT Park with Green Building
pp. 5463-5470
M. Ajona, C. Hema

Eco-Friendly Concrete with Rice Husk Ash
M. Ajona, L. Maria Subashini

Studies on Flexural Behaviour of Beams Using Non-Conventional Aggregates
pp. 5490-5505
M. Ajona1, Shamini Valentina

Change Detection Mapping Using Remote Sensing And GIS For Coimbatore District
pp. 5506-5512
Anitha Selva Sofia S.D., S. Suganya, R. Saraswathy

Traffic Impact Assessment of Mrts In A Gis Platform
pp. 5513-5517
Anitha Selva Sofia S.D. , R.Harish, R. Saraswathy

Management of Bio-Medical Waste
pp. 5518-5526
P. Dayakar, G. Vijay Ruthrapathi, Jaya Prakesh

Steel Framed Multi Storey Residential Building Analysis And Design
pp. 5527-5529
P. Sachithanandam, T.P. Meikandaan, T. Srividya

Effect on Mesh Reinforcement on The Permeablity And Strength of Pervious Concrete
pp. 5530-5532
T. Srividya, B.Kaviya

Geo Textiles And Geo Synthetics For Soil Reinforcement
pp. 5533-5536
B. Saritha, Dr. K. Ilayaraja, MD. Zafar Eqyaabal

Treatment of Domestic Waste Water By Electrochemical Method
pp. 5537-5542
A. Ambica, Dr.V.Tamizharasan, K.Venkatraman

A Study on Strength Characteristics of Mortars Using Polymer Fibers
pp. 5543-5545
K. Vijayasrinivasan, Dr. V. Thamizharasan

Resource Optimization In Construction Project
pp. 5546-5551

Risk Assessment In Construction Project
pp. 5552-5557
N.Swaminathan, Mr. P. Sachithanandam

Planning of Integrated Satellite Township At Thirumazhisai
pp. 5558-5560
R. Saraswathy, Ms.B. Saritha

Application of Gis For Countering Nuclear Disaster
pp. 5561-5566
K. Sandhiya, Dr.K. Ilayaraja

Geo Textiles And Geo Synthetics For Soil Reinforcement
pp. 5567-5569
K. Vijayasrinivasan, Mr. MD. Zafar Equbal

An Experimental Study on High Strength Concrete With Replacement of Fine Aggregate Using Welding Slag
pp. 5570-5575
V. Gokul, Ms.A. Ambica

Design of Flexible Pavement For An Engineering College
pp. 5576-5581
K.Divyaa, Mr. K. Venkatraman

Quality Analysis of Packaged Drinking Water In And Around Trichy City
K. Divya, Ms. G. Sharmilaa

Influence of Organic Loading Rate And Hydraulic Retention Time on The Efficiency of A Huasb Bioreactor Treating Vegetable Waste
pp. 5593-5597
S.Deepika, Ms. J. Chamundeeswari

Behaviour of Waste Synthesized Column Material For The Improvement of Soft Clay
pp. 5598-5602
K. Divya, Mr. R. Harish

Lateral Response of Piles In Clay Under Axial Load
pp. 5603-5607
K.Divyaa 1 Ms. S. Vanitha

Water management in pulp and paper industry using neuro fuzzy model
pp. 5608-5615
K.Divyaa, Ms. D. Rachel Evangelenetulip

Effect of Non-Plastic Fines on Stress-Strain Characteristics Of Sand
pp. 5616-5622
K.Divyaa, Mr. J. R. Thirumal

Performance of Footing on Geogrid Reinforced Waste Admixed Sand
pp. 5623-5627
K.Divyaa, Ms. S. Suganya

Engineers Attitude Towards Designing For Safety In Construction Project
pp. 5628-5635
Vidhyasri.R, Mr. S.N. Ahamed brahim

Effect Of Glass Powder On Performance Of Concrete Subjected To Sulphate Attack
pp. 5636-5659
S. Venkatraman, Mr. K. Sathish Kumar

A Performance Evaluation in Generating Economical Concrete Using Lime sludge
pp. 5660-5671
S. Venkatraman, Mr. Tongbram Tarunkumar

A Comparison of Image Classifiers For Detecting Change In Chennai Using Remotely Sensed Data
pp. 5672-5678
S. Vidhya Lakshmi, Mr. S. Dilli Babu

Effect of Initial Moisture Content, Voltage And Electrode Spacing on Electro-Kinetic Stabilization of Soft Soil
pp. 5679-5685
Jijo James, Ms. Shamini Valentina

Safe Bus Stop Location In Trichy City By Using Gis
pp. 5686-5691
K. Sandhiya 1 Ms. B. Kaviya

Utilization Of Pet Bottles Fibers In The Production Of Construction Materials 
pp. 5692-5698
K. Vijaya Srinivasan, Mr. C. Hema

Landuse Change Detection In Namakkal Taluk Using Remote Sensing
pp. 5699-5707
Iyappan. L, Ms. L. Maria Subashini

Site Selection For Solid Waste Disposal In Vellore Taluk Using Geospatial Technology
pp. 5708-5715
Iyappan. L, Mr. J. Gopi Krishna

Assessment of Landuse Changes In Nilakottai Taluk Using GIS And Remote Sensing
pp. 5716-5723
Iyappan. L, Dr. V. Thamizharasan

Identification of Landslide Prone Zone For Coonoortalukusing Spatialtechnology
pp. 5724-5732
Iyappan. L, Mr. P. Dayakar

Experimental Investigation on Concrete With Partial Replacement of Scrap Rubber To Granite Stones As Coarse Aggregate
pp. 5733-5740
Kumar. J , Mr. P. Sachithanandam


A Novel Approach For Multicast Authentication Using Batch Signature
pp. 5741-5747
R.M.Kumaresh Babu, K.P. Kaliyamurthie

A Brief Study Ofan Approaches To Green Computing-The Horizon Of Preserving Pristine Green
pp. 5748-5754

An Efficient High Utility Item Set Mining Algorithm Using The Pattern Growth Approach
pp. 5755-5759
N.Balaji, G. Michael

A New model for biometric highly secure Authentication using Distributed mobile system
pp. 5760-5770
M.Arivukarasi, R. Karthikeyan

A Novel Design Approach To Frequent Pattern Mining Over Parallel And Distributed Environment
pp. 5771-5777
S. Murugesan, R. Revathy

A Rigorous And Customizable Framework To Anonymized Marginal Publication For Privacy Preserving Data Publishing
pp. 5778-5784
N.H ANGELA LINCY, Ms. Brintha Rajakumari

A Secure Cloud Storage Server With The Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme
pp. 5785-5789
Antonidoss, Dr. K.P.Kaliyamurthie

Adaptive Segmentation From Computerized Tomography Images Using Threshold
pp. 5790-5796
Antonidoss, Dr. K.P.Kaliyamurthie


Advanced Auto Adaptive Edge-Detection Algorithm For Flame Monitoring And Fire Image Processing

pp. 5797-5802

MS J.Praveena K.G.S. Venkatesan

An Authenticated Collaborative Key Agreement Active System In An Intelligent Vehicle-Vehicle System Using Ad Hoc Network
pp. 5803-5810
H.Nazini, A.R. Arunachalam

An Effective Dissemination of Packets Strategies In Multihop Wireless Adhoc Networks Using OLSR
pp. 5811-5819
K C Suresh, C. Anuradha

An Efficient Algorithm For Ranking Web Pages
pp. 5820-5825
C.Needhu, D. Kerana Hanirex

An Efficient Web Based Mining Model Using Soft Clustering Algorithm
pp. 5826-5832
Mr P.Thirunavukkarasu, K. Sivaraman

An Emblematic Study of Privacy Preserving Data Mining Using Cryptographic Techniques
pp. 5833-5840
C.Needhu, S. Pothumani

Automatic Detection of Rheumatoid Arthritis Using Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes
pp. 5841-5848
B. Selvalakshmi, N. Priya

BIG Using Distributed Knowledge For Content Transfer Learning
pp. 5849-5854
Mr P.Thirunavukkarasu, B. Sundar Raj

Catching An Efficient Web Service Response In MANET Using Rest Architecture
pp. 5855-5861
S. Murugesan1, N. Sakthi Priya

Color Image Reduction And Quantization Based On RGB Common Color Lattices
pp. 5862-5867
D.Jeyamani, F. Fathima


Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) System for Spinal CT Images
pp. 5868-5872
P. Selvakumari, M. Beema Mehraj

Cross Layer Framework For Intrusion Detection System Using Machine Learning Algorithm In MANET 
pp. 5873-5880
M.Anand, C. Nalini

Data Leakage Detection And Data Protection Using M-Score
pp. 5881-5887
B. Selvalakshmi, G. Michael

Distributed Dos Attack In IP Spoofing Using Symmetric Block Cipher Technique
pp. 5888-5893
Arivukarasi M, R. Karthikeyan

Efficient Anomaly Intrusion Detection System Using Clustering Technique
pp. 5894-5897
J.Manoranjini, Brintha Rajakumari

Finding The K-Edge Connectivity In MANET Using DLTRT
pp. 5898-5904
P.Indira priya, K.G.S. Venkatesan


Heterogeneous Networks Using Fuzzy Logic by Mobility Management
pp. 5905-5911
V.Revathy, A.R. Arunachalam

Implementing AO-EEDTR, CBEER-NN Energy Efficient Routing Strategies In The MANET On-Demand Routing Protocols And Comparing Their Performance
pp. 5912-5918
C. Nalini1, V.Revathy

Improving on Qos By Congestion Control Aware Routing In Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 5919-5927
M.Anand, D. Kerana Hanirex

Improvising The Performance Of Wireless Sensor Networks By Quality Aware Stream Control Transmission Protocol
pp. 5928-5936
Suresh K C, K. Sivaraman

Mining User Mobile Access Patterns For Social Network Using Location Based Services
pp. 5937-5943
P.IndiraPriya, S. Pothumani

Moving Beyond Traditional Knowledge Management: A Demand-Based Approach For Understanding Collective Human Activities
pp. 5944-5947
H.Nazini, P. Ramya

Multiple Sensor Nodes Deployment For Privacy Maintenance In Botnet
pp. 5948-5954
M. Anbarasan, Dr. K.P. Kaliyamurthie

Resource Management Through Congestion Notification
pp. 5955-5960
D.Jeyamani, N. Priya

Retrieval of Dropped And Modified Packets In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 5961-5967
V.Revathy, B. Sundar Raj

Security Enhancement of Authenticated RFID Generation
pp. 5968-5974
Kamesh , N. Sakthi Priya

Speech recognition of semantic over text improving rate of TTS
pp. 5975-5979
M.P.Elgiba Mabel, F. Fathima

A Liquid And Gas Field Pipeline Monitoring In Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 5980-5988
R.M.Kumaresh Babu, M. Beema Mehraj

Advanced Template Deduction In Heterogeneous Web Pages For Price Comparison
pp. 5989-6001

Ws-Business Transactions By Using Rule Based Technique In Distributed Environment
pp. 6002-6008
Ms. M.Arivukarasi Mr. G. Michael


A Distributed Mobile Phone Based System For Relaying Verified Friendships
pp. 6009-6016
Selvakumari P , Mr. R. Karthikeyan

A Reconfigurable Architecture For Encryption Algorithm Using Sub Band Re-Orientation
pp. 6017-6022
D.Jeyamani 1 Ms. Brintha Rajakumari

A System For Retrieving Information Directly From Online Social Network User Link
Needhu.C Mr. K.G.S. Venkatesan

A Wavelet Domain Based Texture Classification Using Feature Statistics And Co-Occurrence
pp. 6029-6035
S. Murugesan , Mr. A.R. Arunachalam

An Efficient Virtual Machine Placement In Cloud Computing Using MULTI-OBJ Ant Colony System Optimization
pp. 6036-6043
Mrs. B. Selvalakshmi , Ms. C. Anuradha

Improving Performance on Distributed MIMO Ad-Hoc Networks: By Link Scheduling, Power Allocation, And Cooperative Beam Forming
pp. 6044-6050
Anand. M Ms. D. Kerana Hanirex

Improving MAC Layer Association Through Social-Based Metrics In Mobile Networks
pp. 6051-6057
Anand M Mr. K. Sivaraman

Computing Skyline Using Probabilistic Certainty
pp. 6058-6062
Tansi Rani Ms. S. Pothumani

Dedicated Trustee Detector (DTD) Of Black Holes In Manets
pp. 6063-6067

Detecting New Identities of Sybil Attack In Manets Based on Rss Detection
pp. 6068-6071
Balaji.N Ms. N. Priya

Dynamic Multilevel Priority Packet Scheduling In Sensor Networks
pp. 6072-6078
J.Praveena Mr. B. Sundar Raj

Efficient Hack Intrusion-Detection Mechanism For Manet Attacks
pp. 6079-6085
J.Manoranjini , Ms. N. Sakthi Priya

Efficient Security Access Using Dynamic Virtual Mechanism With Human Interference
pp. 6086-6098
Mrs. B. Selvalakshmi , Ms. F. Fathima

Wireless Body Area Networks With Security Solutions
pp. 6099-6104
G.Kamesh Ms. M. Beema Mehraj

A High Level Security Mechanism For Wireless Body Area Network
pp. 6105-6110
G.Kamesh Dr. C. Nalini

Frequent Associated Tree Mining In Mobile Access Patterns
pp. 6111-6116
Tancy Rani Noble Mr. G. Michael

Image Based Secure Authentication System
pp. 6117-6123
Anbarasan M , Mr. R. Karthikeyan

Increasing N-Messages Delivery Probability Performance Using Two-Hop Relay With Erasure Coding
pp. 6124-6132
J.Praveena, Ms. Brintha Rajakumari

Vehicular Communication Using Fvmr Technique
pp. 6133-6139
Selvakumari P , K.G.S. Venkatesan

Alert An Anonymous Location Based Energy Efficient Model
pp. 6140-6144
J.Manoranjini, Mr. A.R. Arunachalam


Measuring Semantic Similarity Computation Between Terms Using Web Documents
pp. 6145-6149
RAHMATH NISHA.S, Ms. C. Anuradha


Multicast Authentication Based on Batch Signature
pp. 6150-6155
Anbarasan M , Ms. D. Kerana Hanirex


Online Oversampling Principle Component Analysis For Streaming Data Problems
pp. 6156-6161
N.Balaji , Mr. K. Sivaraman

Preventing Inference Attacks In Online Social Network
pp. 6162-6168
A. Annapoorani1 , Ms. S. Pothumani

The Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 6169-6176
D.Jeyamani , Ms. P. Ramya

Confidental In Voip Networks: Using A Quantifiable K- Anonymity Metric
Dolphin Kiruba D, Dr. T.V.U. Kiran Kumar

Design of Low Power Adiabatic Logic Circuits
Dolphin Kiruba D., Saravanan.T

An Efficient Energy Saving Energy Distribution Management System
pp. 6188-6193
Dolphin Kiruba D., S. Philomina

Development of Period Extension And Randomness Using RM-PRNG
pp. 6194-6201
Dolphin Kiruba D., B. Karthik

Novel Anti Theft System Using Zigbee –Pic Remote
pp 6202-6206
M.K.Vidhyalakshmi, S. Arulselvi

Automotive Stability Control With Abs For E-Bicycles
pp. 6207-6212
D.Pon Mizpah, Ms.Jasmine

Design of Architecture Using Buck Converter
pp. 6213-6216
Premalatha J.1, K. Subbulakshmi

Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna With Slots For Miniaturization
Pon Mizpah.D , P. Thamarai

Dynamic Bandwidth Mechanisim In Adhoc Networks
pp. 6222-6226
PremalathaJ , R. Renita Rexy

A Novel Face Recognition Method Using In ADSP-21065L
pp. 6227-6231
Mrs. M.K.Vidhyalakshmi, S. Rajesh

Face Recognition By Using Neural Network Classifiers Based On PCA And LDA
pp. 6232-6236
Dhivya.J1, G. Kanagavalli

Alpha-Cut Fuzzy Morphology For Enhancement of Fundus Images For Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis
pp. 6237-6242
Gracelin sheeba.R, S. Beulah Hemalatha

Self Motivated Arbitration For Multilayer Scheme
PremalathaJ , R. Mohan Raj

Parameter Effecting Mobile Number Portability And Fuzzy Logic Based Mnp Decision
pp. 6251-6256
Dhivya.J1, T.V.U. Kiran Kumar

Fingerprint Compression Using Contourlet Transform With Fuzzy C Means Vector Quantization And Arithmetic Encoding
pp. 6257-6263
M.K.Vidhyalakshmi, S. Philomina

A New Intelligent Human Walking Cane Type Robot
pp. 6264-6269
Ganga G., S. Arulselvi

Automation of Diecasting Machine Using Plc and scada
pp. 6270-6275
Ganga G. S. Arulselvi

Analysis of Cryptography Using AES Algorithm
pp. 6276-6282
Ganga G, K. Subbulakshmi

Biometric Watermarking Techniques In Frequency Domain
pp. 6283-6291
R.Nirosha, T. Saravanan

Design Architecture of Ozone Food Armor In Mocrocontroller
pp. 6292-6296
PremalathaJ , Ms. Raji Pandurangan

A Statistical Approach For Enhanced Image Fusion
pp. 6297-6300
Ms.B..Balasuganya , P. Thamarai

Performance Evaluation of Dual Tree Wavelet Transform For Video Denoising
pp. 6301-6305
Ms.B.Balasuganya, Raji Pandurangan

Fault protected Encoder and Decoder for Nano Memory Applications
pp. 6306-6309
Ms.Balasuganya, Ms.S.Arulselvi

Relevance Feedback Approach For Image Retrieval Using CBIR System
pp. 6310-6314
B.Balasuganya, Kanagavalli G

Architecture of Optimized Multiplier Based on Shift-And-Add Operation
pp. 6315-6322
Mr. T.Suresh, Mr. T. Saravanan

A Novel Method of Power Generation From Vibrations
pp. 6323-6327
Mrs. M.K.Vidhyalakshmi, Ms. S. Beulah Hemalatha

Fpga Base Implementation of Modified Tollgate Security System
pp. 6328-6333
Premalatha J , Mr. R. Mohan Raj

Review of Integrated Network For The Diversified Applications of Robotic Systems
pp. 6334-6338
Selva Anuja .A, Mr. T. Saravanan

Spray-Wait And Spray-Focus Routing Protocol For Mobile Networks
pp. 6339-6443
Mr. T. Saravanan, Dhivya.J

Realization And Developmentation of The Zigbee Phy Layer In Fpga
Dolphin Kiruba D. Dr. T.V.U. Kiran Kumar

High Performance Technology Using Spec Architecture
pp. 6450-6455
Premalatha J , Ms. S. Philomina

Increasing The System Efficiency Using Contactless Power Transfer System
pp. 6456-6462
R.Nirosha, Mr. B. Karthik

Low Power Vlsi Simulation of Advanced Encryption Standard Substitution Box Against Side Channel Attack
pp. 6463-6467
Dhivya J., Ms.S.Arulselvi

FPGA Based RPWM Control In A Bidirectional DC To DC Converter
pp. 6468-6472
G.Themozhi , Ms. Jasmine

Nine Level Cascaded H- Bridge Invertertopologies 
pp. 6473-6478
Ganga.G, Ms. K. Subbulakshmi

Mutual Authentication Protocol for RFID Security and Anti-Counterfeiting
pp. 6479-6484
T.Suresh1 , Ms. Raji Pandurangan

Reducing Peak To Average Power Ratio (PAPR) For OFDM System Using Partial Transmit Sequence (PTS)
pp. 6485-6490
D.Pon Mizpah Ms. P. Thamarai

Advanced Wireless Security System For Fishermen Over Coastal Limits
pp. 6491-6494
Ms.B..Balasuganya Mr. R. Renita Rexy

Development of AVR-Based Embedded System For Multi-Robot Control
pp. 6495-6498
Ms.B..Balasukanya , Mr. S. Rajesh

Neural Network Based Direction of Arrival Estimation
pp. 6499-6505
G.Themozhi, Ms. G. Kanagavalli

Performance Evaluation of Topology Based Reservation Scheme In WDM Networks
pp. 6506-6514
D. Sheela Ms. S. Beulah Hemalatha

Analysis And Implementation of Long Distance Echo Cancellation And Double Speech Detection
pp. 6515-6520
Porselvi.R , Mr. R. Mohan Raj

Fpga Base Implementation of Modified Tollgate Security System
pp. 6521-6526
Premalatha J , Dr. T.V.U. Kiran Kumar

Embedded Based Biometric Recognition System In Real-Time
pp. 6527-6532
Surya S, Ms. S. Philomina

Analysis Of Protocol For The Improvement Of Performance In WDM Networks
pp. 6533-6540
Surya S, Mr. B. Karthik


Design Ofwind Driven PMSG Based Z-Source Inverter Fed Three Phase Load For Stand-Alone Applications
pp. 6541-6548
S.Vivekanandan .N.Rajendran Venkatesan R

Multilevel Inverter Compensation For H Bridge Using PWM Techniques
pp. 6549-6552
S.Vivekanandan , I.Mumtaj, Venkatesan R

Single To Three Phase Z-Source Matrix Converterfor Renewable Energy Applications
pp. 6553-6558
R.Venkatesan, V. Jayalakshmi, S.Gunasekaran

Soft Switching Operation of Dual Active Bridge AC/DC Converter
pp. 6559-6565
Venkatesan R S.P. Vijayaraghavan

Design of High-Security, High-Performance Embedded System Using Reconfigurable Hardware
pp. 6566-6574
Mrs Subashini Parivel, Mr. K.S.S.Prasad, Mr.J.Singaravelan

Design Improvement of Multi-motor Control Based on CAN for Industries
pp. 6575-6580
P.Ponmala, Ms. Anith Sampathkumar

Energy Efficiency And Security Improvement In Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 6581-6588
P.Ponmala, Mr. B. Vaidianathan

Fundamental Frequency Filtration Control Technique Control In Ac – Dc
pp. 6589-6594
Ari Prasad.M, Mr. K. Lingeswaran

Stability Analysis of Complete Stator Control Permanent Magnet Motor
pp. 6595-6601
M.Ari Prasad Mr. S.Gunasekaran

Reduced Switch Three Phase Inverter Fed IM Drive With Compound Active-Clamping Boost Converter
pp. 6602-6608
K.Srinivasan, Mr. G. Ramu

Harmonics Study And Analysis of Reduced Switch Z-Source Inverter Fed AC Drives
pp. 6609-6616
K.Srinivasan, Mr. S. Annadurai

Analysis of reduced topology for a Cost Effective inverter fed PMSM drive
pp. 6617-6621
K.Srinivasan, Mr. R. Kanagaraj

Modified Impedance Source Inverter Fed Ac Drive For Low Power Applications
pp. 6622-6626
K.Srinivasan, Mr. P. Ramanathan

Analysis of Three Level Boost Converter For Reduced Switch Inverter Fed AC Drives
pp. 6627-6632
K.Srinivasan, Mr. D. Baskar

Analysis of A Reduced Switch Three Phase BLDC Drive
pp. 6633-6637
K.Srinivasan, Mr. M. Gopikrishnan

Modeling And Harmonic Analysis of Cost Effective Reduced Switch Three Phase Ac Drive
pp. 6638-6645
Nethaji J, A. Jaffar Sadiq Ali

Z-Source Inverter Based Open Loop Speed Control Of AC Motor
pp. 6646-6651
Nethaji J, B.VamsiKrishna

Different Types of Control Strategies For Shunt Active Filter
pp. 6652-6658
Ms. R. Zahira, Mr. S. PremKumar

Design of A Robust Power System Stabilizer Using Harmony Search Algorithm
pp. 6659-6667
Partheeban B, S.Prakash

Wireless Power Transmission Using Evanescent Wave Coupling Technique
pp. 6668-6672
Partheeban B, S.Krishnan

A Comparative Study on Effectiveness of Robust Power System Stabilizer For Rotor Angle Stability Enhancement
K.Karthikeyan . N.Rajendran

Modified Load Flow Procedure For Radial Distribution System
pp. 6681-6686
mohamed Shuaib y Ms.I.Mumtaj

An Ai Power Saving System Using Sensor
pp. 6687-6691
S.SASIKALA Ms. V. Jayalakshmi

Plug in Hybrid Electrical Vehicles Charging demand in power flow calculation
pp. 6692-6699
M. Sujikannan S.P. Vijayaraghavan

Solar And Fuel Cell Dc Application In Phase Shift Flyback Converters
pp. 6701-6705
Mr. K.S.S.Prasad, Ms. Anith Sampathkumar

Simulation of Coupled Electromagnetic And Thermal Analysis of An Alternator
pp. 6706-6713
Olivia RamyaChitranjan, B. Vaidianathan

Mppttracking of Pv Systems Under Partial Shaded Conditions Through Metaheuristic Firefly Algorithm 
pp. 6714-6718
Mrs M. Subashini, Mr. K. Lingeswaran

Soft Switching Operation of Dual Active Bridge AC/DC Converter
pp. 6719-6725
N.Meenakshi, S.Gunasekaran, Prathipa. J

Simulation And Implementation of Single-Phase Dynamic Voltage Restorer For Compensating Voltage Disturbances In Distribution Systems
pp. 6726-6732
N.Meenakshi, G.Ramu, Preethi.D

An Efficient Embedded Dram Testing Algorithm With Multiple Memory ARRAYS
pp. 6733-6741
Prathipa.J, Mr. S. Annadurai, N.Meenakshi 


Image Compression on Fpga Using Dwt

pp. 6742-6747

1Prathipa.J, 2R. Kanagaraj 3M.Subashini

Modeling And Simulation of Load Frequency Control With TCPS Unit Using Artificial Neural Network Controller 
pp. 6748-6753
Shanmugasundaram Venkatarajan, Mr. P. Ramanathan, C.Saravanan

Artificial Bee Colony Based Load Frequency Control In Hydro-Hydro Power Systems
pp. 6754-6760
V.Shanmugasundaram, D.Baskar, Dr.T.Jayabarathi,C.Saravanan

Dc/Dc Converter Design For Super Capacitor And Battery Power Management In Renewable Energy Source Application
pp. 6761-6766
Suji kannan M, M. Gopikrishnan Srinivasan. G

Development of PISAT AOCS Software Modules
pp. 6767-6772
Suji Kannan M, Mr. A. Jaffar Sadiq Ali, Vivekanandan S

An Efficient Algorithm And Converter For Performance Enhancement of PV Based Water Pumping System
pp. 6773-6779
Velvizhi.J, Mr. B. VamsiKrishna

Digital Simulation And Implementation of Z-Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive Using PWM Technique
pp. 6780-6786
Nethaji J, Mr. S. PremKumar

Literature Survey of Standalone Pv System Using Mppt Techniques
pp. 6787-6794
R.Zahira, Dr.S.Ramamoorthy, D.Lakshmi

Power Quality Improvement By Harmonic Reduction Technique
pp. 6795-6800
Ms.R.Zahira, Mr.S.Prakash

Simulation And Implementation of Single-Phase Dynamic Voltage Restorer For Compensating Voltage Disturbances In Distribution Systems
pp 6801-6807
Mr.S.Krishnan, Mr.N.Rajendran

Improved Wind Energy Penetration In An Grid Connected Power System By Wind Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant
pp. 6808-6814
Ms.I.Mumtaj Ms V. Jayalakshmi

Performance Improvements of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor-FFT Analysis
pp. 6815-6819
S.P. Vijayaraghavan, R Venkatesan

Fuzzy Based Modeling of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
pp. 6820-6824
K.S.S.Prasad, Olivia Ramya

Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Based Three Level Neutral Point Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter
pp. 6825-6830
Mr. B. Vaidianathan Mr. B. Vaidianathan

Speed Control of Linear Induction Motor
pp. 6831-6838
Prathiba, Anith Sampathkumar

Detection of Epilepsy By Probabilistic Neural Network
pp. 6839-6844
Mr. S. Gunasekaran, Mr. G. Ramu

Fpga Implementation of Dwt Image Compression Algorithm
pp. 6845-6850
Velvizhi J, Mr. R. Kanagaraj

Improving Input Utility Current Thd And Voltage Thd In Telecommunication Power Supply System By Active Harmonic Rectifier And Inverter
pp. 6851-6854
Mr. P. Ramanathan R.Venkatesan

Hysteresis Control Based Shunt Active Filter For Harmonics Suppression
pp. 6855-6860
R.Zahira, Dr.S.Ramamoorthy

Single-Phase Modified 13-level Inverter with Reduced Switches
pp. 6861-6866
Dr.I.William Christopher , Dr. S. Ramamoorty


Modeling and Analysis of Photovoltaic Module

pp. 6867-6872

Dr.I.William Christopher, 1 Mr. S. Prakash

Multilevel Neutral Point Diode Clamped Inverter Based On Svpwm
pp. 6873-6878
N.Meenakshi, Ms. V. Jayalakshmi

Z-Source Buck-Boost Matrix Converter Using Safe Commutation Strategy 
pp. 6879-6886
D.preethi, Mr. S.P. Vijaya Ragavan

Data Compression Soft Error Rate Mitigation In Fpga
pp. 6887-6894
P.Ponmala , Ms. Anitha Sampath Kumar

Smart Home Voice Controller
pp. 6895-6898
Prathipa.J , Mr. K. Lingeswaran

Simulation of Constant Current Controller For Pv Solar Integarated With The Grid
pp. 6899-6907
S.Purushotham, Mr. S. Gunasekaran

Performance Improvements of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor
pp. 6908-6912
Selvarani, Mr. S. Annadurai

Performance Evaluation of Quasi Z-Source Four Switch Three Phase Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive
pp. 6913-6920
Dr.K.Srinivasan, Mr. R. Kanagaraj

High Efficient Power Flow Regulation For Hybrid Standalone Application With Enhanced Robust Controller 
pp. 6921-6929
Naveeth.H, Mr. P. Ramanathan

Single Z-Source Based Multi-Level Inverter For Renewable Source
pp. 6930-6936
M.Subashini , Mr. D. Baskar

Solar Powered High Efficiency Drip Irrigation System
pp. 6937-6941
M.Subashini , Mr. M. Gopikrishnan

Robust Image Watermarking In Frequency Domain
pp. 6942-6947
Merlin Linda.G, 2Dr. A. Kumaravel

Feature Enhancement To Mysql Functionalities
pp. 6948-6957
Varadharajan, Dr. R. Udayakumar

Assessing the Risk of Diabetes Mellitus
pp. 6958-6965
G.Merlin Linda Mr.S.Thirunavukarasu

Learning of Socialization Victimisation Imaging System In Online
pp. 6966-6970
Varadharajan A, S.Vinoth Lakshmi

Prevention of Phishing Using Cued Click Points
pp. 6971-6977
G. Merlin Linda, Ms.P.Kavitha

Blended Synchronous Learning: Patterns And Principles For At The Same Time Participating Co-Located And Distributed Learners
Varadharajan, P. Gayathri

Many-To-Many Data Linkage Using Clustering Algorithm
pp. 6988-6995
G. Merlin Linda 2Dr. A. Kumaravel

Secure Access Control on Cloud For Hierarchical Structure Using Watermarking Techniques
pp. 6996-7000
T. Dhanalakshmi, Dr. R. Udayakumar

A Study of Propagation Pattern of Canonical Permutation-Scanning Worms And Its Analysis
pp. 7001-7010
Sudheer Reddy Pandi, Mr.S.Thirunavukarasu

A Survey on Web Services Authentication
pp. 7011-7018
G.Sathiya, Ms.S.Vinoth Lakshmi

Automated Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Glcm
pp. 7011-7018
G.Sathiya, Ms.S.Vinoth Lakshmi

Avoiding Selfish Nodes In Wireless Sensor Networks By Race
pp. 7028-7034
K. Nallarasu, Dr. A. Kumaravel

A Biometric Facial Signature Authentication Using Thermal Imaging
pp. 7035-7042
Sudheer Reddy Bandi Dr. R. Udayakumar

An Efficient Algorithm to Detect Clone Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 7043-7049
K. Nallarasu, S.Thirunavukarasu

Special Fitness Histories in Cloud Computing
pp. 7050-7059
F.L.Dixy, S.Vinoth Lakshmi

Clustering Technique In Navigating Website
pp. 7060-7066
M.Masthan, Ms.P.Kavitha

Costoptimization of Workflow Scheduling In Grid
pp. 7060-7066
M.Masthan, Ms.P.Kavitha

Dcs Method For Computing Time Series Similarity
pp. 7072-7083
Sathiya G, Dr. A. Kumaravel

Design of Closed Loop Hydraulic Actuator Model Through Kalman Filter With State Feedback
pp. 7084-7089
Sathiya G, Dr. R. Udayakumar

Forecasting Students Academic Performance By Implementation Of Data Mining Techniques
pp. 7090-7098
Arivarasan S Ms.P.Kavitha

Evaluation of Ad-Hoc Routing Protocols In Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network Using Opnet
pp. 7099-7106
G.Bhuvaneshwari, Mr.S.Thirunavukarasu

Rushing Attack on Multipath Routing Protocol
pp. 7107-7111
M.Masthan, Ms.S.Vinoth Lakshmi

Behaviour Based Intrusion Detection In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 7112-7117
K. Nallarasu, Ms.P.Kavitha

Privacy For Web 2.0 Using Role Based Access Control
pp. 7118-7124
Judes Divya T, P. Gayathri, Shubin Aldo M

An Auditor For Secure Kinetic Cloud Storage
pp. 7125-7134
F.L.Dixy, Dr. A. Kumaravel

Mobile Realities And Dreams: Square Measure Students And Academics
pp. 7135-71391
Anjali Jose, 2Dr. R. Udayakumar


Multidimensional Data Management In Unstructured P2p Networks Implemented Using Vbrs
pp. 7140-7145
Anjali Jose, P. Gayathri

On The Node Clone Detection Attacks In Wireless Sensor Networks Using Efficient Protocols
pp. 7146-7152
vijaya Praba P, dr. A. Kumaravel


Positional Feature Extraction For Recognizing Character From Documents And Images
pp. 7153-7159
Mr.S.Thirunavukarasun, Ms.S.Vinoth Lakshmi

Efficient Protocols For Detecting Replication Clone Attacks In Wireless Networks
pp. 7160-7167
vijaya Praba P, ms.P.Kavitha

Summarize The Visited Pages In A Search Engine Using Chronicle Plug-In
pp. 7168-7172
meenakshi D, ms. P. Gayathri

Stock Market Price Prediction By 6 Datamining Techniques And Final Decision By Comparison
pp. 7173-7178
Arivarasan S, Dr. A. Kumaravel

Protecting Security-Sensitive Information Flow In Web Services
pp. 7194-7197
1PREMA P, 2S.Vinoth Lakshmi


A Biometric Facial Signature Authentication Using Thermal Imaging
pp. 7179-7186
Anjali Jose, Dr. R. Udayakumar

High Resolution Numerical Simulations on Highimpact Weather Systems
pp. 7187-7193
Arivarasan S, Mr.S.Thirunavukarasu

High Resolution Numerical Simulations on Highimpact Weather Systems
pp. 7187-7193
Arivarasan S, Mr.S.Thirunavukarasu

Protecting Security-Sensitive Information Flow In Web Services
pp. 7194-7197
PREMA P, S.Vinoth Lakshmi

Multiple Agent Localization In Wireless Sensor Networks
M. Masthan, P.Kavitha

Multifarious substances and dreams: square measure understudies and scholastics
pp. 7204-7208
Varadharajan A, Dr. R. Udayakumar

User Authentication Protocol Resistant Attacks Using Graphical Passwords
pp. 7209-7215
G. Merlin Linda, Mr. S. Thirunavukkarasu

A Collaborative Traffic Alert In Vehicle To Vehicle Communication
pp. 7216-7225
A.Chinnasamy, Ms. S. Vinoth Lakshmi

An Approach to Cluster Uncertain Data using Voronoi Diagram and Uncertain Primary Index
pp. 7226-7231
Judes Divya T, Dr. R. Udayakumar

An Effective Cluster Score Job Scheduling Algorithm for Grid Computing
pp. 7232-7236
MEENAKSHI D Mr. S. Thirunavukkarasu

An Outlier Identification Technique In Anomaly Detection System With Differentiated Sampling
pp. 7237-7243
P.Prema, Ms. S. Vinoth Lakshmi

Dynamic Composition Of One-Shot Video From Video Pool
pp. 7244-7250
D.Meenakshi, R.Udayakumar

Detecting The Identities of Sybil Attack In Manet Based on Rss Detection
pp. 7251-7254
G.Bhuvaneshwari, Dr. R. Udayakumar

Fine- Grained Management Protocol For Enterprise Software Environment
pp. 7255-7259
T.Dhanalakshmi, Mr. S. Thirunavukkarasu

Ideal Shaped Nerve Taxonomy of Ultrasound Liver Image
pp. 7260-7267
T. Dhanalakshmi Ms. S. Vinoth Lakshmi

Mining andSummarizing Customer Reviews to Estimate the Product Ranking
pp. 7268-7272
P.Prema, R.Udayakumar

Mobility-Based Clustering Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 7273-7279
VIJAYA PRABA.P, Dr. R. Udayakumar

Network Utility Maximization Using Decomposition Method
pp. 7280-7285
T. Judes Divya, Mr. S. Thirunavukkarasu

Anycast Routing Protocol For Monitoring The Patients Using Wireless Networks
pp. 7286-7293
Bhuvaneshwari G, Ms. S. Vinoth Lakshmi

Privacy- Preserving Authentication in VANETs Using Priority based Approach 
pp. 7294-7298
A.Chinnasamy, R.Udayakumar

Protocol with Hybridized Bluetooth Scatternet Formation for Wireless Network
pp. 7299-7307
D.Meenakshi, Dr. R. Udayakumar

A System For Retrieving Information Directly From OSN User Link
pp. 7308-7313
P.Prema, Mr. S. Thirunavukkarasu

Speed Estimation Using Headlight Trajectory Information In Night Time
pp. 7314-7319
A.Chinnasamy, Ms. S. Vinoth Lakshmi

Vehicular Ad Hoc Network -Security Issues & Challenges
pp. 7320-7326
VIJAYA PRABA P1, R.Udayakumar


Study on Preference of Private Label Brands In Super And Hypermarkets
pp. 7327-7335
Mr. R. Loganathan1, Dr. S. Praveen Kumar

Health Hazards of Indian Bpo Employee-An Alarming Issue
pp. 7336-7341
Mr. Bala Krishnan, Ms. Magdalene Peter

Brand Preference Factors For Pvc Pipes And Fittings Products In Hardware Market, Chennai
pp. 7342-7347
Mr. R. Loganathan, Ms. S. Vijayalatha

An empirical Study on Competency Mapping – A tool for Talent Management
pp. 7348-7354
Mrs. Smitha Mathew, Dr. G. Brindha

Consumer Perception Towards Private Label Brand Over Other Brands In Super Markets And Hypermarkets
pp. 7355-7360
Mr. R. Loganathan, Ms. J. Pavithra

Empirical Analysis on The Cosmetic Buying Behavior of Young Women In South India
pp. 7361-7366
G. Kerinab Beenu, Mr. R. Bharthvajan

Employee Engagement activities in Amphenol Omni Connect Pvt. Ltd.
pp. 7367-7375
Mr. P. Senthilmurugan, Mr. R. Balaji

Efficiency of Safety Measures For Wellbeing of Employees In Manufacturing Industry
pp. 7376-7382
Mr. P. Balakrishnan, Ms. Magdalene Peter, Dr. P. Priyadarsini

Status of Women Intrapreneurs In Indian Society
Mr. P. Balakrishnan, Ms. S. Thivya Gopalan, Dr. P. Priyadarsini

Country of Origin(COO) And Its Influence on The Brand Preference For Mobile Phones
pp. 7389-7393
G.H Kerinab Beenu, Dr. S. Praveen Kumar

Investor Behaviour Towards Mutual Fund
pp. 7394-7397
G. Kerinab Beenu, Dr. G. Brindha

Trade –Off Between Liquidity And Profitability In Logistics Industry
pp. 7398-7401
G. Kerinab Beenu, Ms. J. Pavithra

Worklife of Bpo Employees And Its Impact on Physical And Mental Health
pp. 7302-7410
P. Priyadarsini, Ms. S. Vijayalatha

Role of Emotional Intelligence Training Programme In Reducing The Stress of The Nurses
pp. 7411-7421
P. Priyadarsini, Mr. R. Bharthvajan

Purchase and Repeat Purchase intetion Of Aawin Customers in Chennai City
Mr.P.Senthilmurugan, Mr.R.Balaji

Quality Of Work Life Among The Women It Professionals In Chennai City
pp. 7434-7442
Mrs. Smitha Mathew, Dr. G. Brindha

Retention Strategies Key For Organizational Productivity
pp. 7443-7447
Mr. R. Loganathan, Dr. S. Praveen Kumar

Implication of Social Media Marketing In Growing Healthcare Industry
pp. 7448-7456
Mr. P. Senthilmurugan, Ms. J. Pavithra

Work Place Tensions of Employees In Outsourcing Industry
pp. 7457-7460
Dr P.Priyadarsini, Ms. Magdalene Peter, Mr. Senthil

Attrition & Retention Measures For The Outsourced Sales Force In The Telecommunication Industry
pp. 7461-7468
Dr P.Priyadarsini, Ms. Magdalene Peter

Consumer Preference Towards Organised Retailing With Reference To Big Bazaar 
pp. 7469-7475
Mr. P. Senthilmurugan, Ms. J. Pavithra

The Role Of Emotional Intelligence In Improving The Interpersonal Relationship Among Lecturers And Students
pp. 7476-7482
Dr P.Priyadarsini1, Ms. S. Vijayalatha

Grievance Handling A Key Factor For Solving Issues of Employees In An Organization
pp. 7483-7491
Mr. R. Loganathan, Dr. S. Praveen Kumar

An Empirical Investigation Into Human Capital Challenges Visaged By Organisations
pp. 7492-7502
Mr. P. Balakrishnan, Ms. S. Thivya Gopalan

A Study On Human Resource Planning In Hospitals In Chennai City
pp. 7503-7507
Mr. P. Balakrishnan, Mr. R. Bharthvajan

Medical Tourism – An Avenue To Attract Foreign Patientsin Indian Hospital Industry, A Study Conducted In Chennai City
pp. 7508-7513
Mrs. Smitha Mathew, Dr. G. Brindha

pp. 7514-7519
G. Kerinab Beenu, Dr. G. Brindha

A Study on The Investment Behavior of Chennai Investors In Mutual Fund Schemes
pp. 7520-7525
G.H Kerinab Beenu, Dr. S. Praveen Kumar

A Study on The Prospective Consumer’s Perception Towards Utility Cars In Chennai City
pp. 7526-7531
G. Kerinab Beenu, Ms. J. Pavithra

Role of Insurance In Economic Development
pp. 7532-7539
G.H Kerinab Beenu, Ms. Magdalene Peter

Employee Enhancement Through Quality Circle Programme – A Study Carried Out In Lucas Tvs, Chennai
pp. 7540-7548
Mrs. Smitha Mathew, Ms. S. Thivya Gopalan

Level of Stress And Its Impact on Job Satisfaction Among The Employees of Air India Limited, Chennai
pp. 7549-7559
Mrs. Smitha Mathew, Dr. G. Brindha

Understanding Stress And Its Managementamong The Nurses In Chennai City
pp. 7560-7565
Mrs. Smitha Mathew, Dr. S. Praveen Kumar

An Empirical Investigation To Assess Talent Management Initiatives Of It Firms In Chennai City 
pp. 7566-7571
Mr. R. Loganathan, Ms. S. Vijayalatha

A Study On The Influenceof Promotional Activities For TATA ARIA Among Consumers In Chennai
G.H Kerinab Beenu, Ms. J. Pavithra, Mr. P. Senthilmurugan

A Study on The Training Need Analysis At Vee Care Hospital Chennai
pp. 7579-7585
Mrs. Smitha Mathew, Mr. R. Balaji

Whistling In The Wind
pp. 7586-7593
Mr. P. Balakrishnan, Mr. R. Bharthvajan

Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Al-Sic Bonding Using Finite Element Method
pp. 7594-7600
S.Gopinath, V. Srinivasan 

Performance Characteristics of Twin Cylinder Di Diesel Engine Operated With Three Different Non Edible Vegetable Oil Blends With Diesel
pp. 7601-7607
K. Jeykar, Mr. V. Srinivasan

Coating of Aluminium on Steel By Using Weld Overlay Method
pp. 7608-7616
K. Jeykar, Dr. X. Charles

Improvement of Wear And Corrosion Resistance of AA2014 Aluminum Alloy By Friction Surfacing
pp. 7617-7620
Komal Koushik, Mr. G. Anbazhagan, M. Mustafa Kamal Basha

Fabrication of Alsic Mmc And Analysis of Its Mechanical Properties
pp. 7621-7626
M. Mustafa Kamal Basha, V. Srinivasan

Optimization of Jute Composite As A Noise Retardant Material
pp. 7627-7632
R. Praveen, Mr. M. Achudhan

Experimental Study on Macroscopic Spray Characteristics In Direct Injection Diesel Engine By Using Diesel
pp. 7633-7637
R. Praveen, Mr. S. Nakkeeran, R.Vivek

Fabrication of Solar Powered Air Conditioner-Without Compressor
pp. 7638-7642
Mr. V. Jose Ananth Vino

V.PugalendhiExperimental Investigation on The Metal Matrix Composite Of Aluminium Alloy With Al2o3
pp. 7643-7647
S.Rajesh, Ms. G. Sucharita

Influences of Heat Input on Dilution And Characteristics of Hardfaced Surfaces
pp. 7648-7652
T. Rajesh Babu, Mr. A. Ashok Kumar

Experimental Study on Heat Transfer Enhancement In A Plain Tube With Wire Coil Inserts
pp. 7653-7658
T. Rajesh Babu, Mr. V. Srinivasan

Strength Analysis of Epoxy Glass Fiber Composite Material
pp. 7659-7662
Mr. D. Rambabu, Mr. S. Balaguru

Inferences on Structural Integrity of Metal Matrix Composites Using Felicity Effect
pp. 7663-7666
G. Ramesh, Mr. K. Sivakumar

Design And Fabrication of Aerofoil Based Blades For Windmills
pp. 7667-7670
Mr. G. Anbazhagan, Dr. X. Charles, Mr. N. Lenin Rakesh

Performance Analysis of Pitched Blade Impeller In Stirred Tank
pp. 7671-7678
S.Saravanakumar, Mr. V. Palaniswamy, Mr. D. Ravi

Study And Analysis of Productivity Improvement In A Manufacturing Organisation
pp. 7679-7687
K. M.Vadivel, Mr. M. Manoj, Ms. C. M. Meenakshi

An Attempt To Minimize Lubricants In Various Metal Cutting Processes
pp. 7688-7692
Milon D Selvam, V. Srinivasan , C. B. Sekar,

Electronic Gear Shifting System For Two Wheeler
pp. 7693-7697
N. Senguttuvan, Mr. R. Gopinath,Mr. R. J. Golden Renjith

Analysis of Disc Brake Rotor Coning
pp. 7698-7707
P. Shriram Kumaar Pandian, Mr. R. Sabarish

Performance Analysis of Aluminium Alloy Al 356 By Using RSM
pp. 7708-7714
P. Shriram Kumaar Pandian, Mr. S. Manavalan

Fabrication of a Tracking system in a Two-wheeler using GSM and GPS Technology
pp. 7715-7719
R. Subash, Mr. V. Srinivasan

Energy A Land Mark In India, Can We Succeed To Cater To Our Future Energy Demand
pp. 7720-7726
K. M. Vadivel, Mr. S. Thirumavalavan

Synthesis And Analysis of Aluminium Based Mmc With Sic And Fly Ash
pp. 7727-7733
K. M. Vadivel, Mr. S. Thirumavalavan

Experimental Investigation and Optimization on Machining of Cryogenically Treated Al-Sic Composites
pp. 7734-7742
N. Vasudevan , Mr. R. Hariharan, N. Venkatesan

Fabrication And Mechanical Properties of Natural Composite Materials
pp. 7743-7748
N. Venkatesan, V. Srinivasan

Analysing The Strength of Unidirectional Fibre Orientations Under Transverse Static Load
pp. 7749-7754
N. Arun Kumar, V. Srinivasan, P.Krishna kumar

Design And Flow Analysis of Swept Wing Using Lifting-Line Theory
Saravanan. G 1, Dr. X. Charles, S. Thirumavalavan

Power Generation By Using Impact of Water Flow
pp. 7762-7766
U.Dineshkumar , Mr. V. Srinivasan, J.Logeshwaran

Studies on Corrosion Behaviour of Borated Stainless Steel (304B) Welds
pp. 7767-7772
G. Raja Kumar, Mr. M. Achudhan, Srinivasa Rao G

Design And Fabrication of Runner Cutting Machine
pp. 7773-7778
C.Vignesvaran, Ms. G. Sucharita, Mr. D. Rambabu

Improving The Efficiency of Solar Cells Using Nano Technology
S.Saravanakumar, Mr. V. Palaniswamy, Mr. D. Ravi

Study on Performance Characteristics of The Porous Medium Inserted Diesel Engine
pp. 7792-7799
Mr. R.Sasidharan, Mr. K. Sivakumar, Mr. S.Rajesh

Analysis of Low Velocity Point Load Characteristic on Glass Carbon Hybrid Composites
pp. 7800-7805
Rajesh S, V. Srinivasan , C B Sekar

Effect of Zinc on The Wettability of Aluminium Steel Welded Joint
pp. 7806-7813
G.Ramesh, Mr. M. Manoj, N.Senguttuvan

Reduce Cycle Time Through Kanban Replenishment Using Streamlining Material Flow
pp. 7814-7819
P.Shriram Kumaar Pandian, Mr. V. Jose Ananth Vino, Ms. C. M. Meenakshi

Mechanical Properties Of AA7075 – T6 Friction Stir Welds
pp. 7820-7824
T. Srinivasa Rao, Mr. S. Thirumavalavan, M. V. N. Banu Gopan







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