vInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 9, Number 19 (2014)  Special Issues




Optimal Tuning of FACTS Devices Using BAT And Firefly Algorithms For Improvement Of Power System Performance
pp. 4205-4214
B. Venkateswara Rao, G. V. Nagesh Kumar

Secure And Efficient Data Transmission Through Self Generated Key Using ASCII Codes
pp. 4215-4222
Vaddadi Vasudha Rani, Ayinavilli Venkata Ramana

Performance Analysis of on-Grid And off Grid Solar Photo Voltaic Systems
pp. 4223-4236
Ajan A, K. Prem Kumar , V. Kamala Devi

Challenges of Cooperative Sensing In Cognitive Radio Networks Review
pp. 4237-4242
H. Srikanth Kamath, Lukas Schalk

Amoeba 0.11 - Frequent Items Chain
pp. 4243-4254
Sudhir Tirumalasetty, Sreenivasa Reddy Edara

A Novel Approach of Stabilization of Cart Inverted Pendulum Using PID And CDM Controller
pp. 4255-4266
T. V. Dixit, Nivedita Rajak, B. Sateesh, B. Gangadhar

Optimal Protection Coordination With Distributed Generation In A Radial Distribution System Using Linear Programming Technique
pp. 4267-4278
R. V. S. Lakshmi Kumari, G. V. Nagesh Kumar, S. Sivanagaraju

Multihop Dynamic Channel Assignment Using OFDMBased IIT Technique
pp. 4279-4288
Praveen Kumar, G. Anil Kumar, C. Sravanthi

Applications of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
pp. 4289-4294
M. Saranya, N. Lakshmi Prasanna

A New Design Principle of Grid Interactive Roof Top Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation
pp. 4295-4304
G. Ravi kumar, R. L. Mounika, A. Hariprasad, Sk. Maneesha

Design And Implementation of A Lossless Serial High-Speed Data Compression System
pp. 4305-4310
J. Sunil Kumar, K. L. Anudeep

Role of A Supercapacitor In Improving The Performance of A UPQC For Power Quality Issues
pp. 4311-4320
V. Prakash , T. Rama Subba Reddy , Dr. S. Tara Kalyani

Implementation of BIST Application With LT-LFSR
pp. 4321-4332
Murari Kasmitha1, Sunil kumarJ

Multilevel Current Waveform Generation Using 11-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Grid-Tied Inverter For The Application of Solar Panels
pp. 4333-4346
Rami Reddy Ch1, G. Naveen

A New Approach For Tackling The Congestion In MANET
pp. 4347-4352
Deepthi S, K. S. S. Hemanth

Reveal Information From Osns Using Web Crawler For Analysis Ready
pp. 4353-4358
A. Anupama

Principal Plane Pattern Distortion Analysis Due To Array Thinning
pp. 4359-4368
N. Dinesh Kumar

Analysis of Conventional Coal Based Thermal Power Generation System A LCA Approach
pp. 4369-4376
N. Leela Prasad, K. Vizayakumar


Device-To-Device Communication In 5 G Cellular Networks: Challenges And Directions
G. B. S. R Naidu, D. Y. V. Prasad, B. I. Neelgar

Power Efficient Four Transistor Clocked Pair Shared D Flip-Flop
pp. 4389-4394
Basavoju Harish, Javvaji Veerayya, Gollaprolu Harish







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