International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 9, Number 18 (2014)  Special Issues




Big Data Analytics for Health Care Using Hadoop
pp. 3781-3788
J. Archenaa

MATLAB and FPGA Implementation of Invisible Video Watermarking Using DWT
pp. 3789-3796
J.S. Ashwin

Computing Performance Enhancement on Thin Clients
pp. 3797-3800
J Balasubramanian

Lithium Bromide Vapour Absorption Cooling System and Water Mist Sprayers Using Forced Air – Cooling Water Systems for Cooling Effects in Marine Applications
pp. 3801-3818
Prof. Bhoopathy Bhaskaran

Interconnection of Grid with Solar Energy at Distribution Level with Power Quality Improvement Features
pp. 3819-3832
Er. Bhoopathy Bhaskaran

Best Organisational Practices
pp. 3833-3840
Capt K. Karthik

BSc Nautical Science Degree: A Need for Early Introduction to Shipboard Work Culture
pp. 3841-3850
Nathan S

Study on Pollution of Chennai Coast by Fishermen and their Activities, Effects & Remedy
pp. 3851-3865
Mr. D. Immanuel Thiagarajan, Mr. T. Mohan, Mr. A. Venugopal

Effective Integrated Feedback Management System to Improve Project Management Efficiency for Construction Projects
pp. 3867-3874
G Dhamodaran

Flue Gas Desulfurization: Removal of SOx from Exhaust Flue Gases in Ships and Industries
pp. 3875-3892
Cadet. Anand Kannan

Automation of Process of Building Piping Facility for Construction Industry
pp. 3893-3900
G Dhamodaran

Developing Effective and Professional Communicative Skills among Non Native Speakers of English (Vernacular Medium Students) in AMET University: A Practical Approach
pp. 3901-3904
S. Gomathy

The Need for the Evolution of English Curriculum with Respect to Market Force at the Tertiary Level
pp. 3905-3911
S. Hariharan, K. Manigandan

An Instance of Reinforcement Learning Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
pp. 3913-3920
G. Jenitha, Dr. A. Kumaravel

Complex Barrier to Effective Communication at the Tertiary Level
pp. 3921-3926
K. Manigandan, T. Ganesan

Factors Effecting Internet Banking Adoption
pp. 3927-3938
R. Sathish Kumar, Dr. S. Ramachandran

Smart Memory Alloys as Structural Composites
pp. 3939-3948
R. Sundara Raman, Dr. G. Sankara Narayanan, Dr.N.Manoharan

Exhaust Noise Reduction Techniques in Direct Injection (D.I.) Diesel Engines
pp. 3949-3954
R. Sundara Raman, Dr. G. Sankara Narayanan, Dr. N. Manoharan

Reduction of Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) in a Marine Diesel Engine
pp. 3955-3965
G. Kumaresan

Recovery of Waste Heat Energy of Marine Diesel Engines for Adoption of Refrigeration Plant on Board Ships
pp. 3967-3974
Professor A. C. Patro

Novel Time Synchronization Algorithm for Mobile Underwater Sensor Networks
pp. 3985-3992
J. S. Praveeen, Dr. M. Suresh, P. Deepalakshmi

The Risk Analysis of Failure Modes for Marine Machinery Systems
pp. 3993-4018
Prof. V. Thanikachalam

Implications on the Role of a HR Manager in Change Management: An Analysis
pp. 4019-4030
Dr. D. Rajasekar, Mr. Suresh

Analysis of Shipboard Ballast Water Management System- Improved Treatment System-Innovative Methods Resulting in Improvement of Marine Environment
pp. 4031-4045
Prof. M. Rajasekaran

Development of Braze Welding Technology and Quality Assurance Methodology for Joining of Copper Fins to Stainless Steel Shell Segment of PFBR Sodium Purification Circuit Cold Traps
pp. 4047-4056
R. G. Rangasamy, Dr. Prabhat Kumar, Dr. N. Manoharan

Environment Pollution Prevention through Recycling of Oils
pp. 4057-4074
S Rangaraju

Improvements in Marine Turbo-Charging for Fuel Efficiency and Emission Control on Ship
pp. 4075-4084
K. G. Ravikumar

Understanding Cyber Weapons
pp. 4085-4090
Sanjeev Relia

Improved Wind Energy Penetration in a Grid Connected Power System by Wind Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant
pp. 4091-4098
R. Soundarapandian, Dr. R. Jayashree

A Bibliometric Analysis of Engineering Management Research Productivity
pp. 4099-4109
Dr. P. Ramkumar, U. Tamilarasan

Institutional Repository: A Talisman to Flourish and Globalize Institutional Research Output
pp. 4111-4116
Dr. P. Ramkumar, U. Tamilarasan

Stuck Pipe and Prevention
pp. 4117-4124
B. Antony Fayaz, Ivor Joseph, Ali Hassan

Key Aspects on Consumer Behaviour of Internet Shoppers: An Empirical Study
pp. 4125-4142
1R. Sathish Kumar, Dr. S. Ramachandran

Innovation of Frequent and Non-Diffuse Itemset Using Higen Miner
pp. 4143-4153
Suresh G B, Dr. Mathivanan , Shruthi M K

Away to Extract Spatial Information from Generic Groups of Enriched Records (DIgGER)
pp. 4155-4160
Suresh G B, Dr. Mathivanan, Shruthi M K

A Critical Analysis of Ship’s Engine Room Ventilation System
pp. 4161-4170
Prof K. Chidambaram

Performance of Three Phase Neutral Clamped PWM Inverter fed Induction Motor
pp. 4171-4180
G. Pandian, L. Rajaji

Implementation of Boost Converter fed Induction Motor Drive
pp. 4181-4191
G. Pandian, L. Rajaji

Factors Effecting Internet Banking Adoption
pp. 4193-4203
R. Sathish Kumar, Dr. S. Ramachandran






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