International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 9, Number 17 (2014)  Special Issues




Prediction of the Stability of Slope by Strain Analysis and Calculating the Original Dip of Beds by knowing the Present Dip of Beds with the Problem of Serpentinization
pp. 3433-3442
J. Rajaraman, K. Thiruvenkatasamy

Leadership Lessons: Military to Corporate
pp. 3443-3446
Brig Rakesh Katyal (Retd)

Leadership Dilemmas
pp. 3447-3452
Brig Rakesh Katyal (Retd)

Biodiesel Fuel for Indian Maritime Use
pp. 3453-3462
A. Prabhakaran

Fire Cracker Safety in Accident Prevention, Storage and Use
pp. 3463-3470

Crankcase Explosion
pp. 3471-3485
M. Umer Farook, C. P. Rayen

A Study on Parenting Years by Indian Women and their Self Esteem
pp. 3487-3494
Seema Rani B. N

Relationship between Self Esteem and Number of Years of Marriage of Women in India
pp. 3495-3500
Seema Rani B. N

Improving the Mechanical Properties of PP/MMT Clay Composites Using MWNTs as Secondary Filler
pp. 3501-3510
V. Selvakumar, N. Manoharan

Study of Ship’s Hull under Water Surface Protection
pp. 3511-3518
Prof. M. Senthil Kumar

Quality Consideration among Consumers in Online Shopping
pp. 3519-3526
M. Senthil, Dr. D. Rajasekar

An Empirical Study of OEM Company’s Supply Chain Management on Indian Automotive Industry
pp. 3527-3536
M. Senthil, K. Prasath

Analysis of Ship’s Stress and Deflection at Drydock
pp. 3537-3544
Prof. M. Senthil kumar

A Review on Complex Fault Analysis and Trouble Shooting Methods on Unmanned Ships, with Change in Technologies
pp. 3545-3554
S. Shanmuga Sundaram

Integrating PR for Buddhism and Non-Violence: Life Styles, Society, Environment and Buddhism
pp. 3555-3562
Shobha Dhanwatay

Human Capital: The Key Ingredient Overlooked?
pp. 3563-3568
Shobha Dhanwatay

A Study on the Importance of Simulation Techniques
pp. 3569-3574
Capt. S. Somasundaram

Thermal Unit Commitment Considering Coordinated Wind and Pumped-Hydro Storage Units Using PSO
pp. 3575-3592
Dr. R. Jayashre, R. Soundarapandian

Design and Implementation of USB 3.0 Device mController for SS-Data Communication
pp. 3593-3604
Srinivasan. C

A Study on Quality of Work Life with Reference to the Madras Pharmaceuticals
pp. 3605-3614
Suganya. V, Dr. V. Sasirekha

A Study on Work Life Balance of Women Employees with Reference to BPO Sectors in Chennai
pp. 3615-3622
Suganya. V, Dr. V. Sasirekha

Line following Robot with Pick and Place Operation
pp. 3623-3632
R. Sundar, P. Veerakumar

The Design and Implementation of CANopen Protocol Intelligent Analysis System in Marine Automation
pp. 3633-3640
R. Sundar, Dr. A. Stephen Arputharaj

A Study on the Health Status and Health Expenditure among the Senior Citizens in a Well Defined Population of Coimbatore
pp. 3641-3656
Suresh Pattabhiraman, R N Jayanthy

Reefer Containers Dominance
pp. 3657-3672
Suresh Pattabhiraman

Establishment of Societal Honesty in India
pp. 3673-3680
U. Tamilarasan

Socio-Political Condition in Tamil Nadu through the Epoch 1967 to 2007: A Social Perspective
pp. 3681-3690
U. Tamilarasan

The Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships
pp. 3691-3708
V. Thanikachalam

Marine Disasters, Rescue & Recovery of Survivors
pp. 3709-3718
R. Theertham

A Survey of Life Saving Appliances on Board Ships
pp. 3719-3728
R. Theertham

An Inexpensive Method to Optimize Fuel Consumption by Maintaining a Specific Trim Condition Obtained from Ships mTrials
pp. 3729-3734
Capt. V.K.H. Nair

Microcontroller and VFD Based Automatic Temperature Control System for Turbine Main Oil Cooler
pp. 3735-3744
R. Sundar, P. Veerakumar

Distributed Generation System using Parallel Inverters Supplied by Unstable DC Source
pp. 3745-3766
R. Sundar, P. Veerakumar

Shipboard Oily Waste Water Management: History, Challenges and Solutions
pp. 3767-3780
Mr. A. Venugopal







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