International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 9, Number 16 (2014)  Special Issues




Modern Marine Diesel Engine System Innovations and Challenges
pp. 3061-3076
Prof. Dr. Nanda Gopal K Reddy

A Study and Analysis in Renewable Energy
pp. 3077-3106
Prof. Dr. Nanda Gopal K Reddy

The HNS Convention with its Changed Attire: HNS Convention, 1996 Vs HNS Protocol, 2010
pp. 3107-3120
Mr. Chhote Lal Yadav

A Critical Analysis and Hazards in Ultrasonic Waves from Ships
pp. 3121-3136
Prof. Dr. Nanda Gopal K Reddy

Transducers and its Safety: A Critical Analysis
pp. 3137-3156
Prof. Dr. Nanda Gopal K Reddy

Commandments of Communication Skills of Effective Vs Successful Managers in the Corporate World
pp. 3157-3174
Dr. A. Chandra Mohan, JAB Miranda

Information Retrieval using Query Cost Model Over Multiple of Data Aggregators
pp. 3175-3184
Dr. S. K. Muthusundar, Dr. J. Vellingiri, J. S. Praveen

Causes of Marine Pollution: Its Prevention and Mitigation
pp. 3185-3192
N A Kamath

Antifoulingpaints and TBT
pp. 3193-3198
N A Kamath

Greenhouse Gases Emission of Refuse Derived Fuel-5 Production from Municipal Waste and Palm Kernel
pp. 3199-3210
M. Ahamed Yazar Arafath, K.V. Ramakrishnan

Carbon Footprint Reduction Base Transceiver Station (BTS)
pp. 3211-3218
M. Ahamed Yazar Arafath, K. V. Ramakrishnan

Energy Generation from Vortex Induced Vibration
pp. 3219-3236
R. Ram Dinesh, Cdr. Dr. A. S Perumal

Diesel-Electric Propulsion
pp. 3237-3246
Mithun Chakravarthy. P, Masilamani. V, Prabakaran. K

Environmental Friendly Up Graded Fire Fighting System
pp. 3265-3274
Prof. P. Paramasivan

Biodiesel Fuel for Indian Maritime Use
pp. 3275-3282

Improving the Performance of TCP in Packet Reordering
pp. 3283-3292
J. S. Praveen, Dr. S. Suresh, P. Deepalakshmi

Measuring Capacity Bandwidth of Targeted PathSegments
pp. 3293-3300
P. Deepa Lakshmi, J. S. Praveen

Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Relation with Human Personal Values
pp. 3301-3307
Ms. Prettysha Curtis

Individual Attitude towards Social Responsibility and Its Relevance with Society
pp. 3309-3314
Ms. Prettysha Curtis

Pollution Free Sterntube Lubrication System for a Sea Going Vessel
pp. 3315-3334
Professor Palanichamy K

Sailing through Sulphur Oxide Emission Controlled Area (SECA)
pp. 3335-3360
Chief Engineer Thiagarajan. D. I.

Proficient Edge Detection to Retrieve Text in Natural Images
pp. 3361-3370
Mohamed Rafi S

A Study on Competency based Assessment in Internal Job Posting in HCL-Chennai
pp. 3371-3382
Dr. D. Rajasekar, Dr. Jayesh

A Study on Customer Retention in Saraswati Motor to Hyundai Pvt. Ltd. Allahabad City, Uttar Pradesh
pp. 3383-3392
Dr. D. Rajasekar, Dr. Jayesh

A Study on Employee’s Motivation in Neycer India Limited, Vadalur
pp. 3393-3402
Dr. D. Rajasekar, Dr. Jayesh

A Study on Financial Performance of M.R.K. Co-operative Sugar Mill Ltd. Sethiyathope
pp. 3403-3410
Dr. D. Rajasekar, Dr. Jayesh

A Study on Capital Structure in Nandhi Dall Mills Private Ltd., Salem
pp. 3411-3418
Dr. D. Rajasekar, Dr. Jayesh

A Study on Employee Training and Development on Saravana Global Energy Ltd. at PN, Kuppam
pp. 3419-3426
Dr. D. Rajasekar, Dr. Jayesh

A Study on the Effectiveness of Multichannel Services of Coimbatore Capital Limited, Karaikkal
pp. 3427-3432
M.S. Vijaya Rao, Dr. D. Rajasekar






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