International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 9, Number 15 (2014)  Special Issues




Flocculation System: The Complete Oil Water Emulsion Separation System (OWESS)
pp. 2691-2702
Prof. A. Visweswaran

Optimal Performance of Event-Driven Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 2703-2712
M. Agila

Maritime India: The Evolving Role of HRD by Capt Ajay Achuthan
pp. 2713-2722
Capt Ajay Achuthan

Bridging the Gap between Training and Competence: Auditing Learning Systems
pp. 2723-2728
Capt Ajay Achuthan

Effective Privacy Preserving In Leaked Constraints Using Cloud
pp. 2729-2738
Mr. S. Alaudeen Basha, Dr. V. Vijayakumar

GPS and GSM Based Maritime Safety Tracking System
pp. 2739-2746
Amrita Asokan, P. Veera Kumar

MATLAB Tuning of PID Temperature Controller
pp. 2747-2756
AK Anandkumar

PLC-Based Speed Regulation for Synchronous Motor
pp. 2757-2768
Anand kumar AK, Veera kumar

Seasickness and Ways Professional Mariners Tackle IT
pp. 2769-2774
N. Anand

An Embedded based Finger Vein Authentication System Using Mobile Devices
pp. 2775-2782
A.Mubashira Anjum

Friction Stir Welding (FSW) for Ship & Offshore Construction
pp. 2783-2792
Cdr Arvind Kaushik, Dr. N. Manoharan

Welding Technologies Shipbuilding & Off Shore Construction
pp. 2793-2804
Cdr Arvind Kaushik, Dr. N. Manoharan

Mitigating Garbage Related Problems On-Board Ocean Going Vessels
pp. 2805-2816
Prof. Bhoopathy Bhaskaran

Mother E: Our Planet and the Looming Water Crisis
pp. 2817-2826
Capt Kumud Kumar

Somali Piracy and Itís Impact on International Shipping and Trade
pp. 2827-2836
Mr. Samir M. Alamin, Capt Kumud Kumar

Study on Emphasise to Include the Onboard Internship for the Award of BSc Nautical Science Degree
pp. 2837-2846
Nathan S

Environmental Friendly Ballast System an Ecological and Viable Alternative for Ballast Water Problem
pp. 2847-2856
Capt R.K. Kumar

A New Design for Split Movement of Gantry Crane
pp. 2857-2870
Capt R.K. Kumar

Sethu Samudram Ship Canal (SSSC)
pp. 2871-2880
Capt T. Sudhakar

Ballast Water Its Impact on Ecology and Human Health
pp. 2881-2892
Capt Yeshwanth Raj

Effective Communication
pp. 2893-2898
Capt Yeshwanth Raj

Critical Analysis and Preventive Measures in Grounding of Ship
pp. 2899-2906
Prof. KR.Chidambaram Ch.Engg (Marine)

Implementation of Swiss Ball Training and Resistance Training on Service and Attack-Hit among Volleyball Players
pp. 2907-2916
Dr. Arumugam. C, Dr. K. Kamalakkannan

Influence of Health Related Physical Fitness on Mental Health of Rural School Students
pp. 2917-2924
Dr. K. Kamalakkannan, Dr. M. Suresh Kumar, R. Mohanakrishnan

Effects of Continuous Running on Sand, Mud and Grass Surfaces on Cardio Respiratory Endurane of School Boys
pp. 2925-2930
Dr. R. Auvai, Dr. K. Kamalakkannan

Comparative Analysis of Selected Motor Fitness and Physiological Variables among Matriculation School Boys and Non-Governmental School Boys of Rajapalayam Region
pp. 2931-2938
Dr. N. R. Ramkumar

Effect of Two Different Mode of Training with and without Protein Supplementation on Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure of College Football Players
pp. 2939-2946
Dr. N.R. Ramkumar, Dr. K. Kamalakkannan

Petroleum Habitat and Subtle Trap Exploration in Cauvery Basin
pp. 2947-2956
Dr. P. N. Ananthanarayanan

Human Reasource Mobilisation for Petroleum Industry: The Wayforward
pp. 2957-2964
P.N. Ananthanarayanan

Coastal Zone Management and Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) of the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust: A Case Study
pp. 2965-2980
K Thiruventasamy, Yogeshwari A Bhat

Implecation of Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics and Online Privacy in Organizations
pp. 2981-2990
K. Ganeshkumar, Dr. D. Arivazhagan

Exploring Quality of Service to Upgrade the Ad-Hoc Network Performance
pp. 2991-2998
D. Helen, Dr. D. Arivazhagan

Environment Issues in Greenship Design: An Overview
pp. 2999-3010
N A Kamath

Bonding and Application by Zirconia on Marine Diesel Engines Components
pp. 3011-3024
Prof. Dr. Nanda Gopal K Reddy

Modelling of HNS and Liability Regime: A Comparative Analysis
pp. 3025-3042
Mr. Chhote Lal Yadav

HNS Convention Ratification and its Impact
pp. 3043-3360
Mr. Chhote Lal Yadav







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