International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 9, Number 13 (2014)  Special Issues




Empirical Evaluation on Perception of Employees in Shipping Companies towards Mutual Funds Investments
pp. 1879-1892
Dr. D. Rajasekar

Analysing the Effective Performance of Executive Employees in Post Recruitment Process in Shipping Companies, Chennai
pp. 1893-1902
Dr. D. Rajasekar

A Study on Problems Related with Tax Payment by Tax Payers with Reference to Chennai City
pp. 1903-1910
Dr. D. Rajasekar

A Study on Employees’ Attitude towards on Human Resource Management in Selected it Companies in Chennai
pp. 1911-1916
Dr. M. Thiagarajan and Dr. D. Rajasekar

Analysis on Stress Management for Higher Secondary Students with Reference to Chennai
pp. 1917-1928
Dr. D. Rajasekar

A Comparative Study between East Coastal Ports and West Coastal Ports in India
pp. 1929-1936
Dr. D. Rajasekar and M. Praveen

Role of Employee Engagement in Relationship of Internal Branding and Brand Experience: Case of Service Organizations of Chennai, India
pp. 1937-1952
S. Venkatesh and Dr. S. Ramachandran

Customers Perception towards the Consumption Pattern of Sugar Free-Sugar Free Chocolates
pp. 1953-1960
Dr. S. Ramachandran and Balaji. S

Customer Satisfaction in Co-Operative Urban Bank at Gudiyattam
pp. 1961-1974
Dr. S. Ramachandran and P. Shankar

Innovation and Indian MSMEs: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities
pp. 1975-1982
Dr. S. Ramachandran and M. Pramila Devi

The Effect of Job Stress on the Job Satisfaction of Indian Seafarers Using Job Description Index
pp. 1983-1990
J. Rengamani

An Empirical Study on the Occupational Stressors of Indian Mariners
pp. 1991-2000
J. Rengamani

Innovative Library Services through Information Communication Technology (ICT) Based Tools: A Changing Scenario
pp. 2001-2010
K. Sekar and Dr. V. Kasirao

A Qualitative Study on Customer Buying Behavior for Purchasing Electronic Products through Online Shopping Websites
pp. 2011-2018
M. Senthil

Recent Trends in Shipping Practice: A Case Study of Modern Shipping Business Tools and its impacts on Dry Cargo Chartering
pp. 2019-2030
Surajbhan Sharma and Shivakar Mishra S

A Study on Effectiveness of the Welfare Measures on Job Satisfaction in Manufacturing Companies with Reference to SIPCOT, Ranipet
pp. 2031-2042
A.Beryl Milcah and Dr. S. Ramachandran

Measuring the Effectiveness on Training & Development on Organisational Performance: An Evaluation
pp. 2043-2054
R. Divyaranjani and Dr. D. Rajasekar

A Study on “Cross Cultural Conflict at Workplace” with Reference to Chennai City
pp. 2055-2062
Geetha Ashok Kumar and Dr. D. Rajasekar

Job Stress & Consequences: A Special Orientation to BPO Companies in Chennai
pp. 2063-2072
Ms. K. Lakshmi and Dr. S. Ramachandran

Scientometric Analysis of Journal of Current Science (2010)
pp. 2073-2078
G. Loganathan and Dr. V. Kasirao

Impact of Occupations of Consumers on Information Search: A Study with Reference to Car Segment
pp. 2079-2088
Dr B. Madhavan and Dr. S. Prem Kumar

A Study on Attributes Influencing Consumer Satisfaction in Car Industry
pp. 2089-2106
Dr. Y. Lokeswara Choudary and Dr. B. Madhavan

Investors Preferences towards Various Investment Avenues with Special Reference to Derivatives Market
pp. 2107-2116
Kavitha Muthukumaran and Dr. B. Madhavan

Consumer Buying Behaviour on Durable Products: A Study with Reference to Chennai City
pp. 2117-2126
Dr B. Madhavan and Dr N.R.V. Prabhu

Entrepreneurial Barriers and Success Factors of Women in Utility Service Businesses in India: Empirical Evidence from Chennai
pp. 2127-2140
Mrs. R. Malarvizhi, Dr. Y. Lokeswara Choudary and Dr. B. Madhavan

Impact of Personal and Job Related Factors on Locus of Control: With Reference to Public Sector Banks
pp. 2141-2154
S. Poongavanam

A Study on Employee Retention in PANKAJA Mills
pp. 2155-2172
Dr. S. Poongavanam

A Study on Employee Morale in Saalim Shoes Pvt. Ltd., Ranipet: An Empirical Study
pp. 2173-2192
Dr. S. Poongavanam

A Study on Performance Budgeting and Management in Hal Engine Division
pp. 2193-2204
Dr. S. Poongavanam, Dr. D. Rajasekar and Dr. Sundaraboopathy

A Study on Evaluation of Mutual Fund with Reference to Reliance Company
pp. 2205-2222
Dr. S. Poongavanam

A Study on Inventory Management with the Special Reference to Petroleum, Oil & Lubricants in Southern Railway
pp. 2223-2242
Dr. S. Poongavanam

A Study on Job Involvement of Public Sector Bank Employees
pp. 2243-2256
Dr. S. Poongavanam

A Study on Effectiveness of Training Integral Coach Factory Perambur, Chennai
pp. 2257-2280
Dr. S. Poongavanam

A Study on the Effectiveness of Health and Safety Measures of Employees at Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL), Manali
pp. 2281-2298
Dr. S. Poongavanam,M. Senthil and V. Venkartraman

Talent Management in BMW India Private Limited: A Case Study Analysis
pp. 2299-2310
Dr. S. Poongavanam







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