International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 7, Number 8 (2012)




Analyses of Bending Moment Effect on the Floors of Modeled High Rise Buildings
pp. 813-821
Author: Danso Humphrey

Analog Multi-input Floating Gate Inverter with Pseudoneuromos
pp. 823-829
Authors: S.K. Bisoi, G. Devi and Arabinda Rath

Temperature Drop Characteristics of a Spray Nozzle Type Desuperheater for Controlling Steam Temperature
pp. 831-842
Authors: N.K. Mohammed Sajid, Shan M. Assis and Shafi K.A.

Detection of Possible Inversion of a Given Kinematic Chain
pp. 843-849
Authors: Yagnesh J. Gambhava, Dr. Anurag Verma and Mehul M. Gor

Trajectory Scenario Control for the Remotely Operated Mobile Robot LIPI Platform Based on Energy Consumption Analysis
pp. 851-866
Authors: Roni Permana Saputra, Estiko Rijanto and Hendri Maja Saputra

A Computational Approach on Load Carrying Capacity and Position of Load Centre of a Slipper Bearing
pp. 867-878
Authors: Kishan Choudhuri and Dr. Prasun Chakraborti

Experimental Characterization of Graphite for Flex Nozzle System
pp. 879-885
Authors: N. Kishore Nath, G. Rama Rao and Dr. P. Mallesam

Optimizing Surface Roughness and MRR in Turning operation using Taguchiís Design of Experiments Approach
pp. 887-895
Authors: H. M. Somashekara and N. Lakshmana Swamy

Performance Evaluation of AGC of SHP with Multi-area Power System
pp. 897-906
Authors: J. Abdul Jaleel and Lea J. Puthumana

Influence of Friction Stir Welding Parameters on the Microstrutural and Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Alloy 6061
pp. 907-916
Authors: P. Hema, S.M. Gangadhar and K. Ravindranath

Analysis of Forecasts of Price Inflation for Air Conditioners in India
pp. 917-929
Authors: Y. Hari Prasada Reddy, Dr. C. Nadhamuni Reddy, Dr. K. Hema Chandra Reddy and Naveen Kilari

Development of Off-Grid Solar Electricity for Household
PP. 931-954
Author: Adavbiele A.S.











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