International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 7, Number 11 (2012) Special Issues




Exposure Systems To Measure Effect of GSM Frequency (900 MHz)
pp. 1203-1208
Authors: Pratibha Sharma, Kimberly Newman

Development Of Web-Based 8085 Microprocessor Simulator & Its Implementation On LMS
pp. 1209-1213
Authors: Kazuhiro Muramatsu

Optimization Of Engineering Structures Using Imperialist Competitive Algorithm

pp. 1214-1218

Authors: S. Malekian, S. Kamarian Pourasghar


Just In Time In Context of SMES
pp. 1219-1222
Authors: Raman Gupta, Dixit Garg

Effect of Corrosion on The Microstructure of Anodized Aluminum
pp. 1223-1225
Authors: L. S. Kuburi, I. A. Malik, A. A. Alabi, M. Dauda

Fabrication of Three Dimensional Macroporous Matrix For Cardiac Regeneration


Authors: Deepti Singh, Dolly Singh, Sung Soo Han


A Heuristics Based Review on CK Metrics
pp. 1229-1232
Authors: Rakesh Kumar, Deepali Gupta

A Survey on Video Broadcasting & P2P Networks Using Multicasting
pp. 1233-1240
Authors: Aniket Mitra, Ankush Puri, Vishal Verma

A Prototype Of Cancer/Heart Disease Prediction Model Using Data Mining
pp. 1241-1249
Authors: Mohammad Taha Khan, Shamimul Qamar, Laurent F. Massin

Finite Element Analysis Of Bamboo & Joints Using Steel Members Under Various
Loading Conditions For Design Study

pp. 1247-1251
Authors: R. KHATRY, D. P. MISHRA

Effects of Mobile Tower Radiations & Case Studies of Different Countries
pp. 1252-1255
Authors: Mohit Kaushal, Tanvir Singh, Amit Kumar

Vocational & Technical Education Teacher Preparation in Nigeria
pp. 1256-1260
Authors: Munadi, E. Kennedy

Smart Grid – Internet Of Future Technology For Electrical Energy
pp. 1261-1264
Authors: Vikas Pawar, Amit Manocha,H.M.Rai

Extraction Of The Internal Parameters Of Solar Photovoltaic Module By Developing

pp. 1265-1269
Authors: Zameer Ahmad, S.N.Singh

Using Semantic Web Technology For Multimedia Content Retrieval
pp. 1270-1272
Authors: Shikhar Shrivatsav, Sandeep Kumar

Energy Efficient Mechanisms In Embedded Controlled Sensor Networks
pp. 1273-1275
Authors: Vaneet Singh, I. P. Singh, S. K. SUD

Spectral Response of Different Crops at Various Growth Stages With The Help of
Remote Sensing

pp. 1276-1280
Authors: Deepak Kumar Soni, Basant Yadav, Tripti Sahu

Security Challenges In Mobile Adhoc Network
pp. 1281-1284
Authors: Satya Prakash Singh, Ramveer Singh

Renewable Energy is An Essential Energy For Sustainable Development
pp. 1285-1290
Authors: R.K.Vasal, H.M. Rai, Sameer Mehta, Atul Sharma

A ‘Useful’ R-Norm Entropy & Coding Theorems
pp. 1291-1295
Authors: Daniel Tesfay, Satish Kumar, Arun Choudhary

Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Analysis Of MEMS Based Micro-Hotplate For Gas
Sensor Application

pp. 1296-1298
Authors: Bijoy Kantha, Subhashis Roy, Subir Kumar Sarkar

Distance Based Clustering Of Software Design Components
Authors: Sunil Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Bhatia, Rajesh Kumar

Promoting Cognitive Entrepreneurship In Technical Education
Authors:L.N. Mittal

A Forward Search Method Based Network Expansion Planning
pp. 1306-1311
Authors: Partha Kayal, Sayan Bhattacharya,C.K. Chanda

Future of Grid: Smart Grid
Authors: Jaimala Gambhir

Dynamic Characteristics of GFRP Laminates With Cutouts
pp. 1319-1323
Authors: S. B. Singh, Himanshu Chawla

Issues of Biometrics for Disabled
pp. 1324-1328
Authors: Pamela, H.M. Rai, Mohit Rai, Rekha Thakral, Priyanka

Energy Saving Mechanisms In Hybrid Media Access Control Protocol For WSNS
pp. 1329-1334
Authors: Chander Shekhar, Priyanka Kaushal, Kota Solomon Raju

Seismic Response of R.C.C Building With Soft Storey
pp. 1335-1339
Authors: Saraswati Setia, Vineet Sharma

Environmental Impacts of Polyvinyl Chloride Building Material
pp. 1340-1343
Authors: D. K. Soni, Ashwani Jain, Harshdeep

Drawbacks & Solution For Traditional MPPT Conversion Technology in Telecom Power
pp. 1344-1346
Authors:Sunil Chavan, Prena Gaur

Modeling Of AFM Micro-Cantilevers Operating In Tapping Mode
pp. 1347-1350
Authors: Manoj Kumar Salgar J. Srinivas

Increasing Sale, Profit Rate and Productivity Improvement Using Supply Chain Management: A Case Study
pp. 1351-1357
Authors: Mohd Javaid, Dixit Garg, Ashif Ali

Optimum User Interface Design With C Language
pp. 1358-1360
Authors: Pramendra Kumar, Udit Satija, Akash Desai, Nitin Singh

Optimization of Design of Helical Coil Suspension System By Combination of Conventional Steel & Composite Material In Regular Vehicle
pp. 1361-1365
Authors: Saurabh Singh

Effect of Si-Sio2 Interface Traps & Bulk Traps on The Flicker Noise in PD-SOI MOSFETS
pp. 1366-1369
Authors: Palvi Khajuria, G. M. Rather, H. Najeeb-Ud-Din Shah

Comparative Analysis of Image Segmentation Using Hough Transform
pp. 1370-1376
Authors: Pramod Kumar Pandey, Nitin Khurana, Ashish Aggarwal, Amit Manocha

Accurate Measurement of Distance & Velocity Using Technological Application of Echolocation
pp. 1377-1380
Authors: Pawan Kumar, Meenu Bhardwaj

Advanced Energy Saving Cooling System
pp. 1381-1385
Authors: Pardeep Kumar, Rajat Komboj, Manoj Saini

Electro-Magnetic Radiation Exposure: A Survey Report
Authors: Prince Verma, Tanvir Singh, Amit Kumar

Performance Comparison of Naïve Bayes & J48 Classification Algorithms
pp. 1389-1393
Authors: Anshul Goyal, Rajni Mehta

Study of Safety In Welding Process
pp. 1394-1397
Authors: Rajanarender Reddy Pingili

A Review Paper on Catalytic Converter For Automotive Exhaust Emission
pp. 1398-1402
Authors: Bharat S. Patel, Kuldeep D. Patel

Review of Graph Coloring & Its Applications
pp. 1403-1405
Authors: Meena Bharti, Sahil Singla

Earthquake & Mitigations
pp. 1406-1408
Authors: D.K. Soni, Ashwani Jain, Harshdeep

Evaluation of Viscoelastic Properties Of Some Malvaceae Fiber Reinforced Composites
pp. 1409-1413
Authors: K.Kishor Kumar, K. Raja Narender Reddy, D.K. Nageswar Rao

SVR Tuned PID Controller Design For Reactive Distillation Process
pp. 1414-1419
Authors: Sonal Goyal, Asha Rani, Vijendar Singh

Tribological Characterization of Aluminium-Silicon Carbide Composite Prepared By Mechanical Alloying
pp. 1420-1423
Authors: Ramanpreet Singh, Rahul Singla

Comprehensive Study of SOI-DTMOS For Low Voltage & Low Power RF Applications
pp. 1424-1428
Authors: Nida-Ul-Amin, Arpanjeet Kaur, H. Najeeb-Ud-Din Shah

Identification of Suitable LFC Structure Optimized By G.A. With SMES in Deregulated Environment
Authors: Vijay Rohilla, K. P. Singh Parmar, Sanju Saini, Suryakant


Frequency Hopping Ad-Hoc Networks: Principles & Routing Protocols
pp. 1443-1447
Authors: Komalpreet Kaur, Renu Vig

Analysis of NRZ & RZ Soliton Transmission In DWDM Systems at 10 GHz For XPM Effects
pp. 1448-1450
Authors: Vishant Narang , Kapil Kashyap

Cogeneration Opportunities In Process Industry
pp. 1451-1456
Authors: Mohan Kashyap

Transmission Performance 32 × 10 GB/S WDM System Based On Cascaded SOAS With OOK Modulation Format
pp. 1457-1459
Authors: Sanjiv Kumar, Hardeep Singh

Energy Efficient Fuels With Performance Evaluation
pp. 1460-1463
Authors: Parul Taneja, Pooja Kamboj, A.Parminder Saini

Optimizing Response of PID Controller For Servo D.C. Motor By Genetic Algorithm
pp. 1464-1466
Authors: Nitish Katal, Sanjay Kr. Singh, Manmohan Agrawal

A Novel Low Leakage Current & Power Consideration of 2 To 4 Decoder
pp. 1467-1469
Authors: Priti Gupta, S.L Tripathi, Sandeep Mishra

Simulation of MEMS based Capacitive Pressure Sensor Using Comsol Multiphysics
pp. 1470-1472
Authors: Gitesh Mishra, Neha Paras, Arti Arora, P.J.George

Pedal Power Generation
pp. 1473-1477
Authors: Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Pranav Sreedharan Veliyara, Raghavendra Murali Prabhu, Rocky Katoch

Syntheses & Characterization of the Heterochelates Derived from Heterocyclic Compounds Containing Sulphur Atom
pp. 1478-1481
Authors: D. Kumar, Vandana Pandey

Power Optimization in a 4-Bit Magnitude Comparator Circuit Using BDD & Pre-Computation Based Strategy
Authors: Preeti Singh, Chetan Gupta, Manu Bansal

Code Optimization In Multiprocessor For Achieving Higher Degree Of Parallelism
pp. 1486-1490
Authors: Neha Goyal, Karishma Tyagi, Gaurav Sachan

An Experimental Study of Vibration Control of Cantilever Beam Using Eddy Current Damper
pp. 1491-1496
Authors: Balwinder Singh, Mohit Sharma, V.P.Singh

Cocobot: A Kinect Based Coconut Tree Climber
pp. 1497-1502
Authors: Rajesh Kannanmegalingam, Tom Charly Kattakayam, Harikrishna Menon T., Raidu Venu Madhav

Safeguarding Biometric Template Data: Risks And Protection Schemes
pp. 1503-1507
Authors: Rachna, H. M. Rai, Chetan Manchanda

Effect of Deep Cryogenic Treatment on the Surface Roughness of OHNS Die Steel After WEDM
pp. 1508-1512
Authors: Amoljit Singh Gill, Amit Thakur, Sanjeev Kumar

Designing Of All-Optical Universal Logic Gate Using Non-Linear Characteristics
pp. 1513-1516
Authors: Ashutosh Dhamija, Puneet Bansal

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)-The Future Technology In Wireless Communication
pp. 1517-1520
Authors: Jyoti Rani, Prerna Chauhan, Ritika Tripathi

Solution For Deloading The Grid By Non-Conventional Energy Resources
pp. 1521-1526
Authors: S. K. Mishra, Chandra Prakash Varma

An Efficient Approach For Cloud Computing Based On Hierarchical Secure Paravirtualization System Resource
pp. 1527-1534
Authors: Deepika Patidar, P.S. Patheja, Akhilesh A. WAOO

EEG Acquisition Device For A Thought Controlled Robotic Arm
pp. 1535-1538
Authors: Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Manoj Katta Venkata, Ajithesh Gupta B. V. , Tatikonda Uday Dutt

Artificial Intelligence In Medical Diagnosis
pp. 1539-1543
Authors: Smita Sushil Sikchi, Sushil Sikchi, M. S. Ali

Implementation of MAC Unit Using Booth Multiplier & Ripple Carry Adder
pp. 1544-1546
Authors: Swati Malik, Sangeeta Dhall

Handoff Decision Analysis For Modern Heterogeneous Mobile Networks To Avoid Ping-Pong - A MATLAB Approach
pp. 1547-1551
Authors: Gaurav Sharma, Naresh Kumar, Surat Singh

pp. 1552-1556
Authors: Chetan Gupta, Preeti Singh, Manu Bansal

Prefix Projection: A Technique For Mining Sequential Pattern Included Length And Aggregate
pp. 1557-1561
Authors: Jyoti Mehta, Rajni Mehta

Object-Oriented Solution For Industrial ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Using Design Patterns in .NET

pp. 1562-1567
Authors: Rashmi Khurana, Vinod Beniwal

Assessment Of Human Health Effects Associated With Exposure To Indoor Air Pollution
pp. 1568-1572
Authors: Parteek Singh, Maninder Kaur, Siby John

Agri-Business Practices And Rural Development In India - Issues And Challenges
pp. 1573-1577
Authors: Sandeep Bansal, Deepak Garg, Sanjeev K Saini

Performance Analysis Of Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD)For Four Channels Using Emulator At 10 GBPS
pp. 1578-1581
Authors: Kapil Kashyap, Vishant Narang

Design of MEMS Based Micro-Cantilever Using Comsol Multiphysics
pp. 1582-1584
Authors: S.Suryansh Arora, Sumati, Arti Arora, P.J.George

Wireless Transport Network By Simulation
pp. 1585-1588
Authors: Ravinder Chaudhry, Timmy Gupta

Temperature Monitoring & Controlling of Industrial Machine by Using ZIG-BEE With Microcontroller

pp. 1589-1591
Authors: Shrenik S. Sarade, Sachin S. Patil

Microcontroller Based Pulse Electric Field Generator For Food (Liquid) Preservation
pp. 1592-1596
Authors: Sudhir Kumar Singh, S. Chatterji, Ritula Thakur

Role Of Live Fungi In Removing Toxic Metals From Electroplating Effluent
pp. 1597-1600
Authors: Anupa Yadav, Narsi R Bishnoi, Rajesh Singh

Artificial Neural Networks for E-nose: A Review
pp. 1601-1604
Authors: Bindu Thakral, Shilpa Gupta

High Gain of C Shape Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna For Wireless System
pp. 1605-1607
Authors: Anamika Singh, Aadesh Arya, Sanjay Sharma

Mining of Data to Generate Association Rule In Large Transactional Database
pp. 1608-1614
Authors: Vikesh Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Pankaj Kumar

Impact of Sharpe Ratio & Treynor,S Ratio on Selected Mutual Fund Schemes
pp. 1615-1619
Authors: Sandeep Bansal, Deepak Garg, Sanjeev K Saini

Common Fixed Points In Fuzzy Metric Space
pp. 1620-1622
Authors: Vishal Gupta, A.K.Tripathi , Ashima Kanwar

Carbon Nanotubes: A New Era In Mechanical Engineering - A Review
pp. 1623-1626
Authors: Nitin Goel, Vikas Sharma

Dynamic Allocation of Threshold Using Fuzzy Logic In Switched Diversity Technique
pp. 1627-1630
Authors: Yogesh Chauhan, Shilpa Chauhan, Ankur Gupta

Performance Optimization Of Backup Power System Through Six Sigma: A Case Study
pp. 1631-1635
Authors: Yash Bakshi, Bikram Jit Singh, Sahib Sartaj Singh, Rahul Singla

Behavior Study of Cutting Parameters On Material Removal Rate For A Non-Ferrous Material While Turning on A CNC Turning Center
pp. 1636-1638
Authors: Harsimran Singh Sodhi, Bikram Jit Singh, Dinesh Khanduja

Synthesis & Characterisation Of Core Shell ZNS/ZNO Nanoparticles
pp. 1639-1641
Authors: Anita Jain, Sanjay Panwar, Sunil Kumar

USM For Hard or Brittle Material & Effect of Process Parameters on MRR or Surface Roughness: A Review
pp. 1642-1647
Authors: Navdeep Singh, Gianender

Design And Fea of A Recumbent Trike
pp. 1648-1653
Authors: Vikas Gulati, Sameer Mehta, Ankur Kashyap, Kartik Pawar

Methods Of Wheelchair Navigation: A Novel Gesture Recognition Method
pp. 1654-1658
Authors: Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Athul Asokanthulasi, Rithun Raj Krishna

Analysis Of Student Physical Fitness Using Data Mining Algorithm
pp. 1659-1662
Authors: Bindu Rani, Parneet Kaur, Avinash Bansal

Just In Time Manufacturing
pp. 1663-1666
Author: S.P.Tayal

Performance Comparison Between Rectangular & Circular Patch Antenna Array With EBG Structure
pp. 1667-1673
Authors: Aadesh Arya, Sanjay Sharma, Poonam Yadav, Rohit Dindha

Study Of Transport Phenomena Through Of Track Etched Polymer Membrane At Different Temperature And Concentration
pp. 1674-1678
Authors: Ashok Kumar, Mukesh Chander

Utilization of Flyash as Filler in HDPE/FLYASH Polymer Composites: A Review
pp. 1679-1682
Authors: Baljeev Kumar, Rajeev Garg, Upinderpal Singh

A Brief Review: Fingerprint Authentication System
pp. 1683-1686
Authors: Ankur Singhal, Vikas Mittal

Advanced Server Room Maintenance System
pp. 1687-1690
Authors: Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Goutham Pocklassery, Athul AsokanThulasi, Vivek JayakrishnanVazhoth Kanhiroth

Give Momentum To Green Revolution For Energy Security
pp. 1691-1695
Authors: J.S. Arya, H.M.Rai, Sameer Mehta

Investigation of Cutting Parameters For Surface Roughness of Mild Steel In Boring Process Using Taguchi Method
pp. 1696-1699
Authors: Harsimran Singh Sodhi, Dhiraj Prakash Dhiman, Ramesh Kumar Gupta, Raminder Singh Bhatia

Stochastic Thermal Post Buckling Response of Laminated Composite Plate Resting On Elastic Foundation Based On Micromechanical Model
pp. 1700-1706
Authors: Rajiv Kumar, Amit Sharma, Rajesh Kumar

Development Of Gimt By The Application Of Green Technology
pp. 1707-1711
Authors: Aarushi Aneja, Mohit Rai, Rekha Thakral, H.M.Rai, Arun Goel, Priyanka Mehta

Performance Evaluation Of Dqpsk Modulated Radio-Over-Fiber System Using Different Modulation Formats
pp. 1712-1717
Authors: Shelly Singla, Sandeep K. Arya

Comparative Analysis of DCT, Haar & Daubechies Wavelet For Image Compression
pp. 1718-1723
Authors: Sonam Malik, Vikram Verma

Artificial Intelligence
pp. 1724-1727
Authors: Archana Bansla, Neetu Bansla

Reliability Modeling & Analysis of A 2-Out-of-3 Unit Ash Water Pump System With Inspection of Detecting The Type of Failure And Single Repair Facility
pp. 1728-1731
Author: Monika Solkhe

Smart Data Acquisition System Using M2M Communication
pp. 1732-1733
Authors: B. H. Pansambal, R. D. Kokate

Kinect Based Humanoid For Rescue Operations In Disaster Hit Areas
pp. 1734-1738
Authors: Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Anandkumar Mahadevan, Ashis Pavan K.

Optimization Of Batch Fermentation Of Citric Acid Process: A Statistical Approach
pp. 1739-1741
Authors: K. Anand kishore, G. Venkat Reddy

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Among Authentic Mobile Nodes in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
pp. 1742-1747
Author: Sulata Mitra

A Comparative Handoff Latency Evaluation in IPV6 Based Mobility Management Protocols
pp. 1748-1752
Authors: Varun Datta, Ashish Gagneja, Richa Datta, Varun Goel

Power System Dynamic Stability And Control With An Off–Centre Location Of Facts Devices
pp. 1753-1756
Authors: Dipesh. M .Patel, A.R.Nagera, K.C.Roy, MahavirA. Zala

Flow Shop Scheduling Problem For 8-Jobs,3-Machines With Make Span Criterion
pp. 1757-1762
Authors: Ajay Kumar Agarwal, Rajiv Kumar, Neeraj Kumar

Development of Laser Diode Power Supply For Technical Educational Laboratory
pp. 1763-1764
Authors: R.P. Khurana, H.M. Rai

Drive GIMT Solar Efficycle To Save The Environment
pp. 1765-1770
Authors: Sameer Mehta, Aarushi Aneja, H.M.Rai, Vijayesh Rathi

Liberalization & Globalization In India
pp. 1771-1776
Authors: Pallavi Sinha, Pratima Srivastava

An Innovative Solution to Minimize the Power Dissipation in SRAM Cell
pp. 1777-1779
Authors: A. Tripathi, S. Biswas

Maintenance Job Analysis In Mechanical Industries-A Goal Programming Approach
pp. 1780-1786
Author: Vineet Gupta

Hybrid Wind-Diesel Generation System
pp. 1787-1791
Authors: Apoorva Kanthwal, Aman Ganesh

A Comparative Study of Wireless LAN Protocols
pp. 1792-1795
Authors: Deepika Arora, Tannu Arora

Experimental Investigation Of Machining Parameters of CNC Milling on MRR By Taguchi Method
pp. 1796-1800
Authors: Amit Joshi, Pradeep Kothiyal, Ruby Pant

Discrete Time Model for Speech Waveform using LPC
pp. 1801-1804
Authors: Sonia Mittal, Rakesh Garg, Sonia Saini

Designing 3dimensional Woven Fabric Based On Conventional Technique For GEO Textiles
pp. 1805-1809
Authors: Dharmendra Nath Pandey

Face Recognition Method Using Skin Color Segmentation And Connected Region Approach
pp. 1810-1813
Authors: Gurpreet Singh, Rajwinder Kaur, Deepinder Kaur

A Prospective of Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Modeling
Authors: Pooja Sharma

Optical Fiber Characterization by Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
pp. 1818-1822
Authors: Dharamvir Singh Ahlawat, Vipin Gupta, Mahipal Singh Gill

ANN Based Indirect Vector Control of Asynchronous Drive
pp. 1823-1826
Authors: H. M. Rai, Sandeep Singh, Satish Kumar

ATM Security By Using Fingerprint Recognition
pp. 1827-1830
Authors: Nitasha Soni, Jyoti

An Improved Inverted Table Approach to Detect Selfish Node in Mobile Ad hoc Network
pp. 1831-1833
Authors: Saurbh Goyal, Indu Singh

Speed Enhancement of Network Using EDFA With Optimum Parameters
pp. 1834-1837
Authors: Bhawna Sharma, Deepti Malhotra

Genes Detection Using Window Technique
pp. 1838-1840
Authors: Renu Sharma, Neeraj Sharma, Deepak Kaushish

Application Of Acoustic Signal For Wear Detection Of Gear
pp. 1841-1843
Authors: Jasvinder Kumar, Baljeet Singh, Mandeep Chahal, Sanjeev Kumar

Bending Behavior And Vibration Of Piezo electric beam With Debonded Actuators: Coupled Finite Element Analysis
pp. 1844-1849
Authors: K. Venkata Rao, S. Raja, T. Munikenche Gowda

Removal Of Impulse Noise Using Fuzzy Techniques: A Survey
pp. 1850-1855
Authors: Anuj Goel, Vikas Mittal

Effect of Process Parameter of Al-6063 Based Fly Ash Composites Using Taguchi
pp. 1856-1859
Authors: Ajay Singh Verma, N.M. Suri, Suman Kant

An Energy Efficient Tdma Mac Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 1860-1864
Author: Priyanka Kaushik

Comparative Study of Ad-hoc Routing Protocol AODY, DSR & DSDV in Mobile Ad-hoc Network
pp. 1865-1868
Authors: Jyoti, Nitasha Soni

Design Of Circular Shape Spiral Inductor For RF Application
pp. 1869-1873
Authors: Bhushan Mehta, Manish Mehta

Modelling & Simulation of the SPMC Topology for DC-DC Converter using DC Motor As a Load
pp. 1874-1877
Authors: Rupesh Juware, Vinesh Chaudhari, Yogesh Pawar

Control Of Voltage And Power Flow In Long Transmission Lines By Use Of Facts Devices
pp. 1878-1880
Authors: Rajneesh, H.M.Rai, Meenakshi Dhakla, Pankaj Chawla

Some Results On Fuzzy Anti 2- Normed Linear Spaces
pp. 1881-1883
Authors: Parijat Sinha, Divya Mishra, Ghanshyam Lal

Computational Based Study To Analyse The Effect Of Number Of Channel And Cross Sectional Area In Micro Channel Heat Sink

pp. 1884-1888
Authors: Bhanu Pratap Singh, Eshan Gupta, Arun K Lall, Harry Garg

QRS Complex Detection of ECG Signal Using Wavelet Transform
pp. 1889-1893
Authors: Priyanka Mehta, Monika Kumari

Design of Pre-Processed Cross Layered Adaptive Modulation for MIMO-OFDM Receiver Architecture
pp. 1894-1897
Authors: M.bakyalakshmi, C. Susil kumar

The Role Of Image Compression In Medical Images
pp. 1898-1900
Authors: Gurpreet Singh, Rajdeep Kaur, Gurpreet Bains

Mining of Soil Data Using Unsupervised Learning Technique
pp. 1901-1907
Authors: Shweta Taneja, Rashmi Arora, Savneet Kaur

Comparison of AODV, OLSR & ZRP Protocols in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network on the Basis of Jitter
pp. 1908-1912
Authors: Swati Bhasin, Ankur Gupta, Puneet Mehta

Current Issues With Ad-Hoc Network & Proposed Solutions
pp. 1913-1917
Authors: Sumit Sharma, Ashutosh Dhamija, Vidhu Rawal

Multi Junction Cells And Their Utility For Power Generation
pp. 1918-1921
Authors: S. K. Misra, Chandra Prakash Varma, Amit Jaisal

Minimization of total inventory cost in single item,Multi level inventory managment
Authors: Mahesh Kumar, Amit Gupta, Ajay Kumar

Hierarchical Fault Tolerant Adaptive And Scalable Protocol For Data Dissemination In Wireless Sensor Network: HIFAS

pp. pp. 1926-1930
Amit Kumar Bindal, Anuj Jain, Devendra Prasad, R. B. Patel

Experimental Evidence For The Synthesis Of Carbon Nanotubes Using Metal And Metal-Free Catalyst
pp. 1931-1936
Authors: Sangeet Bhardwaj, Shraddha Bhardwaj

Route Centric GUI Infrastructure Design in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
pp. 1937-1943
Authors: Anjali Asija, H. P. Sinha

Cloud Computing
pp. 1944-1947
Authors: Sonu Chawla, Chander Diwaker

Effect Of Radiations From Cell Phone & Its Preventions
pp. 1948-1951
Authors: Gurpinder Singh, Amit Kumar

VHDL Implementation of A Mips-32 Pipeline Processor
pp. 1952-1956
Authors: Kirat Pal Singh, Shivani Parmar

A Novel QOS Routing for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
pp. 1957-1960
Author: M. Janardhana Raju

Review Of Single Channel Speech Enhancement Methods In Spectral Domain
pp. 1961-1966
Authors: Anuprita Pawar, Kirtimalini Choudhari

Image Processing Applied To Traffic Queue Detection Algorithm
pp. 1967-1969
Authors: Alok Tuli, Mandeep Kumar, Lakhwinder Kumar, Anil Kumar Saini

An Overview Of Wireless Sensor Network With Its Applications And Various Challenges
pp. 1970-1973
Authors: Nisha, Raman Kumar, Vibha Raj Nag

Mathematical Modeling of A Stochastic Queuing Process
pp. 1974-1978
Author: S. D. Sharma

A Survey On Image Fusion Techniques Used To Improve Image Quality
pp. 1979-1982
Authors: Sunil Kumar Panjeta, Deepak Sharma

Review: Trust Management in MANETS
pp. 1983-1986
Authors: Savita Semplay, Rajni Sobti, Veenu Mangat

Lossless Image Compression For Robust Watermarking
pp. 1987-1991
Author: Saruti Gupta

A Review Paper on Radio Over Fiber Technology
pp. 1992-1995
Authors: Naresh Kumar, Amit Garg, Sandeep Panwar

Linkages And Partnership Required Between Academics & Industry to Bring The Reforms In Professional Courses
pp. 1996-1999
Authors: Manjunath K. N., Ashok B.P.,Nnandan Babu C., Yogeesh M.

Managing E-Waste In India- A Review
pp. 2000-2005
Authors: Anil Kumar Saini, Abhishek Taneja

Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examination In India
pp. 2006-2009
Authors: Lalit Wadhwa, Virender Pal

Comparison Of Different Image Enhancement Techniques Based Upon PSNR & MSE
pp. 2010-2014
Authors: Pooja Kaushik, Yuvraj Sharma

Ethanol, An Economical & Environmentally Feasible Way of Bio-fuel From Cellulosic Materials: Process And Discussion
pp. 2015-2021
Authors: Devendra Pratap Singh, Rakesh K.Trivedi

Operators Used In Edge Detection Computation: A Case Study
pp. 2022-2027
Authors: Ravi S., A.M. khan

Simulation Based Performance Comparison of AODV & DSR Routing Protocols in MANETS
pp. 2028-2031
Authors: Sahil Gupta, Sunanda Arora, Gaurav Banga

Fractal For Iterated Function And Multi Functions
pp. 2032-2036
Author: Bhagwati Prasad

Computer Aided Analysis On Interference Scattering In Conductivity Of Germanium
pp. 2037-2039
Author: Rakesh Mohan Bhatt

Role Of Land Filling In Solid Waste Management- A Case Study Of Chandigarh Municipal Solid Waste Disposal
pp. 2040-2042
Authors: Jyoti Rani, Vanita Aggarwal, Maninder Kaur Sidhu

Comparison Between Asynchronous And Synchronous Buck Converter Topology
pp. 2043-2046
Authors: Vishal Mehta, Pradeep Malik

Extracting The Features Of Heart Sounds And Identifying Murmurs Based On Mel Frequency Ceptral Coefficients
pp. 2047-2050
Authors: Shubhi Priya, Harish, Kiran Kumari Patil

A Survey On Authentication Techniques For Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 2051-2054
Authors: Shantala Devi Patil, Vijayakumar B. P., Sonali Singha, Rashique Jamil

Cloud Computing: An Application Oriented Approach
pp. 2055-2057
Authors: Ritu Soni, Ashwani Kumar , Anil Saini

Market Oriented And Service Oriented Architecture Of Cloud Storage
pp. 2058-2062
Authors: Ashwani Kumar, Arjun Singh, Sunita Sirohi

A Review On Utilization Of Coconut Shell As Coarse Aggregates In Mass Concrete
pp. 2063-2065
Authors: Maninder Kaur, Manpreet Kaur

Optimal Load Shedding For Voltage Stability Enhancement By Genetic Algorithm
pp. 2066-2070
Authors: Puneet Chawla, Varun Kumar

pp. 2071-2076
Authors: Sowmya S, Parvathi A. , Sindhu Bhargavi, Shilpa B.

Twitter Spamming: Techniques & Defense Approaches
pp. 2077-2081
Authors: Arun Kumar, Sandeep Kumar

Centrifugal Fan Impeller Design With Optimization of Blade
pp. 2082-2089
Authors: Shalini Rai, Prabha Chand

Maintenance Job Evaluation- A Fuzzy Logic Approach
pp. 2090-2094
Author: Vineet Gupta

Analysis of JIT Elements: A Case Study
pp. 2095-2100
Authors: Ashif Ali, P. C. Tewari, Mohd Javed

Cell Phone Based Intelligent Counterfeit Teller
pp. 2101-2104
Authors: Manusudhan B. S. , Manjunatha S., Narendra Reddy

Approach Towards Software Evolution
pp. 2105-2107
Authors: Sumit Kumar Mahana, Seema Sabharwal

Energy Efficiency Management-Role Of Government Agencies
pp. 2108-2109
Author: Raminder Kaur

Indian Scenario In Solar Energy- A Brief Outlook
pp. 2110-2112
Author: Jaimala Gambhir

Computing Issues in Hybrid Wireless Networks
pp. 2113-2115
Authors: Har Munish Taneja , Kavita Taneja, Shelja Ganesh

Differentiation Method Based Stable Reduced Model Of Single Machine Infinite Bus System With Power System Stabilizer
pp. 2116-2120
Authors: D. K. Sambariya, RajendraPprasad

Hybrid Magnetic Force Assistant Abrasive Flow Machining Process Study For Optimal Material Removal

pp. 2121-2124
Authors: Ramandeep Singh, R.S. Walia

Just In Time- A Concept For Efficient Manufacturing

pp. 2125-2128
Authors: Raman Gupta, Dixit Garg

Optimization of Machining Parameters For Surface Roughness in Milling Operation
pp. 2129-2133
Authors: Bharat S. Patel, Hiren Pal

Tax Evasion In India: Causes & Remedies
pp. 2134-2138
Authors: Lalit Wadhwa, Virender Pal

Modeling of PWM Controlled Industrial Drive in the Environment of MATLAB
pp. 2139-2142
Authors: Khushboo, Prince Gupta, Pallavi Gupta ,H. M. Rai, Surekha Agarwal

An Innovative Future Classroom With An Intelligent Autonomous System In A Trans-disciplinary Approach
pp. 2143-2149
Authors: Kalashankar, N.N.S.S.R.K. Prasad







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