International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 6, Number 18 (2011) Special Issues




Performance Analysis of System Call Intensive Software Application Execution on Server Processor Architectures: Opteron and Xeon

pp. 2111-2117
W.M. Roshan Weerasuriya and D.N. Ranasinghe

Failure Factors of e-Government Implementation in Nepal 

pp. 2118-2122 
Purusottam Kharel and Subarna Shakya

Using Compressed Workweek to Save Maintenance Labour Cost: A Case Study

pp. 2123-2128
Emovon Ikuobase

Association of the IL-6 Polymorphisms and Prostate Cancer: A Meta-analysis and a Systemic Review

pp. 2129-2133
Magalhães JF, Cortinhas AJ, Leitão JC, Martins-Bessa, Bastos EM

Entrepreneurship: A Vibrant Study of Challenges to Change into Success 

pp. 2134-2139
Madhu Bala and Dinesh Kumar

A Generalization of Shannon Inequality for Entropy of Order and Type and its Application in Coding Theory

pp. 2140-2143
Habtu Alemayehu, Satish Kumar and Arun Choudhary

Femtocell: A Solution for Data Offloads 

pp. 2144-2147
Amit Kumar, Dr. Yunfei Liu, Tanvir Singh and Dr. Sawtantar Singh Khurmi

Volume-temperature Relationship for NaCl and KCl at High Temperature 

pp. 2148-2152
Rajeev K. Srivastava, Ritu M. Srivastava and Pallavi Sinha

Enhancing Employability in Technical Education System 

pp. 2153-2156
L.N. Mittal

Economic Emission Generation Scheduling using Pattern Search Method 

pp. 2157-2162

Preetinder Kaur and S.K. Bath

Optimal Location of FACTS Devices in a Power System by Means of Sensitive Analysis

pp. 2163-2167
Mrinal Ranjan and B. Vedik

Simulation and Vector Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Wind Energy

pp. 2168-2171
Mon Prakash Upadhyay and S.N. Singh

Use of Boundary-Scan for Testing Printed Circuit Boards 

pp. 2172-2175
Pankaj Kumar, R.K. Sharma and Ashish Jasuja

Evaluation of Growth & Antibacterial Activity of Ganoderma lucidum 

pp. 2176-2178
Priya Batra and Robinka Khajuria

Relative Importance if JIT Elements in Banking Sector 

pp. 2179-2182
Mandeep Kumar, P.C. Tewari and Amit Gupta

Development of Computerized Maintenance Management System for PTPS, Panipat, India 

pp. 2183-2186
Jitender Kundu, P.C. Tewari and Sorabh Gupta

Smart Grid-Shaping the Power System 

pp. 2187-2190
Jai Singh Arya and Mohan Kashyap

Decision Support System for Air Circulation System of Boiler in a Thermal Power Plant

pp. 2191-2195 
Ravinder Kumar, A.K. Sharma and P.C. Tewari


Mathematical Modeling of Fiber Reinforced Nanocomposites 

pp. 2196-2201
Sumit Sharma and Rakesh Chandra

Sequential Drop Property and Reflexivity 

pp. 2202-2204
Parijat Sinha

A Review on JPEG Still Picture Compression Standard 

pp. 2205-2210
Sachin Dhawan and Priyanka Mehta

A Novel Design and Mathematical Model for Sensitivity of a MEMS based Piezoelectric Acoustic Sensor

pp. 2211-2216
Mahanth Prasad, Robin Bhateja, R.P. Yadav, V. Sahula and V.K. Khanna 

Choice of the Mobility Management Protocols based on the Indirect Packet Ratio 

pp. 2217-2220
Gagandeep Singh

A Novel Image Coding based on Lifting Wavelet Transform and Modified SPIHT 

pp. 2221—2226
A.V. Kurkute and D.M. Yadav

Selection of Car using Multiple Attribute Decision Making (MADM) 

pp. 2227-2231
Surbhi Lall and Manu Lall

Enhancement of Bandwidth for Miniaturized Slot Antennas using Folded Structure

pp. 2232-2235
Divakar TVS

Prostate Boundary Detection from Ultrasound Images 

pp. 2236-2238
Vikas Wasson, Baljit Singh and Gurpreet Singh

Design Optimization of Rectangular Isotropic/Orthotropic Plate with opposite semicircular notches subjected to In-Plane Static Loading for reduction of Stress Concentration Factor

pp. 2239-2242
Shubhrata Nagpal, S. Sanyal and Nitin Jain

Performance Comparison of Salt & Pepper Noise Removal Filters 

pp. 2243-2246
Vinod Kumar, Priyanka and Kaushal Kishore

Human Facial Emotion Detection using Optical Flow based Analysis & Feature based Method

pp. 2247-2250
Gurpreet Singh, Baljit Singh and Vikas Wasson

VHDL Implementation of DA based FIR Filter for Baseline Drift of ECG Signal

pp. 2251-2254
Harpreet Kaur and Jaspal Singh

Mathematical Model for Transient Heat Transfer by Conduction through Porous Media

pp. 2255-2257
Jasvinder Kumar, Manjit Singh and Anu Mittal

Effects of Process Parameters in Laser Drilling 

pp. 2258-2262
B.B. Satapathy, J. Rana and K.P. Maity

Study of Fe doped CuO Nanoparticles Synthesized by Sol-gel Method 

pp. 2263-2265
Prakash Chand, Anurag Gaur and Ashavani Kumar

Simulation Evaluation of Wireless Web Performance in an IEEE 802.11b Classroom Area Network

pp. 2266-2268
Deepak Malik and Ankur Singhal

Embedding of Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering

pp. 2269-2273
I.M. Talwar, Harish Chugh, Tulsi Gupta and Mohit Lalit

Design and Implementation of Punjabi Thesaurus 

pp. 2274-2278
Aarti Tayal and Dharam Veer Sharma

Comparison Study of Population Pyramid (1991 & 2001) for District Mainpuri (U.P.), India

pp. 2279-2282
Pratima Srivastava

Performance Evaluation of Queuing Principles

pp. 2283-2287
Gaurav Banga and Ankur Singhal

Estimation of Anesthetic Dose using EEG Signal 

pp. 2288-2292
Robin Walia, Ashutosh Dhamija and Vineet Pandey

Introduction to Software Project Reliability 

pp. 2293—2296
Sanjana and P.K. Suri

Electrical Energy Conservation in Process Industry 

pp. 2297-2301
Mohan Kashyap, Jaswinder Singh and Bhanu Partap Singh

Application of Response Function Method in Finite-Element Model Updating 

pp. 2302-2305
Shankar Sehgal and Manu Sharma

PSO Embedded Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm 

pp. 2306-2310
Tarun Kumar Sharma and Millie Pant

Ensuring Fast Recovery from Link and Node Failures in IP Networks using Multiple Routing Configurations

pp. 2311-2315
K.Valli Madhavi, R. Tamilkodi and K. Jaya Sudha

Model Updating using Incomplete Experimental Results 

pp. 2316-2319
Shankar Sehgal and Manu Sharma

Effect of Cadmium on the Protein Content of the Fish Channa Punctatus 

pp. 2320-2324
Shipra Gupta, Reenu Seth and Rishi S.

Analysis of Student Physical Health Data using Various Data Mining Algorithm 

pp. 2325-2326
Parneet Kaur and Bindu Rana


Securing Healthcare Sensor Networks using Public Key Based Scheme 

pp. 2327-2330
Arti Bamba and Vivek Sharma

Traking Linera Data using KF 

pp. 2331-2333
Pandharinath A. Ghonge

A NovelEdge Detection Algorithm with Different Noise Removal Techniques 

pp. 2334-2340
Minakshi Sharma and Sourabh Mukharjee

Thermodynamic Study of Binary Liquid Mixture of CCl4 in DMSO at T = 308.15

pp. 2341-2348
Harish Kumar and Deepika

Hygrothermal Effects on the Flexural Response of Laminated Composite Plates with Random Material Properties: Micromechanical Model

pp. 2349-2354
Rajesh Kumar, H.S. Patil and Achchhe Lal

Spatial and Frequency Domain Analysis of Remote Sensed Data: A Comparative Study

pp. 2355-2359
Swathi K., Dr. Shivaprakash Koliwad and Dr. Ashok Kumar T

An Overview on Strategies used for Component based Testing 

pp. 2360-2363
Sahil Batra and Rahul Rishi

Optimisation of Reactive Power in Wind Farm for Reducing Distribution Losses

pp. 2364-2368
Anil Kumar, Indu Maheshwari and S.K. Gupta

Domain based Data Partitioning Technique for Data Warehouse 

pp. 2369-2371
Shama, Nitasha Soni and Himanshu Sharma

Design of Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Communication 

pp. 2372-2375
Salai Thillai Thilagam J. and P.K. Jawahar

Optical, Structural and Morphological Properties of CdS Thin Film Deposited from CdS Mono-dispersed Nano-particles

pp. 2376-2380
Devender Gehlawat, Dinesh Bhardwaj, R.P. Chauhan and R.G. Sonkawade

Artificial Neural Network based Prediction System for Farmers 

pp. 2381-2383
Shruti Katyal and Arvind Sejwal

On a Markov Renewal Process with an Embedded Markov Chain 

pp. 2384-2389
S.D. Sharma

Equation of State Model for Eco Friendly Refrigerant–R 134a 

pp. 2390-2395
Amit Sharma

Resources Utilization and Performance Optimization via Virtualization using Different virtualization Applications

pp. 2396-2400
Gurmeet Singh and Amit Bindal

Designing and Comparatively Analyzing the Virtual Topologies with Traffic and Cost as the Constraints in Small Optical WDM Networks

pp. 2401-2407
Harmandar Kaur and M.L. Singh

Proxy Tunnel Broker: An Efficient and Scalable Tunneling Solution for IPv6 Transition

pp. 2408-2411

Analysis of Level of Inheritance and its Impact on Software Usability in Open Source Software

pp. 2412-2415
Sandeep Bhardwaj and Dinesh Kumar

Hybridization of Solar Photovoltaic System with the Conventional System 

pp. 2416-2421
Gagandeep Kaur Gill

Simulation &Performance Analysis of Wireless LAN in DCF and EDCF using OPNET

pp. 2422-2426
Silki, Dr. Savina Bansal and Navneet Pal

Poka-Yoke Method: Mistake Proofing and Zero Quality Defects. 

pp. 2427-2429
Manish Pant

Electrical Dispersion Compensation at Bit Rate of 80gbps and 40gbps using Different Modulation Formats

pp. 2430-2433
Raj kumari, Sandeep Kaur and Richa Bhatia

Reduction of Pollution Load by Partial and Full Replacement of Chlorine by Chlorine dioxide in Paper Making

pp. 2434-2438
Divya Prakash, Satish Kumar and N.J. Rao

-T1 Separation Axiom in I-Fuzzy Topological Spaces 

pp. 2439-2440
Parijat Sinha

Factors Effecting and a Novel Approach Towards Load Balancing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs)

pp. 2441-2444
Nitin Goel, Shruti Sangwan and Ajay Jangra

Optimal Power Flow in Deregulated Electricity Markets 

pp. 2445-2451
A Kumar

Power Transfer with FACTS and Efficiency of a Transmission System 

pp. 2452-2459

A. Kumar, Soumyadeep Desarkar, S. Ramanathan and C. Mahesh

Web based Expert System for Printer Troubleshooting 

pp. 2460-2463
Harish Rohil, Satvika and Akhil Kaushik

Performance analysis of QoS Scheduling in WiMAX Network 

pp. 2464-2467
Saruchi Singla, Maninder Singh Kamboj and Rajesh Khanna 

Development of Matlab/Simulink based Model & Performance Assessment of a Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Plant

pp. 2468-2473
Naveen Kaushik, Dr. Rohit Verma and Dr. Surender Dahiya

An Energy Efficient Coverage Method for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks 

pp. 2481-2485
M. Riyaz Pasha and A. Parvathi

Single Machine Scheduling Problems (SMSP) to Cluster of Area using Memetic algorithm

pp. 2486-2489
Ashwani Goel, Anil Saini and Arjun Singh

Secured and Reliable wireless-HART based Modern Instrumentation for Power Plants 

pp. 2490-2493
S. Selvam and Surajit Ghosh

Analysis of Energy Efficient Lighting System using MATLAB 

pp. 2494-2497
Rajneesh Pawar and Manoj Saini

Elevated Torque Opaque Fetch by Subsequent Innovated Space Robots 

pp. 2498-2501 
Deepak Gaur, Richa Gaur, Sachin Kumar and Hitesh

Constrained Sequence Mining based on Cache Memory 

pp. 2502-2508
Sonia and Harish Rohil

Improvement of STEM Protocol in Static Wireless Sensor Network 

pp. 2509-2512
Kanika Gupta and Ashok

Effect of Process Parameters on the Strength of Spot Weld 

pp. 2513-2516
M.L. Kulkarni and Prasad Kulkarni

Spectral Broadening of Femtosecond Pulses due to Self Phase Modulation 

pp. 2517-2519
Anuj Kumar Yadav and Manisha Khulbe

Experimental Investigations on Bearing Strength Analysis of Sandwich Composite Joints 

pp. 2520-2526 
Amith Kumar S J., Veeresh Kumar K.S. and Sabeel Ahmed K.

Personal Authentication using Fingerprint and EEG as Biometric Modalities 

pp. 2527-2531
Gaurav Tyagi, Sonit Singh and Shamneesh Sharma

Implementation of Refactoring on a Software Artifact to Achieve Agility 

pp. 2532-2534
Saumya Goyal and Sona Malhotra

Mechanical Sun Tracking System 

pp. 2535-2540
Vishal Bhasin, Pradeep Kumar Singh, S.S. Sikarwar and Arun Singh

MIMO-OFDM Simulation for Wireless Communication 

pp. 2541-2543
Gunjan Manik and Alka Kalra

A Technique to Compact the Retest Suite in Regression Testing using Assorted Test Algorithm

pp. 2544-2548
Geetanjli Chawla and Amit Bindal

Liquid Phase Adsorptionof Paraxylene and Meta Xylene Isomers with Highest Purity on X Type Zeolites

pp. 2549-2550
Priyanka Lahot, Manju Rani and Vijaya Lakshmi

A Comparative Study of Segmentation in Mixed-Mode Images 

pp. 2551-2554
Asha D, Dr. Shivaprakash Koliwad and Jayanth J. 


Square Grid Coverage Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks 

pp. 2555-2558 
Parveen Kumari, Yudhvir Singh and Prabha Rani

Process Optimization for Bioethanol Production from Sugarcane Bagasse sing Novel Eco-Friendly Unprocessed Crude Enzymes

pp. 2559-2562
Alok Kumar Saran, Anita Singh and Narsi R. Bishnoi

Quality Assured Resource-aware Data Stream Mining 

pp. 2563-2567
Tarun Kumar and Harish Rohil

Model based Speech Enhancement and Coding 

pp. 2568-2572
V. Srinivas, S. Ravi Chand, Dr. Ch. Santhi Rani and Dr.T.Madhu

Comparison of Normal and Birefringent Fiber based on Interaction of Solitons 

pp. 2573-2577
N. Venkateswara Rao and B. Sravanthi

Fuzzy based Selection of Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad-hoc Network 

pp. 2578-2582
Ankur Gupta, Ankur Singhal and Sharad Sharma

Implementation and Performance Analysis of Stream Ciphers using LFSR 

pp. 2583-2586
Monika Kumari; Promila Singhal and Jagandeep Kaur

Vertical Handover between WLAN and UMTS by Standard Integrated Models 

pp. 2587—2591
Prabhjot Kaur, Maninder Singh and Amanpreet Kaur

Resource Optimization in Multi Vendor Cloud Computing Systems 

pp. 2592-2595
Saurabh Kumar and Dr. Rajendra Nath

Image Retrieval System with Authentication Scheme Resistant to Shoulder Surfing Attack 2596-2600
Madhuri B. Thorawade and Nareshkumar D. Harale

Experimental Investigation on DI Diesel Engine using 2-Octyl-1-Dodecanol Bio Additive 2601-2604 
R. Senthilkumar and S. Sivaprakasam

Impact of Cooled EGR on the Performance of Di-Diesel Engine using Bio-Diesel 

pp. 2605-2610
V. Manieniyan and Dr. S. Sivaprakasam

Design and Study of a Fractal antenna on a Fractalised Mushroom-stack 

pp. 2611-2615
Chahat Jain

Timing Analysis of FPGA based Redundant Unfolded CORDIC Architectures 

pp. 2616-2620 
Burhan Khurshid, Gulam Mohd Rather and Hakim Najeeb-ud-din

Decision Support System for Cheese Manufacturing System of a Dairy Plant at N.D.R.I. 

pp. 2621-2624
Deepak Kaushish, Sanjay Kajal and P.C. Tewari

Underwater Acoustic Wireless Communication Channel Model and Bandwidth 

pp. 2625-2629 
B. Jagdishwar Rao and T. Prabhakar

Study of Different Sorting Problems and Effective Sorting Algorithm. 

pp. 2630-2634
Rohit Garg

A Data Mining Approach for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer 

pp. 2635-2637
Pooja Arya, Dharminder Kumar, Anand Sharma and Shelly Gupta

Sonophotocatalytic Oxidation Process: An Emerging Wastewater Treatment Technology–A Short Review

pp. 2638-2642
Nikhil Gharat, Kavita Lanjekar and Dinesh Thakare

Parser Optimization 

pp. 2643-2644
Ajay Kumar Thakur

Managerial Roles of Entrepreneurs in Small Scale Industries 

pp. 2645-2647 
Ravinder Kumar

Performance Optimization of IC Engine with Gasoline at Varying Compression Ratios and Loads

pp. 2648-2651
Bhanu Pratap Singh, Arun K Lall and Rajesh Kumar 

Slurry Erosion of Thermal Spray Coatings and Stainless Steels for Hydraulic Machinery 

pp. 2652-2656
Mithlesh Sharma, Gautam Kochar and Deepak Kumar Goyal

Simulation, Modeling and Analysis of Kinamatics of Robot Arm 

pp. 2657-2662
Rajesh Singh, Jyoti Prakash and Sweta Arya

Case Study: Intel Processor Selection for Experimenting the Architectural Features Along with ALP

pp. 2663-2667
Reetu Saini and Dr. S.R.N. Reddy

Structure and Properties of Talc Filled Polypropylene 

pp. 2668-2670
Baljeev Kumar and Pramod Yadav

Texture as Image Property 

pp. 2671-2676
Priyanka Mehta, Sachin Dhawan and Rubal Chaudhary

Two-phase Methodology on Multi-Criteria Logistic-Outsourcing Decisions using AHP and ELECTRE: A Case Study

pp. 2677-2681
A. Raman Kumar, B. Harwinder Singh and Deepinder Singh

Parallel Thinning Algorithms: Implementation and Comparative Study 

pp. 2682-2685
Harish Kumar and Paramjeet Kaur

Comparision of Electric Scooter with its Fossil Fuel Counterpart and the Need of Electric Scooter

pp. 2686-2690
Surjeet Singh and Amandeep Singh Wadhwa

Effect of Process Parameters on Abrasive Jet Machining while Machining of Glass

pp. 2691-2694
Harichand Tewatia and Nikhil Kumar

Design & Fabrication of Briquetting Machine 

pp. 2695-2699
Pramod Kumar Yadav and Baljeev Kumar

An Empirical Study of Efficient Power Saving Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks

pp. 2700-2705
Shikha Verma and Ritika

Foundation Fieldbus based Boiler Level Control using LabVIEW 

pp. 2706-2708
Sanket Lokhande, Ketan Shimpi, Onkar A and Nilima Warke

Art of Transmitting Electrical Power through Natural Mediums 

pp. 2709-2712
Er. Swati Bhasin and Er. Rohit Dindha

Role of Heterogeneous LEACH Communication Protocol in WSN 

pp. 2713-2718
Ashish Bansal, Vijay Kumar, Pooja Sharma and Yuvraj Sharma

Effect of Deep Cryogenic Treatment of the Tool Electrode on Surface Roughness in Electrical Discharge Machining

pp. 2719-2724
Amoljit Singh Gill and Sanjeev Kumar

Analysis of Bit Error Rate Minimization by using Various Chirp Waveforms in Multicarrier CDMA

pp. 2725-2728
Jatinder Kaur, Dr. Munish Rattan and Nirmal Singh Grewal

Reduction of Health and Safety Hazards using Automatic Arc Welding System 

pp. 2729-2734
Anees Ahmed and Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

An Alternative Routing Scheme to Prevent Intrusion in Wireless Network 

pp. 2735-3739
Ashima Verma and Rakesh Kumar

A Centralised Group Aware Duty Cycle Control Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 2740-2746 
Anuradha Gupta, D.K. Gupta and Amit Bindal

Web Opinions: Former Stride to Opinion Mining 

pp. 2747-2750
Harpreet Kaur, Ramandeep Sandhu and Kiran Jyoti

Improved Graphical Password Authentication using Dynamic Grid and Image Zoom 

pp. 2751-2756
Mohd. Arif Siddique,Mayank Arya Chandra Kunwar Babar Ali

Dynamic implementation of K-Means Clustering Algorithm 

pp. 2757—2760
Pankaj Goel, Ranjit Singh

Modification in LEACH to TO Increase Network Life Time of Wireless Sensor Network 

pp. 2761-2764
Kiran Sindhu and Poonam singhal

Experimental Set Up for Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow 

pp. 2765-2767
Vikrant Bhardwaj, Mohmad Iqbal and Mandeep Chahal

Routing and Wavelength Assignment in WDM Networks 

pp. 2768-2770
Sonal Punia and Lt Col (Retd) Suresh Kumar

Investigations of Machining Parameters on Surface Roughness in CNC Milling using Taguchi Technique 

pp. 2771-2774
Mandeep Chahal, Rohit Garg, Vikrant Bhardwaj and Satish Kumar

An Improved Intrusion Detection System based on Dempster-Shafer Theory 

pp. 2775-2778
Sadhana Pandey and Sweta Pandey

Power Penalty Analysis for Millimeter Wave Transmission System 

pp. 2779-2781 
Neeraj, Deepti Malhotra and Shelly Garg

Improved GLAR Algorithm for MANET 

pp. 2782-2786 
Sulata Mitra 

Parametric Optimization of EDM Process using Grey Relational Analysis based on Taguchi Orthogonal Array

pp. 2787-2790
R. S. Barot, H. S. Beravala, Prof. B. S. Patel and Prof P. M. TADVI

Fluid Structure Interaction 

pp. 2791-2794 
M. Unnikrishnan, Ajith. C. Menon, Deepak M.D., John Joseph and Midhun Mathew

Comparison of FP-Tree and B-Tree in Data Mining 

pp. 2795-2798
Ruchika Gupta, Pallavi Sharma and Kamali Gupta

Dye Doped BAG Glasses Materials for Optical Limiting 

pp. 2799-2801
Vinita, Kamal Sindhu and David Joseph

Optimization of Porosity Defects in a Two Wheeler Self Starting Motor Diecasted Component 
by Conducting Various Trials in the High Pressure Die Casting Process for an Automobile Application: A Case Study

pp. 2802-2807
R. Govindarao and Dr. K. Eshwara Prasad

Establishing the Need of Requirements Testing through a Case Study 

pp. 2808-2810
Shiraz Khurana and Dr. Rajender Nath

Comparison of Alternative Approaches of Single Point Incremental Forming Processes 

pp. 2811-2815
Atishey Mittal, Mohd. Faheem and Lalit Mohan Gupta

Implementation of Adaptive Control Using Spindle Power 

pp. 2816-2821
Parveen Bidare, B. Yashwanth kumar, Lander Unanue, Pedro J. Arrazola and Karunakaran K.P.

PSO-GA Approach for Optimization Problems 

pp. 2822-2824
Dr. Damanjeet Kaur

A Novel U-Slot Loaded Broadband Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna 

pp. 2824-2827
Rakesh N. Tiwari and Ashish Kumar

An Investigation on Abrasive Wear Behaviour of HVOF Sprayed WC-CoCr Coatings 

pp. 2828-2833
Lalit Thakur and Navneet Arora

Efficient Modulation Formats for 80Gb/s Single and WDM Systems 

pp. 2834-2838
Sandeep Kaur, Raj Kumari and Richa Bhatia

Deposition and Characterization Of Titanium Dioxide Using Dc Magnetron Sputtering

pp. 2839-2843
Neeraj Sharma, Atul Mangwana, Ravi Verma and Himanshu Singh

Study and Concept of Eddy Current Damping in Structures 

pp. 2844-2849
Rajwinder Singh and Dr. V.P. Singh

Efficient Authentication with Reliable Multicasting in a Network 

pp. 2850-2854
Ruchika Gupta and Pallavi Sharma

Performance and Comparison of a Differential Bulk-CMOS and SOI-CMOS LNA

pp. 2855-2860
Nida-ul-Amin, Tahima Beigh, Abhishek K.P, Johns U. K, and H. Najeeb-ud-din Shah (SM IEEE)

Processing and Thermal Characterization of 5%Coconut Fiber Reinforced Compatibilized 
Polypropylene Composites

pp. 2861-2864
Anshu Anjlali Singh, Priyanka and Sanjay Palsule

Weighted Least Square Method Applied for State Estimation in Power System 

pp. 2865-2869
Ravindra Kumar, Dinanath Prasad and Desh Deepak Sharma

A Review: Mobile Adhoc Network Security 

pp. 2870-2873
Priti Bindal, Megha Gupta and Rubal Aggarwal

Addition of a Repository of Security Properties to Aordd Methodology 

pp. 2874-2878
K. Gangadhara and Dr. B. Eswara Reddy

An Effect of Spacing between the Discs on Performance of Bladeless Turbine 

pp. 2879-2883
Prof. H.P. Borate and Prof. N.D. Misal

Study of Pressure-volume Relationship of NaCl-B2 at 300K 

pp. 284-2886
Sangeet Bhardwaj, S.K. Srivastava, Shraddha Bhardwaj and Pallavi Sinha

LDPC Coded OFDM System with Reduced Peak-to-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) using Selective Mapping (SLM)

pp. 2887-2890
Savita Dhiman and Mrs. Garima Saini

Evolving Trends in Software Development 

pp. 2891-2893
Sumit Kumar Mahana and Seema Sabharwal

Effect of Node Density on the Performance of AODV, DSR and STAR Protocol in MANET 

pp. 2894-2897
Tilak Raj, Himanshu Sharma and Megha Jindal

Applications of BioInformatics in Biomedical Images using Morphological Operations and Parameters

pp. 2898-2902
Rachna Mehta

Image Enhancement using Histogram Equalization 

pp. 2903-2906
Suman, Rajesh Kumar and Sudesh

Reduction of Bending Losses using Graded-Index Plastic Fiber-A Survey Paper 

pp. 2907-2911
Yuvraj Sharma, Rajni Raghuvanshi, Ankur Singhal and Ashish bansal

Analysing Effect of Cutting Parameters on Geometric Tolerances in CNC Turning using 
Design of Experiment

pp. 2917-2921
P. M. Tadvi, R. S. Barot, V. H. Chaudhari and Dr. P. M. George

Performance Evaluation of Distance Vector Routing using Genetic Algorithm 

pp. 2922-2925
Kumar Hitesh, Sheoran Ravinder S. and Sanwal Vikram

Optimum Path Routing using Genetic Algorithms 

pp. 2926-2929
Sheoran Ravinder S., Kumar Hitesh, and Arya Pooja

Design and Optimization of CW Laser based SCM-RoF System 

pp. 2930-2934
Arshid Ahmad, Gausia Qazi, and H. Najeeb-ud-din Shah

Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education 

pp. 2935-2939
Hemant Kumar and Ankit Dhamija

Performance Evaluation for Image Fusion based on Wavelet Transform and Curvelet Transform

pp. 2940-2944
Amit Kumar, Sunny Sachdeva and Gitanjali Pandove

Ultra-Wideband Technology for High Speed Short-Range Wireless Communication 

pp. 2945-2948
Neeraj Sharma, Dr. Surinder Singh and Prof. Renu Vig

Metrics for Evolution of Aspect Oriented Software 

pp. 2949-2954
S. Senthil Velan and Dr. Chitra Babu

Design of W Slot Loaded Microstrip Antenna Fed by Coaxial Probe. 

pp. 2955-2958
Saiyed TazenAli, Vinod Kumar Singh and Zakir Ali

Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Conventional, PID and Fuzzy Controller for DC Motor pp. 2959-2963
Minakshi Sharma, Sunil Sharma and Dr. Sourabh Mukharjee

Performance Evaluation & Improving of Transient Stability of Power Systems usingFACTS Devices

pp. 2964-2967
Prof. Dipesh M. Pate Mr. Ketan Damor and Mahavir Zala

Improved Data Encryption Standard using Super PI 

pp. 2968-2971
Jagandeep Kaur and Monika Kumari

Introduction to Force based Deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks 

pp. 2972-2976
Archana and Dr. Ashok Kumar

Converters Modeling for Slow Oxidizing Hydrocarbon 

pp. 2977-2980
Sanchita Chauhan and Amandeep Kaur

Wet Chemical Synthesis of ZnO NanoCrystallites: Optical & Structural Studies 

pp. 2981-2982
Rajni Seth, K.L. Gosain and Neena Jaggi

Gain Non-Uniformity Correction of EDFA based WDM Systems 

pp. 2983-2988
Zahid Gulzar Khaki, Gausia Qazi and Arshid Ahmad

A Dynamic MAC Protocol with Adaptive Power Control and Call Admission Control for WCDMA Wireless Networks

pp. 2989-2994
S.P.V. Subba Rao. Dr. S. Venkata Chalam, Dr. D. Sreenivasa Rao and S.Pothalaiah

Stability Analysis of Two Area Load Frequency Control using ANN Controller for Frequency Excursion

pp. 2995-3000
Akanksha Sharma, K.P. Singh Parmar and Dr. S.K. Gupta

A New Knot Model for Component Based TSP using genetic Algorithm 

pp. 3001-3004
Ashwani Goel, Anil Saini and Arjun Singh

Performance Analysis of MIMO-OFDM System in Fading Channels with Simulink 

pp. 3005-3009
Ruchin Mangla and Abhijeet Kumar

Breast Cancer Screening Methods 

pp. 3010-3012
Vikram Sanwal, Harish Kumar and Pooja

Effect on Molecular Networking of Repeatedly Heated Mustard Oil 

pp. 3013-3017
Sumita and Krishan Kumar

Optimization of Part Scheduling for Cellular Manufacturing System using Tabu Search Method

pp. 3018-3025
Chander Prakash Panthariya and P.L. Bali

Explore and Illustration of Security Sentry Replica in Power Network Venture Information System

pp. 3026-3029
Richa Gaur, Deepak Gaur, Sachin Kumar and Hitesh

Optimal Intended Water Covert Framework Founded on Computer Aided Engineering 

pp. 3030-3033
Deepak Gaur, Richa Gaur, Sachin Kumar and Hitesh

Short Term Load Forecasting using Fuzzy Logic 

pp. 3034-3036
Rajiv Prabhakar and Preetinder Singh Sidhu

Simulated Approach to Analyse Interference and Boundary Scattering Processes in YBa2Cu3O7 Superconducters 

pp. 3037-3039
Rakesh Mohan Bhatt

Thermal and Elastic Properties of Solids and Geophysical Minerals at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures- A Review

pp. 3040-3044
Sanjay Kumar, S.K. Srivastava and O.P. Pandey

Reuse of Crushed Slag to Act as Flux for Stainless Steel Cladding using Submerged Arc Welding 

pp. 3045-3049
Jatinder Garg and Kulwant Singh

Methane Farming: Compressed Bio-Methane as a Substitute to Compressed Petroleum 

pp. 3050-3052
Rakesh Punia and Ravider Kataria

Investigations in Dictionary Attacks on Cellular Security based on DES and AES 3053-3055
Prof. S.S. Gill, Megha and Manpreet Singh

Analysis of Water Quality Parameters in Ground Water of District Sirsa (Haryana), India 3056-3058
Harish Kumar, Naresh Monga and Mukesh Kumar

Electronic Band Structure Calculations and Semiconducting Properties of ZnS at Ambient and High Pressure

pp. 3059-3062
D. Singh, P. Saini, and D.S. Ahlawat

Electronic Band Structure Calculations and Semiconducting Properties of ZnSe at Ambient and High Pressure

pp. 3063-3066
P. Saini and D. Singh

Comparison of Proposed MAES Cryptographic Techniques with AES 

pp. 3067-3071
Promila Singhal, Ankur Singhal, Richa Kalra, Dr. Rajneesh Randhwa and Monika Kumari

Finite Element Analysis of a Disc Brake using Ansys 3072-3074
Gian Bhushan, Pankaj Chandna and Mohit Sethi

ISDN user Part Protocol Analyser 3075-3078
Anurag Paliwal and Kiran P. Singh

Two Area Load Frequency Control using Integral Controller 3079-3082
Deepesh Sharma, K.P. Singh Parmar and Dr. S. Dahiya

Design of an Electric Trike 3083-3088
Er. Ishbir Singh, Ankur Kashyap and Amandeep Singh

High Slew Rate and Wide Bandwidth with Low Static Power Dissipation CMOS Active 3089-3091
Common Mode Detector OTA
Kamal Kant Kashyap and O.P. Sahu

Parametric Analysis of Solid Adsorption Solar Refrigeration using Activated 3092-3096
Carbon/Methanol Pair
S. Vaibhav, N.S. Thakur and Ranchan Chauhan

A Comparative Study of Emerging Wireless Standards: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX 3097-3101
Kapil Bhoria and Harish Rohill

Application of Acoustic Signal for Comparison of Fault of Missing Ball with No 3102-3105
Defect Bearing
Baljeet Singh, Mandeep Chahal, Ajay Singh Rana and Abhimanyu

Power Penalty Analysis for Radio over Fiber Transmission System 3106-3108
Shelly Singla and Sandeep K Arya

IEEE-754 Quadruple Precision Floating Point Core Verilog 3109-3116
P. Sankara Rao and K .Chidambara Rao

Mechanism to Institute System for Energy Management: It’s Methodologies & 3117-3120
Mudit Lamba and Puneet Jain

VLSI Implementation of Pipelined Data Encryption Standard in Verilog 3121-3125
T. Ravindra and V. Lokesh Raju

Recumbent Human Powered Trike with Compounded Electric Drive System 3126-3130
Manpreet Singh Bhatia and Amit Chauhan

Task Scheduling in Grid Environment: A Review 3131-3134
Shruti Garg, Kamali Gupta and Manpreet Singh

Multi-size Particulate Flow through Straight Channel–Effect of Changing the Location 3135-3137
of Axis of Rotation using CFD
Pankaj K. Gupta and Krishnan V. Pagalthivarthi

Volume Dependence of Elastic Properties and Thermal Expansivity 3138-3142
S.K. Srivastava

Theoretical Model on Vibration of Visco-Elastic Square Plate with Thermal Effect 3143-3145
Anupam Khanna and Ashish Kumar Sharma

Need for Paradigm Shift in H R Practices in Banks 3146-3149
Dr. Mahavir Sehrawet, Prof. Subhash C. Kundu, Mr. Lalit Wadhwa and Er. Rahul Singla

Thermal Effect on Vibration of Non-Homogeneous Square Plate having Linearly 3150-3152
Varying Thickness
Anupam Khanna and Meenu Bhatia

Advanced Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for PV Cell Renewable Energy System 3153-3156
K. Mahendran
Design and Development of Microcontroller based Electromechanical Goniometer 3157-3159
Aarti Bokade, Jyothi Warrier, Neha Kotekar, Subha Shankar and Preeti Mhalgi

Water Conservation in India by Micro Planning and Multiple use of Water System 3160-3163
Vanita Aggarwal and Nishi Bhuvandas

An Extensive Performance Analysis of AODV, DSDV, DSR Protocol with IEEE 802.11 MAC 3164-3170
for Chain Topology in MANET
V.K. Taksande and Dr. K.D. Kulat

An Enhanced Approach of Case Based Reasoning for Software Cost Estimation 3171-3176
Meenu Dhiman and Rakesh Kumar
Mobile Banking: A Study of Trend between the Growth of Users of Mobile Banking and 3177-3179
Mobile Phone Subscribers in India
Dr. Mahavir Sehrawet , Mr. Vishnu Kumar , Er. Rahul singla and Mr. Lalit Wadhwa 

Luminescence Studies of CdSrS Nanostructures 3180-3182
Puja Chawla and Nafa Singh

Sensitivity Studies of Modeling Parameters in Dense Particulate Flow through 3183-3185
Rotating Channel
Pankaj K. Gupta and Krishnan V. Pagalthivarthi

Micromechanical Behavior of Polymer Composite Material with Sharp and Curved 3186-3189
Fiber/Matrix Interface using Finite Element Analysis
Prince, Satnam Singh, Mukesh Verma and Sarabjot Singh

Automatic Generation Control for Two Area using Fuzzy Logic Controller 3190-3193
Sonam Pahwa, K.P. Singh Parmar and Rajneesh Pawar

An Algorithm for Speech Recognition System based on MFCC, DTW and VQ 3194-3199
Anjali Bala, Abhijeet Kumar and Nidhika Birla

Vein Pattern Recognition - Biometrics underneath the Skin 3200-3202
Mandeep Kumar, Alok Tuli, Ruby Tuli and Anil Kumar Saini

Design and Simulation of Multiband Chaucer Fractal Patch Antenna 3203-3207
Vikas Gupta and B.S. Dhaliwal

Estimation of Natural Radioactivity in Some Soil Samples 3208-3211
A.K. Garg Pooja Chauhan, Sushil Kumar and R. P. Chauhan

CTMAC, CTMAB & CPC Surfactants as Corrosion Inhibitors for Carbon Steel in 3212-3216
HCl Solution
Harish Kumar and Sunita

Recovery from Deadlock 3217-3219
Nitasha Soni and Jyoti

Detecting Black Hole Attack in Mobile Ad Hoc Network 3220-3222
Jyoti and Nitasha Soni

Optimization of Machining Parameters of Wire Electric Discharge Machining during 3223-3228
Fabrication of Punching Die
Singh Jitender; Kumar Dhiraj and Chand Krishan

Heuristics and Metrics for OO Refactoring 3229-3232
Rakesh Kumar and Deepali Gupta

Survey on Automatic Bacterial Colony Counter 3233-3236
Surbhi Gupta, Priyanka Kamboj and Sumit Kaushik

Just-in-Time Manufacturing: Classification and Review of Literature 3237-3241
Raman Gupta, Dixit Garg and Himanshu Gupta

Performance Improvement of Capacitive Micro-machined Ultrasonic Transducer 3242-3245
with ZrO2 Isolation Layer
Bijoy Kantha, Suman Basu, Pallavi Kar, and Subir Kumar Sarkar

Difficulties of Implementing JIT in SMEs 3246-3250
Raman Gupta, Dixit Garg and Himanshu Gupta

A New Low Power 18- Transistor Hybrid MOS Full Adder 3251-3253
Amit Gupta, Rasika Dhavse, R.K. Sharma and A.K. Gupta

Seasonal Radon Monitoring in Some Dwellings of Haryana Using Solid State 3254-3256
Nuclear Track Detector
Kapil Dev, R.S. Saini, R.P. Chauhan, G.S. Sharma and S.K. Chakarvarti

Power Efficient Hybrid Full Adder 3257-3260
Ashish Jasuja and R.K. Sharma

QFT based Dynamic Model of Hybrid Wind – Diesel Power Plant using SMES 3261-3268
Tushar Kukreja, J. Raja and Rajneesh Pawar

Reducing Interference through Channel Assignment in Multiradio Wireless Mesh 3269-3272
Kiran Babu Y., T. Narendra Babu and Punna Reddy Umma







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