International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 08  (2019)



Special Issues





Absolute Direct Product of DIFK-ideals in BCK/BCI-algebras
pp. 1-3
R.Angelin Suba and K.R.Sobha

Chromatic Number in Banquet Seating Problem
pp. 4-6
Jasin Glanta P.J and Sobha K.R

Restrained step domination number for some derived and grid related graphs
pp. 7-11
G. Mahadevan and M. Vimala Suganthi

On Positive Solution of First Order Neutral Differential Equation
pp. 12-16
Mamta Kumari and Y.S. Valaulikar

Generalized Composition of Path Related Graphs
pp. 17-22
Manju V N and G Suresh Singh

Non-Split Perfect Triple Connected Domination Number of Different Product of Paths and Cycles
pp. 23-35
G. Mahadevan, T.Ponnuchamy and SelvamAvadayappan

The Mixed Tree Domination Polynomial of Some Path Related Graphs
pp. 36-39
Rafia Yoosuf and Preethi Kuttipulackal

Super Contra Harmonic Mean Labeling of Some Graph Families
pp. 40-42
J.Rajeshni Golda and S.S.Sandhya

Matrices in Some Fuzzy Magic Graphs
pp. 43-47
R.S.Sheeba and K.R.Sobha

EDGE Vertex Domination Polynomials of Graph Products
pp. 48-54
J. Sherin Beula and A. Vijayan

Some Properties of ifs-Edge Regular Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Graph
pp. 55-62
T.K. Mathew Varkey and A.M. Shyla

Arithmetic Odddecomposition [AOD] of Someclass of Graphs
pp. 63-67
V.G. Smilin Shali and S.Asha

On Graph Transformation
pp. 68-71
G. Suresh Singh and Sunitha Grace Zacharia

Clone Hop Domination number of some Total and Line graph
pp. 72-76
G. Mahadevan, V. Vijayalakshmi and Selvam Avadayappan

A Study on Radio Mean Dd-distance Number of Some Basic Graphs
pp. 77-80
V. Viola and T. Nicholas






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