International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 07  (2019)



Special Issues






A glance on journey of wireless mobile communication technology in recent era.
pp. 1-3
Sudhir Soman

A Review on Present Technologies for Fraud Detection Using Data Mining
pp. 4-8
Reena G.Bhati

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a Double-Edge Sword In Cyber World
pp. 9-13
Truptimayee A. Das, Mrs. Shruti S. Gosavi

A Review on Kotlin and Android Studio Java
pp. 14-17
Mr. NiketKeny

Artificial Intelligence Vs Natural (Human) Intelligence- Global Challenge for Human Rights
pp. 18-21
Sinha and Pathak

Role of Data and Knowledge Management in business
pp. 22-26
Dr. (Mrs) C. Sunanda Yadav

Usage of Computer Labs for Educational Institutes
pp. 27-31
Mr. Anupam Deokar, Dr. Geetali Tilak

Digital Marketing: Opportunities in IT
pp. 32-34
Pournima K. Jangle

Energy Efficient Technology: Green Cloud Computing
pp. 35-38
Ashmi-Komal, Mrs.Shruti S. Gosavi, Ms. Minal Kalamkar

Coexistence and Amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence - Global Opportunities and Challenge for the Human Rights
pp. 39-44
Dr. Shailesh Natu

Internet of Things (IOT) and Smart City- Transformation of Cities through IOT
pp. 45-50
Ms. Rashmi Dongre, Dr. Meera Deshmukh

Lidar Technology: The Key of Self Driving Cars
pp. 51-53
Miss. Tejal Dhuri

Natural Language Processing: Opportunities in Information Technology
pp. 54-56
Deepmala A. Sharma

Data Anylysis in DNA Sequencing
pp. 57-61
Mr. Prathamesh Gavali, Ms. Deepa Honrao

Use of ICT in Business Education
pp. 62-64
Dr.S.R.Kandalgaonkar, Mrs. Jyoti Harchekar

Employment Transformation through Artificial Intelligence in India
pp. 65-70
Dheeraj Singh, Dr. Geetali Tilak

Social Media: Curse or Offering
pp. 71-74
Minal D. Kalamkar, Dr.Vikas Prasad

Evaluating Privacy and Security Threats in IoT- based Smart Home Environment
pp. 75-78
Supriya Nagarkar, Dr.Vikas Prasad

Use of Water Quality Index as a Tool for Urban Water Quality Prediction of Mumbai, India
pp. 79-83
Ms. Swapnali D. Mahadik, Dr.AnupGirdhar

Big Data: BigOrbit of Opportunities in Information Technology
pp. 84-86
Gajanan S. Kumbhar, Dr.Vikas Prasad

Overview of Security Issues in Mobile Cloud Computing
pp. 87-91
Ms. Prafulla Kumbhar

Wearable Device Forensics
pp. 92-96
Ms. AsmitaNamjoshi, Mr. RakeshPatil, Dr. AnupGirdhar





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