International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 05  (2019)



Special Issues






A guide for developing a 3D game without any prior knowledge
pp. 1-5
Charles Maria Arulraj, Mohammed Thawfeeq Ishaq and Sherril Sophie Maria Vincent

A Technical Review on Cloudsim based VM Scheduling Techniques in Cloud Computing Environment
pp. 6-12
Nagadevi.S and Dr.S.V.Kasmir Raja

Architecture and implementation of a Text Mining application for financial documents for Early Warning Systems
pp. 13-18
Ramkumar R and Ramesh R

Automatic Text Summarization System
pp. 19-24
Dr. R. Deepa, J. Konshi, A. Haritha and K. Shobini

Detecting food adulterants using the concepts of machine learning
pp. 25-31
Anjana. M. P and Pradeepa. K

Detection and classification of mammogram images using K-Means and Fuzzy C-Means clustering algorithm with texture features
pp. 33-39
Rajkumar K. K

Employee Attrition Analysis Using Jupyter Notebook
pp. 40-44
Kamya, Kavitha Vijayan

Hemorrhage Detection System Using Watershed Segmentation
pp. 45-51
Nivedhitha P and Dr Sankar S

Human Safety Bus
pp. 52-57
B. Renisha, B. Pooja and S.Silviya

Manipulation of SIXAXIS Sensors for Interacting with Co-Existing Physical and Digital Entities in Mixed Reality
pp. 58-65
Pon Rahul M, Rishi Shree S, Alan David S and Nischal R

Meat Monitoring System Using Machine Learning, Internet of Things
pp. 66-70
Viancy. V and Avinash Wilson. J

Overcoming Quantum Memory Restirctions of the NISQ Era
pp. 71-74
Pitambar Sai Goyal

Simulating (IPAs) Intelligent Personal Assistants by Ambient Intelligence
pp. 75-79
Shobana G, Infant raju. R and Naveen Kumar V G

Smart Garbage BIN with Efficient Routing and Management System
pp. 80-89
Mabel Johnson and Dr.C.Emilin Shyni

Survey of Clustering Algorithm of WEKA Tool on Labor Dataset
pp. 90-95
Dr. Deepajothi.S and Dr. Juliana







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