International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 12 (2019)



Special Issues





Study on Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beam Using Glass Fibre Reinforced Fibre Mat
pp. 1-6
Ahima Ashokan, Dona Chacko

Damage Characterization of Slag Concrete Using Ultrasonic P-Wave Techniques
pp. 7-9
Anitta P. Sunny, Bhaskar Sangoju, Margaret Abraham

Study on Strengthening of RC Beams Overlaying with UHPFRC
pp. 10-14
Anusree K, Anuragi P

Experimental Investigation of Flexural Behaviour of Geo-Grid Reinforced Concrete Beam with Distributed Steel Fiber
pp. 15-19
Athira Bhaskaran, Lekshmi L

Experimental study of Strengthening of “RC” slab Overlaying with “UHPC”
pp. 20-24
Athira Dharmaraj, Pro. Dr. Vra Saathappan

Strengthening of Slab with Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer
pp. 25-28
Athira P, Lekshmi L

Study on Shear Deficient RC Beam Strengthening By CFRP Unidirectional Mat
pp. 29-33
Divya E P, Dona Chacko

Comparing Flexural Performance of Concrete Composite Beams with “SIFCON” and “ECC”
pp. 34-39
Haritha BP, Dr. Vra Saathappan

Choice of Ideal Crew for Horizontal Repetitive Projects
pp. 40-46
Indu T, Linjesh Sebastian

Study on Seismic Behaviour of Reduced Beam Section on Beam Column Connection under Non- Prismatic and Inclined Conditions
pp. 47-53
Jane Jose Edattu, Dona Chacko

Comparative Study Between Conventional and Adaptive Pushover Analysis Using ETABS Software
pp. 54-59
Jyothi J Nair, Biju Mathew

Analytical Study on Flexural Behaviour of Composite Slim Floor Using ANSYS
pp. 60-65
Lathasha P.K., Margaret Abraham

An Experimental Investigation on Basalt Reinforced Beam using Steel Fibers
pp. 66-71
Laya A, Margaret Abraham

Flexural Behaviour of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beam Enhanced with Wire Mesh Epoxy Composite
pp. 72-76
Poornima Pradeep, Biju Mathew

Impact of Sustainability on Construction Projects in Kerala and Adoption of BIM in Sustainability
pp. 77-83
Sreehas K, Linjesh Sebastian

An Experimental Study on Super Absorbent Polymer with the Addition of Fibers
pp. 84-89
Sreenath Gopinath Koyadan, Rona Mara P James

Study of R.C Column Strengthened by Steel Angles and Strips Using ANSYS
pp. 90-94
Varsha R, Anuragi P

Study on strength of simply supported RC beams retrofitted with steel plates of different width to thickness ratios
pp. 95-99
Vyshna K, Anuragi P

Finite Element Analysis of Concrete Beams Reinforced with Fibre Reinforced Polymer Bars
pp. 100-107
Shigna Jagadish, Rona P Maria James

Non Linear Finite Element Analysis of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams
pp. 108-115
Jigna Jagadish, Lekshmi L

Hybrid NSE-EB technique for strengthening of reinforced concrete slab using FRCM
pp. 116-120
Theja Lakshmi M, Anuragi P

Reinforced Concrete Beam Strengthened with Externally Bonded Aluminum Alloy Plates and CFRP Sheets
pp. 121-125
Nimna S, Margaret Abraham

Flexural Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete slab by using SBR polymer and PMF Jacketing
pp. 126-132
Safana Noushad, Ms.Rona Maria P James

Study on the flexural behaviour of recycled aggregates and fly ash in concrete beams
pp. 133-136
Amarnath K, Prof. Dr. Vra Saathappan

Enhance the Performance of Polymer Concrete Using Nano Materials
pp. 137-142
Amrutha V V, Anuragi P

Seismic Analysis Of Multistorey Building With Different Slab Type On Plain And Sloping Ground Using ETABS
pp. 143-147
Sreelaya P P, Anuragi P

Comparative Study On Tube In Tube And Tubed Mega Frames on Different Building Geometry Using ETABS
pp. 148-153
Shilpa Balakrishnan, Rona Maria James

Effectiveness Of Shear Wall On Prefabricated Structures Using ETABS
pp. 154-160
Aswathi V.K, Dona Chacko

Comparison of Seismic Behaviour of Solid and Hollow Concrete Members in R.C.C Framed Building using ETABS
pp. 161-166
Ardra.M.S, Margaret Abraham

Comparative Study on Behaviour of R.C.C and Composite Multistoreyed Building Using ETABS
pp. 167-170
Anargha.B.S, Mithulraj.M

An Overview of Acoustic Modelling and Seismic Design Guidelines of Liquid Storage Tank
pp. 171-175
Nimisha P, Katta Venkataramana, B R Jayalekshmi

Analysis of Highrise Building for P Delta Effect Using E Tabs
pp. 176-179
Drisya S Kumar, Margaret Abraham

Parametric Study of Steel Beam with Web Opening Using ANSYS
pp. 180-185
Jinsy Ratheesh, Dona Chacko

Study on Seismic Performance of Multistoried building with Oblique Columns
pp. 186-190
Geethu Krishna K V , Lekshmi L

Analysis Of Shear And Deflection Behaviour Of CRC Beam Using ANSYS
pp. 191-201
Anjusree K.C, Rona Maria P James






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