International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 09 (2018)  


Special Issue





Shortest Path in Single Commodity Flow Problem in Dynamic Networks Using Modified Algorithm
pp. 1-4
Ms. Nilofer, Dr. Mohd. Rizwanullah

Numerical assessment of suitability of phase-change materials in a concentric PCM-module for thermal storage applications
pp. 5-11
Sumer Bharat Dirbude, Dnyaneshwar Shantiram Shelke

Review on the performance parameter of 4 stroke diesel engine by inspecting fuel injection pressure and timing using bio diesel
pp. 12-14
Pathan S. Shabaz, Mit C. Patel

Position Control of DC Servo Motor using Improved Sliding Mode Control Techniques
pp. 15-19
Kavita Choudhary, Mohd Salim Qureshi, Balvinder Singh

Digital Glucometer
pp. 20-23
Nishigandha Narayan Kulkarni, Duhita Mhaisane, Ashwini Shewale

Wavefunctions and optical gain analysis in Al0.42Ga0.58As/GaAs0.64Sb0.36 type-I quantum well heterostructures under the effect of external electric field
pp. 24-29
Dimple Soni, Jayprakash Vijay, Amit Kumar Singh, Dr. Amit Rathi

Influence of Stiff Ball Burnishing Process Parameters on Surface Roughness of AA 6063
pp. 30-35
Anil Sureshchandra Maheshwari, Dr. Rupesh Ratnakar Gawande

Optimizing the Design of Intake & Exhaust System of a Single Cylinder Motorcycle Engine for Formula Student Vehicle
pp. 36-39
Shubhamkumar Mangukiya, Mr. Ripen Shah, Mr. Mazar Shaikh

Impact of annealing on thermo physical properties of polypyrrole doped with different acids.
pp. 40-43
Rashmi Saxena, Kananbala Sharma, N.S.Saxena

Modification in design of Die-cast with multispindle epicyclic gear train
pp. 44-46
Abhishek Iyer, Harsh Soni, Umang Vora

Ultrasonic Principles for Fuel Injection in Internal Combustion Engine
pp. 47-48
Smit R. Shah, Deep Bhadeka

Transient Analysis Of Variable Profile Longitudinal Fin Using Meshless Local Petrov Galerking Method (MLPG)
pp. 49-55
Prashant D. Vyas, Harishchandra Thakur, Dr. V. P. Darji

Hybrid Power Generation in Remote Locations Based on Renewable Energy Sources
pp. 56-59
M.Rambabu, D.RajeshBabu, T.Netaji

Design of Hydraulic Brake system with variant bias using single piston master cylinder for All-Terrain Vehicle
pp. 60-64
Krutarth Trivedi, Mohit Singh, Ripen Shah

Color Retinal Image Enhancement Based On Luminosity and Contrast Adjustment
pp. 65-68
B. Pavan Kumar Reddy, P. Chitra

Analytical optimization of 400kV double circuit quad-conductor transmission line tower
pp. 69-75
Deepali Patel, Dr. Shilpa Pal, Dr. Dipti Singh, Sachin Tiwari

Increase performance of all-terrain vehicle by tuning of various components
pp. 76-80
Bhavdeep Trivedi, Marut Patel, Deep Patel, Ripen Shah

Factors Affecting the Performance of Glass–Metal Seal of Solar Receiver Tubes: A Review
pp. 81-92
Vinod Kumar Verma, B.Tripathi, K.B. Rana, Rahul Chhibber

Improved Performance Pulse Triggered Flip-Flop
pp. 93-96
Poonam Singh, Satyajit Anand

Experimental and Numerical Analysis on Small Scale Wind Turbines: A Review
pp. 97-111
A. K. Mandal, K.B. Rana, B. Tripathi

Design and Analysis of Nanoscale Double Gate MOSFET Based Current Mirrors
pp. 112-116
Harshita Saini, Shruti Suman

Influence of different velocity ratio with injection angles on effusion film cooling
pp. 117-126
Anoop Kumar Shukla, Mukesh Prakash Mishra, Dr. Harishchandra Thakur

Optimal Design of Digital Fractional Order Differentiator using Updated Cuckoo Search Algorithm
pp. 127-132
Sunaina Verma, Puneet Bansal

Design of 2D Digital FIR Low Pass Filter using Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization with Simulated Annealing
pp. 133-138
Dhruv Sharma, Puneet Bansal








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