International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 05 (2018) Special Issues





Effect of Heat Conduction on Friction Pad Life in Disk Braking System
pp. 1-4
Anant W.Nemade, Samir A.Telang, Dr.Arvind L.Chel

Aqua Skimmer for Trash Collection
pp. 5-8
Prof. Ashwini Jayawant and Mr. Akash Sakpal

Horizontal Axis Water Turbine: Generation and Optimization of Green Energy
pp. 9-14
Disha R. Verma and Prof. Santosh D. Katkade

The Case Study of Pump as Turbine
pp. 15-19
Dipali. S. Garad, Suraj Gavali , Prof. Jayawant N. Yadav

Design and Implementation of Biogas System from Dining Hall Waste of Students Cafeteria at Jimma Institute of Technology, Ethiopia
pp. 20-24
Fikiru Tafase Mosisa, Dr. Getachew Shunki Tibba, Dr. Nasim Hasan

Impact of Inventory Management on productivity with special reference to medium scale manufacturing industries of Nasik Industrial Estate
pp. 25-28
Prof. Nitin Shivaji Jondhale, Prof.Dr.D.T.Khairnar

Optimization of Drilling Process Parameters for Composite Material
pp. 29-32
P.H. Bhole, Dr. G.E. Chaudhari

Development and Modelling of Automation of Plastic Mat Cutting Machine
pp. 33-36
Mahesh. V. Rawlani, Dr. Adwait Manoharrao Vaidya

Experimental Investigation on Performance of Chicken Fat Methyl Ester on C.I-Engine
pp. 37-42
Sagar D. Chaudhari, Dr. Anil S. Dube

Review of Cooling of Gas Turbine Blades
pp. 43-48
Suraj Gavali, Dipali. S. Garad, Prof. Jayawant N. Yadav

Effect of Texturing Patterns on Friction and Wear Behaviour of Glass Fiber Filled Polyamide (Pa66)
pp. 49-53
V. S Aher, U.M. Shirsat, G.J. Vikhe Patil

Rank-Nullity Theorem In Semilinear Spaces Over Zerosumfree Semirings
pp. 54-57
Vidya Nikam

Performance Evaluation of Indirect Solar Dryer
pp. 58-63
Vijay T. Bhendwade, Dr. Anil S. Dube

Bending Characteristics of Foam Filled Mild Steel Bumper Beam under Gradual Loading Condition
pp. 64-68
Vikram A. Kolhe, Prasad R. Baviskar, Milind M. Patil

Experimental Study of Magnteo-Rheological Fluid Damper for Vibration Control
pp. 69-74
Vivek P. Kolhe, Dr. Gopal E. Chaudhari

Design of Material Handling System for Kit Packing Machine
pp. 75-78
P. S. Garudkar, Ganesh Yande, Shubham Wadekar, Rahul Sanap, Mayur Nikam







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