International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 10  (2018) Special Issues






Power Electronic Interface for Distributed System
pp. 1-6
N.Kavyasri, J.Viswanatha rao

Fractional Programming Methodology in Hybrid Decision Making Environment using Hexagonal Fuzzy Numbers
pp. 7-14
Arnab Kumar De, Shyamali Dewan, Animesh Biswas

A review on congestion management in the restructured power system
pp. 15-20
G.Mahesh Kumar, P.V.Satyaramesh, P.Sujatha

An efficient Image Segmentation based on Generalized FCM
pp. 21-27
U.Sesadri, C.Nagaraju, M.Ramakrishna

A novel approach for approximation based spatial data classification
pp. 28-32
M.Gangappa, C. Kiran Mai, P.Sammulal

Photo-Voltaic Fed Interleaved Boost Converter with Simple Speed Control in BLDC Motor Drive
pp. 33-39
G. G. Raja Sekhar, Basavaraja Banakara

Implementation of effective transistor level Hamming code circuit
pp. 40-44
P.V.S.R.Bharadwaja, Neelima Koppala, M.Venkata Naresh

Utilization of Regenerative braking Energy in Electric Vehicle (EV)
pp. 45-48
Amritha Anand, Nandan G

Dynamic Modeling of Axial flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator based Wind Turbine connected to Grid with SL Z-Source Inverter
pp. 49-54
S. Vijayarama rao, V.Ramesh Babu

Integration of PV system to Single Phase Distribution System by Using MPPT
pp. 55-60
E.Ramu, O.Sobhana

Modeling of DC-DC Converter for Solar based Electric Vehicle
pp. 61-67
Y. Raghunandan, Shivateja manala

Solar PV based DC Microgrid for Rural Sustainable Development
pp. 68-73
Gudise Harikrishna, K. Anuradha

Salient Region Detection based on frequency domain analysis for remote sensing image
pp. 74-79
C. Maheswari, K.Neelima B. Gowthami,V.Mounika Reddy

Extra-X Current Controlled Current Conveyor based resistorless current mode quadrature sinusoidal oscillator
pp. 80-84
A. Kumari, A. Ranjan

A Novel Modified P-Q Theory to Control UPQC under Power Quality Issues in Distribution System
pp. 85-90
J. Sandhya Rani, Dr. Rashmi Kapoor

An Improved approach using consistency over sampling for handling uniform effect in unsupervised learning
pp. 91-96
Shaik. Nagul, R.Kiran kumar

Short Circuit Analysis of Ieee 14-Bus System using ETAP
pp. 97-101
Akhila Chilakala, B. Neelakanteshwar Rao

Impact of Mutual Coupling between Antenna Elements on BER Performance of Dual Diversity Adaptive Array
pp. 102-105
J. Rajeshwar Goud, Dr. N. V. Koteswara Rao, Dr. A. Mallikarjuna Prasad

DG Placement in Distribution Systems for Loss and Reliability Optimization with Network Reconfiguration
pp. 106-111
Bukya Pooja, D. Ravi Kumar, G. Sasi Kumar

Protection and Power Quality in Distributed Generation Interfaced Distribution System
pp. 112-118
Puladasusudhakar, Dr.SushamaMalaji, Dr. B. Sarvesh

Design and Modelling of Nanorods for Display Applications
pp. 119-122
T. Satyanarayana, G. Anusha, Rambabu. Busi, K. Hemalatha Reddy, M. Harshada

Space Vector Based Centric and Non-Centric PWM Techniques for VSI Fed Asynchronous Motor Drive
pp. 123-129
B. Ganesh Babu, M. Ranjit, B. Madhuri

Simulation Analysis of Resonant Converters
pp. 130-135
Pendyala Sravani, R.Geshma Kumari

Control Strategy of Switched Reluctance Motor
pp. 136-140
Vallala Krishna, E. Shiva Prasad

Mitigation of Harmonics in Multilevel Inverter using Bee Algorithm
pp. 141-145
G.SaralaKumari, B.Ganesh Babu, M.Ranjit

Stand Alone Application of a Photovoltaic System with an Improved Inverter Topology
pp. 146-150
N. Vikram, G.C. Prabhakar

Performance analysis of transient behaviour of PMSG model with sudden load variations part-1
pp. 151-156
M.Ebraheem, TR Jyothsna

MTPA based Sensorless Field Oriented Control of PMSM using MRAS
pp. 157-163
K.Renu, N.Krishna Kumari, R. Geshma Kumari






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