International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 6  (2017)  





Implementation of One cycle Controller for Single phase Bi-directional Converter
pp. 804-812
Ramani Kannan, Lokesh N, Khairul Nisak Md Hasan and Aravind CV

Home Based Fetal Heart Rate Monitor
pp. 813-817
Nur Amira Nadia Binti Mohd Shabry, O.P. Singh, Pranshul Sardana, Rozana binti Hisham and M. B. Malarvili

Phase-only Synthesis of Linear Microstrip Patch Antenna Array using Improved Local Search Particle Swarm Optimization
pp. 818-832
K. Karuna Kumari and P. V. Sridevi

The Automatic Correction of Selective Action of Relay Protection System against Single Phase Earth Faults In Electrical Networks of Mining Enterprises
pp. 833-838
Yuriy L. Gukovskiy, Yuriy A. Sychev and Denis N. Pelenev

The Flow Analysis of Noise Reduction of Diffuser in Air Duct System
pp. 839-842
Hyunho Lee, Byungmo Yang and Haengmuk Cho

A Wavelet Analysis for Identifying Simulated Anomalies Superimposed to Real Signals
pp. 843-847
Vincenzo Niola, Giuseppe Quaremba, Gennaro Pellino and Angelo Montanino

The Application of Six Sigma in Process Control of Raw Water Quality on Pharmaceutical Industry at Indonesia
pp. 848-860
Dino Rimantho, Dedi Hernadi, Bambang Cahyadi, Rini Prasetyani and Yani Kurniawan

Numerical Analysis of SI Engine Operating on Methanol Fuel
pp. 861-865
Osama Ghazal

Khlui-Phiang-Aw Sound Synthesis Using A Warped FIR Filter
pp. 866-871
Korakoch Saengrattanakul and Kittipitch Meesawat

A Single channel open-window Active Noise Control system
pp. 872-876
W. Oh

110V/220V Auto-selection Method for an LED Bulb on Shipboard
pp. 877-881
Guoming Wang, Seong-Cheol Hwang, Gyung-Suk Kil and Kyu-Lyong Cho

An Optical Control System Based on Received Intensities from an Optical Sensor
pp 882-885
Jaemyoung Lee

Priorities for Sustainable Construction Industry Development in Yemen
pp. 886-893
Basel Sultan and Wa’el Alaghbari

Analysis and Comparison of Tunneling based IPv6 Transition Mechanisms
pp. 894-897
Pyung Soo Kim

Power Flow Optimization Using UPFC Based on Neuro-Fuzzy Method for Multi-machine Power System Stability
pp. 898-907
Agus Jamal, Slamet Suripto and Ramadoni Syahputra

Analysis on Air Flow and Cooling Effect according to Number of Air Guide Fins in Battery module
pp. 908-911
Junyoung Na and Haengmuk Cho

The study of hardness of welded joints of parts in the automotive industry
pp. 912-917
Andrey Ivanovich Shveyov, Tatyana Vladimirovna Shveyova, Ruslan Valerievich Kazantsev, Ekaterina Ivanovna Shveyova and Ivan Andreevich Shveyov

Effect of engineer's trust on research result and job commitment
pp. 918-920
H. Lee

A Design of Fail-safe Gateway-embedded System for In-vehicle Networks
pp. 921-927
Sukhyun Seo, Junsu Kim and Su Min Kim

Integration of Economic Aspects into the Teaching System for Disciplines in the Field of Natural Resource Management and Environmental Protection
pp. 928-931
Liubov A. Nikolaichuk, Grigory B. Malyshkov and Igor B. Sergeev

Fast Detection of Open-switch Fault Using Moving Filter for a PWM VSI-fed PMSM Drive System
pp. 932-939
Jae-Hwan Song and Kyeong-Hwa Kim

Feasibility Study of Condensation Heat Exchanger with Helical Tubes for a Passive Auxiliary Feedwater System
pp. 940-944
Kwanghee Seo and Taewan Kim

Research of Clayless Drilling Fluid Influence on the Rocks Destruction Efficiency
pp. 945-949
Ekaterina Leusheva and Valentin Morenov

A Region Growing Based Segmentation for Recognition System Method Implement with Coin based Application
pp. 950-955
Kitti Puritat, Suepphong Chernbumroong and Pradorn Sureephong


Constructive Methods of Forming Surfaces
pp. 956-962
Elena Vasilyevna Simenko and Marianna Vladimirovna Voronina

Assessment Comparison of Mathematical Model, (MLR) First and Second Order Prediction to Experimental Work Absenteeism Data According to Standard Residual Errors
pp. 963-968
A. Guardiola Mouhaffel, F.J. Díaz Pérez, R. Díaz Martín, A. Ibarra and F. Morán Redondo

Application of MATPOWER for the Analysis of Congestion in Power System Network and Determination of Generator Sensitivity Factor
Kaushik Paul and Niranjan Kumar

Reverse Engineering of a Bobsleigh Structure using LiDAR
pp. 976-980
Yang, In Tae, Acharya, Tri Dev, Lee, Dong Ha, Shin and Moon Seung

Effect of Drill Geometry Parameter on Surface Roughness and Hole Morphology in Surgical Bone Dilling
pp. 981-986
M.S Noorazizi, R.Izamshah, M.S.kasim and M.Hadzley

The Impact of Using 3D Printing on Model Making Quality and Cost in the Architectural Design Projects
pp. 987-994
Dina R. Howeidy and Zaina Arafat

Text Clustering Quality Improvement using a hybrid Social spider optimization
pp. 995-1008
T. Ravi Chandran, A.V.Reddy and B.Janet

Algorithms and Methods in Multidimensional Orthogonal Packing Problems
pp. 1009-1019
Vladislav A. Chekanin and Alexander V. Chekanin

Simulation Model and Analysis for Uncertain Demand and Replenishment Policies in Supply Chain
pp. 1020-1026
Jihyun Kim and Jaehyun Han

Optimization of Railroad Electrical Systems with the Integrated Smart Grid
pp. 1027-1030
S. Surender Reddy

Identification of Hand Region Based on YCgCr Color Representation
pp. 1031-1034
YaNan Xu and Gouchol Pok

Biochar as a Carrier for Nitrogen Plant Nutrition: The Release of Nitrogen from Biochar Enriched with Ammonium Sulfate and Nitrate Acid
pp. 1035-1042
E. I. Wisnubroto, W.H. Utomo and H.T. Soelistyari

Multi-objective based Adaptive Immune Algorithm for Solving the Economic and Environmental Dispatch Problem
pp. 1043-1048
S. Surender Reddy

Algorithm for Selecting Cross-Capacitive Compensation Device Parameters with High Harmonics Accounted For
pp. 1049-1053
Aleksandr Nikolaevich Skamyin and Sergey Vasilyevich Baburin

An Approach of Statistical Methods for Improce Software Quality and Cost Minimization
pp. 1054-1061
Arun Kumar Marandi and Danish Ali Khan

Utilization of Induction Heating In the Processing of Titanium
pp. 1062-1068
Irina I. Rastvorova and Victor B. Demidovich

Efficient and Secure Identity-Based Onion Routing
pp. 1069-1074
Junbeom Hur and Dong Kun Noh

Tests on Plate Girders Containing Web Openings and Inclined Stiffeners
pp. 1075-1083
M.R. Azmi, M.Y.M. Yatim, W.H. Wan Badaruzzaman and I.K. Ahmad

IT-Dependent Strategic Initiative to Increase the Marketing Performance of Mobile Security Solutions
pp. 1084-1092
Sang Guun Yoo and Juho Kim

An Efficient Privacy Preserving Public Auditing Mechanism for Secure Cloud Storage
pp. 1093-1101
Mohaned Zkaria Salem, Sahar F. Sabbeh and Tarek EL-Shishtawy

WiFi Fingerprinting Indoor Positioning with Multiple Access Points in a Single Base Station using Probabilistic Method
pp. 1102-1113
Muhammad Al Amin Amali Mazlan, M. H. Md Khir, Naufal M. Saad and S. C. Dass

Development of Conceptual Modeling Method to Solve the Tasks of Computer-Aided Design of Difficult Technical Complexes on the Basis of Category Theory
pp. 1114-1122
Anatoly Grigorevich Korobeynikov, Michael Evgenievich Fedosovsky, Andrey Vladimirovich Gurjanov, Igor Olegovich Zharinov and Anatoly Vladimirovich Shukalov






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