International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 5  (2015)   Special Issues





Groundwork On Mobile Adhoc Networks
pp. 3875-3880
B.Suguna, S.Tabasukannan

Self Adapting System To Improve Resource Utilization In Virtual Machine Environment Under PIPD Controller
pp. 3881-3885
G. Geetharamani, M.Padma, P.Kanimozhi

An analysis of Scale Invariant Feature Transform for Large Scale Image Search
pp. 3886-3891
Mr.B.Mathankumar Mrs.S.Jeyanthi

Clustering-Ranking Based Feature Selector For Effective Data Classification
pp. 3892-3899
B.Amarnath,, Dr.S.Appavu alias Balamurugan,

An Energy Efficient Routing Protocol In Wireless Sensor Network Using Optimized Local Connectivity Approach
pp. 3900-3905
Beulah Jayakumari. R
Dr. Jawaharsenthilkumar V

Optimized Retransmission Mechanism to Prevent Wastage of Spectrum in Seamless Mobility Handover
pp. 3906-3910
A.JayanthilaDevi, Dr.G.M.Kadhar Nawaz

Robust Approach for Iris Segmentation Using Far Off Face Images
pp. 3911-3915
R.Aruna Rani, D.M.D.Preethi

A Novel Approach Towards Designing Framework And Scheduling Algorithm For Cloud Datacenters
pp. 3916-3921
Backialakshmi.M, Sathya Sofia.A, P.GaneshKumar

Scheduling Privacy Preserved Intermediate Datasets in Cloud
pp. 3922-3927
Mrs.B.Dharani Manoharan, Mr. P.Tharcis

Implementation Of Privacy-Preservation Framework Using Mining Association With Security Constraint
pp. 3934-3938
D.Ganesh, Dr.S.K.Mahendran

Secure And Energy Efficient Wireless Transmission In Big Data
pp. 3939-3944
K.Saranya, R.Sudha M.E

EMGEF: Enhanced Multiaxis Grouping Of Enroute Filtering Scheme For False Data Injection Attack In Wsns
pp. 3945-3949
A. Euodial, P. Ashly Angel

Overlapped Latent Fingerprint Matching Using Level-2 And Level-3 Features Refinement Rajasekar .T
pp. 3950-3953
M.E Scholar, UmaMaheswari. N

Segmentation Algorithm For Differentiating Almonds Using ANN Classifier
pp. 3954-3958
S.Gayathri, Mrs.M.Alamelu

Congestion Control By Dynamic Priority Based Packet Scheduling For Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
pp. 3959-3963
R.Sangeetha, M.Balasubramani

Evaluation Of Communication Overhead In IDDR Using Interference Aware Path Selection In WSN
pp. 3964-3968
H. Benasir, K. Sabeetha M.E

An Enhance The Secure Transmission Using Key Management Scheme
pp. 3969-3973
M.Ariya Natchi, R.Karuppathal

A Novel Context Aware Counter Based Cooperative Cache Replacement Strategy for Mobile Networks
pp. 3974-3978
Lilly Sheeba S, Yogesh P, Keerthana V

An NDN Based DCP Wireless Recharging Framework for Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 3979-3982
A. Menaka, K. Kumaresan,

Device Free Passive Localization For Energy Conservation
pp. 3983-3986
Archana M

Privacy Protection Using K-Anonymity And ℓ-Diversity Method For Data Streams
pp. 3987-3990
Leelavathi R

An Optimal Virtual Machine Assignment Using Firefly Algorithm For Achieving Energy Efficiency In Data Center
pp. 3991-3994
J.Josphin, J.Josphin, Balakannan S.P

An Efficient Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Based Overlapped Fingerprint Classification
pp. 3995-4000
S.Jeyanthi, Dr.N.Uma Maheswari, Dr.R.Venkatesh

Rules Based Routing For Preset Controls With MAC In Wireless Multihop Networks
pp. 4001-4009
R.Gnanajeyaraman, B.Vignesh

Fault Tolerant Multiple Cloud Storage System With Added Security
pp. 4010-4013
Nithya Priya G, Ramesh C, Dr. Thangaraj p

A Cluster Based- Reliable Routing for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network
pp. 4014-4020
G.Kirubasri, N. Uma Maheswari, R. Venkatesh

Bio Inspired Algorithm In Identification Of Best Route Via Ant Colony Optimization, Energy Level & Throughput With Encryption
pp. 4021-4024
V.R.Vimal, M.Gowthami, J.Vincy, C.Bhagya Shree

Secure Data Management Using Access Control Policies in Clouds
pp. 4025-4027
V.R.Vimal, R. Shree Krishna, Arun Suresh Kumar and S. Benedict Charles

Bus Arrival Time Prediction Based on Cell Tower Sequence Information Shared by Participatory Users
pp. 4033-4035
B.Dheepika, S. Divya,S.Malarvizhi

Intrusion Deduction And Traffic Pattern Discovery System Using Statistical Analysis In MANET A heuristic and a probability function Approach
pp. 4036-4040
R. Manikandan, M. Dharani Dharan, R. Lokeshwaran, P. Hariharan

Comparative Analysis Of Moving Vehicle Location Prediction Algorithm For Vehicle Movement
pp. 4041-4046
E.Baby Anita, Dr.K.Duraiswamy Dean

Extraction Of Data By Using Case Based Reasoning
pp. 4047-4051
Tamilarasu P, Sowmiyaa P

Markov Prediction dependent Routing in Delay Tolerant Network
pp. 4052-4055
K. Sabeetha, A. Vincent Antony Kumar

Probability Model Of Spatial Connectivity And Intensity For Multiple Abdominal Organ Segmentation From 3-D Ct Volumes
pp. 4056-4063
Mayaepan, Reeba Korah, G.Geetha and Joy Angel Ancelita

Haphazard Anonymization: A Novel Algorithm For Privacy And Knowledge Preservation
pp. 4064-4070
M. Prakash, G. Singaravel

Algorithm For Target Image Independent High Payload Capacity Data Hiding
pp. 4071-7076
M.Lavanya, N.V.Shibu, Dr.P.Malathi

A Modified Personalized Web Information Gathering Using Ontology
pp. 4077-4083
S.Selvapriya, S. Manimala, M.A. Vinoth Kumar

Adaptive IDA to Protect Message Transmission against Byzantine Attacks
pp. 4084-4088
R. Sivakami, Dr. G. M. Kadhar Nawaz

An Android Based Social Network Approach For Safer City
pp. 4089-4092
A.Vignesh Moorthy,B.Muthuraja,M.AliMohamedRilwan,S.Maheshwari

Appraise Wiki Collaborative Appearance in Ontology Authoring
pp. 4093-4097
S.Vishnupriya, Mrs.S.Vairachilai

Semantic Web for Education System
pp. 4098-4100
G.Sharmila, Mrs.S.Vairachilai

SPEST: Symbol Matched PIN Entry for Secure Transaction
pp. 4101-4104
G.Arjun Kumar, P.Arun, M.Gobi Raj, D.Dennis Ebenezer,

Help Message Via Sms With Location
pp. 4105-4108
B.Jeganathan, S.Dinesh, D.Rajarethinam, A.Nirmal Kumar,

An Effective Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problem And Solution Method For Car Pooling Application
pp. 4109-4112
Dr. C.Sundar, S.Chitra Devi

Clarity-Assured Image Reconstruction Service In Cloud
pp. 4113-4116
R.Deepak Paramanandam, P.Tharcis

Password Based Authentication and Security for Mobile Devices
pp. 4117-4120
M.Irish, B. Dharani Manoharan

Enhanced Privacy-Preserving Mechanism With Traceability For Shared Data In The Cloud Storage
pp. 4121-4124
Dr. (Mrs). C.Kezi Selva Vijila, Mrs. L.Sara Anantha Kumari, Mrs. Suma Sira Jacob

Virtual Password Schemes To Prevent The Stolen Online Environment Password By The Attackers
pp. 4125-4127
S.Karthika, P.Tharcis

Incremental Semi-Supervised Clustering for Large Data Sets
pp. 4128-4133
P.Gandhini, S.Venkatesh Babu

An Efficient and Trusted Management for Misbehavior Nodes in DTN
pp. 4134-4138
Mr. R.Pandiya Rajan, Mr. D.Dennis Ebenezer

Confidential Data Distributed in the Disruption Tolerant Military Network
pp. 4139-4144
Dr.C.Sundar, P.Rajalakshmi

Security Aspects of MANET Challenges, Issues, Attacks and Countermeasures
pp. 4145-4150
Santhosh Kumar. K, Ramya. R

An Effective Test Case Design In SOA Testing Via Event Exposure
pp. 4151-4156
G.Sasikala, A.Nirmal Kumar

Evaluation Of Security In Android Anti-Malware Applications
pp. 4157-4161
R.Tamilarasi, B.Dharani Manoharan,

An Efficient Face Image Annotation Model For Weakly Labeled Web Facial Images
pp. 4162-4166
Tini Vasanth. A.Nirmal Kumar

Routing Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
pp. 4167-4170
V.Padmanaban, Mrs.S.Vairachilai

Clustering on Data mining: Text Clustering on Digital Analysis
pp. 4171-4174
P.Seethamani, S.Christina Magneta.M.E

Reliable Auditing Services for Multistorage Clouds
pp. 4175-4178
P.Jeyaram, P.Ashly angel

A Survey on Intrusion Tolerance in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 4179-4181
S.Christina Magneta, S.Christy Jayaseelan

Performance Evaluation of Content Based Information Retrieval Schemes for DTN
pp. 4182-4186
P.Princy Pushpa, Mr.M.Arun Kumar

Detection of Outliers Using OS PCA
pp. 4187-4192
Dr. C.Sundar, Abinaya.R,Anu Peter, Sanjana Jayaram,Saradhamol.K.V

Detection and Characterization of Lesion and Lymph Node using FDG PET-CT images
pp. 4193-4196
Ms. K.Abisha, Mrs. K.Devaki

Efficient Cloth Pattern Recognition For Blind People Using SVM Classifier
pp. 4197-4200
Mr. M.Surendran, Mrs.K. Devaki

A Systematic Cross Modal multimedia Retrieval Using Maui Indexing Algorithm
pp. 4201-4205
T.Karthika, J.Medolin Rema, R.Suganya, Mrs B.Dharani ME

A Novel Approach for Finding Shortest Path Using Fuzzy Transportation Networks
pp. 4206-4210
C.Sharmiladevi, J.Arun Pandian, Dr.G.Geetharamani

Security Way To Provide Online Transaction For Differential Virtual Passwords
pp. 4211-4214
R.Chitra, G.Dharani, M.Indumathi, Ms R.Ramya ME

An Interest Oriented Routing Algorithm for Content-Based File Sharing and Re-ranking
pp. 4215-4218
N.Hannah vincy, M.Varghese

An Efficient And Secure Authentication Protocol For Shared Data Access In Cloud Computing
pp. 4219-4222
Damayanthi .R, Jegadesgh. A

Security Protocol For Large Scale Online Attacks Using Captcha As Graphical Password
pp. 4223-4226
Rinsha Jeevanesam.K, Jegadeesh.A
Building An Authorized Cloud Environment Using Risk Based Access Control Model
pp. 4227-4234
J.Priya, A.Jegadeesh

Cost Efficient Differential Query Services
pp. 4235-4238
Grace Beaulah.M, Jegathesh

Priority and Optimal Based Meeting Location Identification on Mobile Devices
pp. 4239-4242
Chintu Sara Thomas, Gilu Elizabeth Varghese, Krishnamol P.B, Mrs.S.Christina Magneta,

Visiting Patterns and Automatic Labeling From Smartphone Using Time Slots and Acoustic Sensor
pp. 4243-4245
Ann Reba T Alexander, Jinu Samuel, Neethu George, Sneha Susan Varghese,

A Gsteb Method For Saving The Node’s Life Against Resource Depletion Attacks
pp. 4246-4248
V.DhanaPriya, M.Varghese

Privacy - Preserving Data Integrity Verfication In Cloud Without Third Party Auditing
pp. 4249-4252
M.Vinothkumar, Dr.N.Balaji

Identification Of Leaker And Recovering The Leaked Data By Using ERandom Algorithm
pp. 4253-4255
A.Jancy Samili, L. Jenifer Nivetha, R.Nagalakshmi, R.Visalini, Mr.P.Tharcis

A Coherent Assortment Of Heuristic Methods For Job Scheduling In Cloud Computing
pp. 4256-4260
Jelin J, Priyadharshini S, Suganya S, Suma Sira Jacob

Customized Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search
pp. 4261-4263
R.Aishwarya ,B.Hina, K.S.Manimehalai, G.Nagajothi, Mrs.P.Ashly Angel

Controlled Patient Health Record Sharing using Key Aggregate Cryptosystem in Distributed Cloud
pp. 4264-4267
M.Vinothkumar, Dr.N.Balaji, T.Jaya Prabha

A Survey On Clustering In MANETS
pp. 4268-4273
C. Kezi Selva Vijila, S.Venkatesh Babu

A Survey On Fuzzy Clustering Techniques For Lung CT Image Segmentation
pp. 4274-4278
C.Kezi Selva Vijila, P.Tharcis

Robust Detection Of Traffic Signs With A Predictive Filter Solution –A Survey
pp. 4279-4284
Jayaprakash A, Dr.Kezi Selva Vijila C, Banu priya

Prenatal Diagnosis of Trisomy 21 Chromosome Aberration of Singleton Pregnancies Using First Trimester Ultrasound Fetal Images
pp. 4285-4289
R. Eveline Pregitha, V. Jegathesan, C. Ebbie Selva Kumar

A Sensorless Based Power Factor Correction for Adjustable Speed BLDC Motor Drive
pp. 4290-4295
M. Usha Nandhini, B.Saranya, S. Kaliappan

PIC Based PFC Using Bridgeless SEPIC Converter for Adjustable Speed BLDC Motor
pp. 4296-4301
B.Saranya. M. Usha Nandhini, S. Kaliappan

A Novel Approach of Position Estimation and Power Factor Corrector Converter Fed BLDC Motor
pp. 4302-4307
S. Kaliappan, Dr.R.Rajeswari

Sensorless Predictive Current Control of Dc Motor
pp. 4308-4311
M.Seethamathavi, T.Vignesh

Single-Ended Primary Inductance Converter For Photovoltaic Generation System
pp. 4312-4317
S.Radhika, B.Pushpavanam

A Boost Converter For High Voltage Applications Using Three State Switching Cell
pp. 4318-4324
C.PonGomathi, Dr.N.LakshmiPriya

A New Soft Switched Boost PFC Converter With An Active Snubber
pp. 4325-4330
S. Aiswariya, Dr.R.Dhanasekaran

Numerical Analysis Of Dynamic Characteristics Of Switched Reluctance Motor By Varying Control Parameters
pp. 4331-4335
S.Muthulakshmi, R.Dhanasekaran

A Switched Capacitor Inverter Using Series/Parallel Conversion With An Enhanced Modulation Technique
pp. 4336-4341
B.Kiruthika, M.Arul Prasanna

An Improved Variable Dc Converter Fed Bldc Motor Drive
pp. 4342-4348,
Dr.I.Gerald Christopher, RS.Jothilakshmi, Dr. S.K.Nandhakumar

Stability Enhancement Using Power System Stabilizer in Interconnected Power System
pp. 4349-4354
P.Sarmila Devi, S.Bharath

Modified Fbtl Dc/Dc Converter Control In A Dc Grid Fed From Solar Cell
pp. 4355-4359
T.J. Rini Elamathi, Dr. N. Chandrasekaran

Wire Free Relay Model Based Industrial Monitoring and Control
pp. 4360-4364
R.Nagarajan, Dr. R.Dhanasekaran

A Detailed Survey Of Direct Torque Control In Brushless Dc Motor (Bldc) For Torque Ripple Minimization
pp. 4365-4368
R.Velmurugan, K.Mahadevan, I.GeraldChiristoperRaj

ANFIS Controller for LCL Resonant Converter
pp. 4369-4375
Mr. Esaiah, Mr. Soundiraraj

Reliability And Cost Evaluation Model In An Isolated Distribution Network Using Evolutionary Algorithmsms. V.Renu
pp. 4376-4381
PG Scholar, Dr. S. Jeyadevi

Comparative Analyasis Of Solar/Wind Energy Fed Quasi Resonant Zvs Boost Converter With Motor Load
Santhana Krishnan ,T, Dr.Sharmeela.C, Sindhu .R

Fault Protection Scheme For DC Ring Bus Microgrid System
pp. 4387-4392
M.Karthikeyan, R.Rengaraj, N.B.Muthuselvan, Janagan.P.D.D, T.Sarath Babu

Cooperative Control Of Dstatcoms To Reduce Voltage Fluctuations
pp. 4393-4397
N.Kumarasabapathy, P.S.Manoharan, K.Sureshkumar

Adaptive harmonic detection technique with SVPWM for STATCOM
pp. 4398-4403
Ms. G.Arthy, Dr.C.N.Marimuthu

Optimal Placement and Sizing of Multi Type FACTS Devices in Deregulated Environment for ATC Enhancement using Gravitational Search Algorithm
pp. 4404-4409
Karuppiah N, Malathi V, Priya devi S

A Dynamic Performance of Transient Stability Analysis For Power System Network
pp. 4410-4413
Suganya A, MuthuKumar R

Methodology for High Frequency Modeling of Power Cable to Estimate Reflection Phenomenon in Long Fed ASD Induction Motor Drive System
pp. 4414-4421
N.Shanmugasundaram, Dr.S.Thangavel, R. Vajubunnisabegum

Optimization Technique for DG and Placement Sizing from DISCO’s Point of View
pp. 4422-4427
R.Sakthipriya, K.Muthulakshmi

Neuro-Fuzzy Based Maximum Power Point Tracking For Solar Photovoltaic Systems
pp. 4428-4431
Mr. K. C. Jayasankar, Ms. K. Abinaya

Analysis, Design And Implementation Of Resonant Converter For Constant Current Source
pp. 4432-4439
Sahaya Senthamil Lourdusami, Rajasekaran Vairamani, Manichelvam Ramasamy

Speed Estimation For Sensorless DTFC Of Induction Motor Drive By Using Hybrid Intelligence
pp. 4440-4445
K.Sasikumar, R.Senthilkumar, M.Vigneshwaran

Gabor Filter Dwt Based Fault Diagnosis Of Power System Using Pnn
pp. 4446-4450
Mr. S. Raja, Mr. M. Vigneshwaran

A Multi Objective Reconfigured Distribution Network To Minimize The Power Loss And Improve The Voltage Stability
pp. 4451-4455
S. Muthu Balaji, V. Malathi, Rajasekar M

Numerical Analysis Of Dynamic Characteristics Of Switched Reluctance Motor By Varying Control Parameters
pp. 4456-4459
S.Muthulakshmi, R.Dhanasekaran

A Single Stage Power Factor Correction Using Soft-Switching Boost Converter With Coupled Inductor
pp. 4460-4464
K.Karthikeyan, D. Godwin Immanuel,

Vienna Rectifier Based Vertical Wind Turbine Fed Inverter System For Household Applications
pp. 4465-4468
S.Siddharth, Dr. A.Selvaraj

Implementation of DC Motor Control for A Robotic Monitoring System Using Raspberry PI
pp. 4469-4472
Mr. Kingstan, Ms. D.Suchithra

PSO Based Dynamic Performance Investigation of Moisture control in Paper Industry
pp. 4473-4476
Sangeetha.B, Senthil Kumar.M

Energy Saving In Auto Motive Industrial Washing Machine Using VFD And PLC
pp. 4477-4480

Performance Analysis Of Active Power Filter With Grid Connected Solar System
pp. 4481-4485
Mr. Neethu Thomas, Ms. G Devi

Design And Performance Evaluation Of Horizontal And Vertical Axis Wind Turbines For Stand-Alone And Move-Alone Systems
pp. 4486-4492
J.E.Moshe dayan, Pavithra, T.Esther

Partial Discharge Detection Using Acoustic Emission Technique In Model Transformer
pp. 4493-4498
R.Gopikaramanan, K.Prabu, N.Udhayaraj

Self Tuned Neuro-Fuzzy- Based Induction Motor Drive with DTC Scheme
pp. 4499-4502
R.Velmurugan, Aparna Roslin Mary,

Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control For PMSM Drive System
pp. 4503-4507
R. Shanthi, Dr. S. Kalyani

Intelligent Control Of Real Time Switching Angle Calculation For Cascaded Multilevel Inverter With Varying DC Sources
pp. 4508-4513
Mrs., K.Esakki Shenbaga Loga, Dr.SP.Umayal, P.Manimala

PSO Based Unified Power Quality Conditioner for Power Quality Improvement
pp. 4514-4520
R. Saravanan, T.Kanagaraj, Dr.P.S. Manoharan

Design and Implementation of Voltage Multiplier for High Gain SEPIC Converter
pp. 4521-4525
MartinAnbiah, S.Sindhuja

GA Based Control Scheme For Single Phase PV Inverter
pp. 4526-4530
D.Thalapathi Udhayakumar, S. Leelavathi, Dr.P.S.Manoharan

A Novel Application Of Fuzzy Logic Controller In A Dual Half Bridge DC-DC Converter
pp. 4531-4534
S.Vijayasanthi, J.Megan David

A Novel Boost Converter for Plug-In HEV Charging By Current Sensing Techniques
pp. 4535-4540
Sam Stanley.R, Sundaravadivel.T, Kannan..S

Bridgeless SEPIC Converter Based Power Factor Correction Using Fuzzy Logic Controller For AC-Drives
pp. 4541-4548
R. Palanichamy, R. Palanichamy, P.Pandiyarajan, Dr. P.S. Manoharan

Tracking Of Gmpp For Photovoltaic System Under Partial Shading Condition
pp. 4549-4553
R.SathyaBama, L.Sarah Ancelina

Dynamic Evolution Control Of Dc-Dc Boost Converter For Pv Application
pp. 4554-4559
P.Sudha, Mrs.R.Anitha, Dr.S.Jeyadevi

A Compact Soft Switched Bi-Directional Boost Converter For High Power Applications
pp. 4560-4565
S. Mrignayani, Mrs N.Sharmila

A New Double Dual Boost Converter With Proportional Resonant Controller For Grid Application
pp. 4566-4569
C.Aarthy, Mrs.R.Anitha

Design Of Boost Pfc Converter With Average Current Mode Controller
pp. 4570-4572
R.Ramya, A.R. Salini Devi


Current Compensation For Grid Connected Pv System

pp. 4573-4577

J.Jaya Paul, Mrs.N.Vallikannu M.E

FLC Based Full-Bridge DC-DC Converter With Voltage Doubler ABR Topology
pp. 4578-4582
.P. Infenta Preethi, S. Freeda Angeline Rachel

A Fuzzy Logic Based Generalized Three Phase Cascaded Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Number Of Components
pp. 4583-4589
Lijo Jacob Varghese, V.Manikandan, Dr. C. Kezi Selva Vijila

A Seven-Level Inverter For Photovoltaic System Feeding Single Phase Induction Motor
pp. 4590-4595
Havis Janco T.J, L.Hubert Tony Raj

Interleaved Inverter for Renewable Energy Sources with Harmonic Reduction
pp. 4596-4602
S.Vijayakumar, T.Parthasarathy

Design Of A H-Bridge Single Phase Multilevel Sourceinverters With Reduced Number Of Components
pp. 4603-4609
Lijo Jacob Varghese, Dr. C. Kezi Selva Vijila, Dr. I. Jacob Ragland

Optimum Tolerance Allocation In Mechanical Assemblies By Using Fuzzy
pp. 4610-4612
L.Ramesh Kumar, K.P.Padmanaban

Segmenting Lung CT Image Using Fast Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm
pp. 4613-4616
P.Tharcis, C.Kezi Selva Vijila

Influence Of Polymeric Resin On Enhancement Strengthening Of Reinforced Concrete Beam With Phenolic Resin Bonded FRP’S
pp. 4617-4621
K.Mohan Das, G.Elangovan

Performance Analysis Of Mobile Robot Localization Using Accumulated Phase Algorithm
pp. 4622-4625
P.Prabakaran, M.Saravanan

Performance Analysis Of Mobile Robot Localization
pp. 4626-4629
P. Prabhakaran, M.Saravanan, N.Jenifer,

High-Performance Routing Selection For Mobile Robot
pp. 4630-4634
P. Prabhakaran, M.Saravanan, A. Preethi,

A Novel Design of Low Power 8T-CMOS Full Adder
pp. 4635-4639
Dhilip Kumar, Karthik Raja, Hari Kannan, Thiruveni

A Detail Investigation Of Image Denoising Scheme For Removing Unwanted Noise In Image
pp. 4640-4643
P.N.Sundara Rajan, Dr.S.Sasikumar

Improving Energy Efficiency Using Energy Aware And Topology Healing Mechanism In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 4644-4647
C.Sinduja, Dr.A.Valarmathi, P.Vaishnavi

Transition Level Energy Consumption Using Data Encoding Techniques In Network On Chip
pp. 4648-4654
Mrs.Ganapriya K, Mr. Ashokumar N

Impact Of HRM Practices On Stress: An Empirical Study In Textile Units
pp. 4655-4658
R.Rajalakshmi, S.Manimaran

Efficient VLSI Architecture For FIR Filter Based On FFA Algorithm
pp. 4659-4661
C.Ananthi, M.Thiruveni, D.Shanthi

Improved Decimal Matrix Code For Reliable And Efficient Memory Chips Against Multiple Cell Upset
pp. 4662-4667
Nisha.C, Karthikeyan.S

New Approach To Reduce Leakage And Peak Temperature In Vliw Scheduling
pp. 4668-4671
S.Rasky, C.Karthikeyini

Low Power DSP Architecture For Wireless Sensor Nodes Using DVFS Algorithm
pp. 4672-4675
Kasthuri Devi.R, Maniraj Kumar.P

An Efficient Critical Path Analysis Technique For Network-On-Chip Router Architecture Using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 4676-4679
K. Saranya, C. Karthikeyini

Modified VLSI Architecture For Orthogonal Wavelet Filter Bank
pp. 4680-4683
S.Priya, S.Sobana.

Diagnosis Of Interconnections In SRAM Based FPGA In A Ring Architecture
pp. 4684-4688
N.Jenifer Pon Catherin, P.Maniraj Kumar

FPGA Implementation Of A Low Power Sensor For Effective Detection Of Recycled Ics
pp. 4689-4693
Anjuboby, Dr.Gmohanbabu,

Performance Analysis Of Routing Protocols In Vehicular Adhoc Networks For TCP Applications
pp. 4694-4698
Yogesh Chaba, Kaliammal, Parul Gupta,

Ternary Logic Circuit Design Using CNTFET
pp. 4699-4703

FPGA Implementation Of Real Time Visual Detection And Matching
pp. 4704-4709

Raspberry Pi Based Global Industrial Process Monitoring Through Wireless Communication
pp. 4710-4715
Mr.Raguvaran. K, Mr.J. Thiyagarajan, Mr.M.Senthilkumar

Image Quality Estimation Based On MIQE for Different Spatial Resolution
pp. 4716-4720
Divya.V, Thirumurugan. P

FSM Based Architecture For Matching Of Data Using Error Using Error Correction Codes
pp. 4721-4724

Enhancement Of Bit Error Rate Using Tdm Ofdm In Passive Optical Network
pp. 4725-4729
James Belsith.C, Batri.K

Measurement Of Nearby Obstacles Distance Using Multiple Sonar
pp. 4730-473
A.Arockiamuthu, M. Revathy

FPGA Based Implementation Of Area-Delay-Power Efficient Reconfigurable LMS Adaptive Filter
pp. 4734-4738

Fusion of Multispectral and Satellite Images of Urban Area
pp. 4739-4744

Segmentation Of Chest Radiographs Infected By Tuberculosis Using
pp. 4745-4749
R. Tharani, M. Krishnamurthy

Design Of An Automotive Safety System Using Controller Area Nework
pp. 4750-4754

Nero Fuzzy Algorithm For Invisible Watermarking In Color Images
pp. 4755-4757
Senthilkumar. M, Mohanapriya. M

Segmentation And Classification Methods On Ultrasound Thyroid Nodule Images: Issues & Challenges
pp. 4758-4767
Mrs.M.Malathi, Dr.S.Srinivasan

Measurement Of Osteoporosis Defected Bone Thickness Using Star Line Tracking Technique
pp. 4768-4772
A. Nivedha, Dr.VE. Jayanthi,

Interactive Color Video Segmentation Technique For High Definition Video Processing Based On Fuzzy Logic
K. Sindhuja, S.Devi

Effect Of Ground Plane Structure In Metamaterial Inspired Monopole Antenna

Dual Band Patch Antenna Using Slots
pp. 4781-4784

Review On Metamaterial Radome In Gain Enhancement Techniques Of Planar Antenna
pp. 4785-4789

An Efficient NTB Algorithm For Human Activity Recognition
pp. 4790-4793
Ms.K.Gayathri. Dr.K.Dhanalakshmi

Multiple Object Tracking Using Blob Analysis For Effective Motion Segmentation
pp. 4794-4798
Kirubaraj Ragland, P. Tharcis

3D Saliency Detection Model Using DWT For Saliency Detection
pp. 4799-4804
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Secured Communication By Embedding Video Streams In MPEG 4 Videos
pp. 4805-4808
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Implementation Of A New High Speed Radix-4 Fft/Ifft Cordic Processor For 3gpp Application
pp. 4809-4812
Anjali Ashok, S.Devi, K. Kalaichelvi

An Efficient Secure Communication In WSN Using Key Management Technique
pp. 4813-4817
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Advancement With Near Field Communication For Futuristic Advertisement Using Smart Posters
pp. 4818-4823
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Energy-Saving Service For Mobile Streaming Applications Through Backlight Adaptation
pp. 4824-4829
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Severity Detection In Glaucoma Affected Retinal Images Using Adaptive Level Set Segmentation
pp. 4830-4833
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Vision Enabled Mobile Robot Using Labview
pp. 4834-4839
J.Shanthi, K.Annapoorani, R.Suryadevi,

Desing And Implementation And Of Ultralow Power CNFET Based Sleepy SRAM
P.Anandha Kumar, S.Devi, A.Nepolean, K.Kalaichelvi

Performance And Analysis Of Task Out-Of-Order Execution In Mpsocs
pp. 4844-4848
R. Arun Prasath, P.GaneshKumar

Distributed Detection Of Clone Attacks In Wirelesssensor Networks Using RED-ABC Algorithm
pp. 4849-4853
P. Uma Maheshwari, P. GaneshKumar

Image Retrieval From Video Using Color Based Image Retrieval Algorithm
pp. 4854-4858
R.Bala Santhosh, K.Vijayabaskar

A Survey: Antenna For Wireless Capsule Endoscopy System (WCE)
pp. 4859-4863

Secure Agent Based Routing For ICMANET
pp. 4864-4871
S. Ramesh, R. Indira


Design Of Sequential Elements For Low Power VLSI Applicationsarthi C K,
pp. 4872-4876

Implementation Of Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm For 2D Lung CT Image Segmentation
pp. 4877-4881

An Improved Image Segmentation Scheme For Nuclei Detection And Classification In Histopathology
pp. 4882-4886
D. Bharathi Philomina, P.N.Sundara Rajan

Review Of Power Dual Mode Mlmap Decoder In Tirbo Decoding Using Vlsi Technology
Sudararajan P.N, Pg.Scholar, Maniraj

Offender Identification Usingforensic Analysis On Vascular Skin Pattern In Low Resolution Non-Facial Image And Finger Print Detection
pp. 4892-4895

Review Of Various Fast Searching Algorithms Along With Denoising Techniques
pp. 4896-4900
Jaffrina Antony.S, Jincy Mathew, Jipsymol Chacko, Rajalakshmi. P.M, Jeffin Gracewell. J

Performance Analysis Of LASIC Based STT-RAM Technology
pp. 4901-4904
R.Kalaivani, S.Kavuthami

Voting System Using Advanced Biometrics With RRAS Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol
pp. 4905-4909

An Auto Adjusted Car Control System Using Brain Computer Interface
pp. 4910-4913

Extraction Of Respiratory Activity From Motion Artifacts Corrupted PPG Signals Using Modified MSPCA
pp. 4914-4917
Anu Jose, J.Roopa Jayasingh

Separation of artery and vein using graph method in retinal images
pp. 4918-4921

Performance Analysis Of Reconfigurable MIMO Decoder Accelerator Architecture For Wireless Communications

pp. 4922-4926


Weight Aware Channel Assignment For Wireless Mesh Networks
pp. 4927-4930
D.Jasmine David, Prof.V.Jegathesan, Melinda Charlet, Jennifer Christine Jebathoma, Kanan

Power Quality Enhancement Of Wind Energy Conversion Systems Using Soft Computing Techniques
pp. 4931-4936
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VLAN Mapping Problem in Cloud Data Centers through Column Generation
pp. 4937-4940
M.Josephin amala.P. Kavitha




S.Maheswari, P.Tharcis, C.Kezi Selva Vijila


A High Efficiency Non-Inverting Synchronous Buck-Boost Converter for Photovoltaic System


M.P.E.Rajamani, P.Subburaj, M.WilljuiceIruthayarajan, B.Venkatasamy


Power dissipation minimization in data path design using operand isolation circuits








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