International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 4  (2015)   Special Issues





A Study on Traffic monitoring for predicting Web User's Behavior using Clustering Technique
pp. 2625-2628
V.Parthipan, S.Venkatasubrahmaniyan, M.Ramkumar

Quality Aware Reliable Messaging For Wireless Mesh Network
pp. 2629-2634
M. Aravind, P.Edreena

Mobile app for quality detection using ultrasonic sensors
pp. 2635-2637
Jaswanth.P, Bhargav.J, Anusuya.S

The data structures in cloud : A mini review
pp. 2638-2642
Tiju.T, Anusuya S

Eagle’s Eye Smart Transport System Using GPS And Bluetooth
pp. 2643-2647
Jaideep.E, Student ,Malathi K

Reducing Power Consumption Of Server In Ocerlau Network Dynamically In Peer-Systems
Arthi.K , K,Malathi, Saranya.M

Adaptive Personalized Web Search forImproving Information Retrieval Effectiveness
pp. 2652-2655

pp. 2656-2660
V.Sowmya, V.Parthipan,V.Sriram kumar

The Research of Web Usability Design
pp. 2661-2664
N.Bhavana, G.Prabhakaran

Review On Wireless Mobile Network – 5g
pp. 2665-2668
SaileshToppo N., Mr.G.Prabhakaran

Advance Communication System For Grid Networking Using Presentation Oriented Communication System (Pocsys)
pp. 2669-2671
Jamila Fathima. J, Arthik Daniel Das

Xbee Based Topology Performance Analysis Of Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 2672-2675
C.S. Santhiya, T.Narayanan, Arthik Daniel Das

A study onSecurity Threats in Cloud Computing Environment
pp. 2676-2679
Rathiya.S.A, N.Thamaraikannan, revathy.S

pp. 2680-2683
KopilaPariyar, N.Thamaraikannan

Text Mining And Its Applications In Various Fields
pp. 2684-2686

An Efficient Method To Navigate The Emergency Locations Using Windows Mobile Apps
pp. 2687-2691
Meera.S, M.Mounika, Narayanan.M

Image processing using satellite cloud
pp. 2692-2696
Akhilesh Kumar, C.Rajagopal

Face-to-Face Interaction using Bluetooth
pp. 2697-2699
Priyaam Das, C.Rajagopal

A Comparative Study On Mobi-Tribe And Conventional Networking
pp. 2700-2703
Siddharth D, Silviya Nancy J

Mobile Applicationfor Visually Challenged Using Voice Recogonitionto Listen And Write PDF/Word Files..
pp. 2704-2707
U.Avanthika, J Silviya Nancy, Shyam Sundar

Patient Tracking Using Bio Sensor In Hospital Using Passive RFID
pp. 2708-2711
R.Aruna, K.Dhanalakshmi, R.Anand

5G Technology and its Spectrum Access
pp. 2712-2715

Application of Transposition Cryptography Technique to reinforce the safety of DES rule
Mounudeen.S, Varun Kumar Rai, C. Rajagopal

AndroRC: An Android remote control car
pp. 2721-2725
Renuka Gayathri.S, Saranya.R

LabVIEWBased Design and Implementation Of Microwave Motion Sensor Based Security System
pp. 2726-2729
Jinu Hazarika, V.M.Gayathri

Computer Conferencing And Humanities
pp. 2730-2732
M.Thejaswi, A.Lavanya, Uma priyadarsiniP.S

Data Mining Classification Techniques for Mobile Phone Forecasting
pp. 2733-2736
R.DilipkumarDhikhi. TDr.VenkataSubramanian.D

Providing Security In Real Time Location System By Distance Bounding Protocol
pp. 2737-2740
AynulHutha.P.J,, Dhikhi.T

Identifying Malicious Signatures on Cloud Network using Intrusion Detection System
pp. 2741-2743
P.M.Bashirun,A.R.Apoorva, Dr.M.S.Saravanan

Market Forecasting Using Proposed Public Forum Based Opinion Analysis
pp. 2744-2747
B.Rajesh, Dr.M.S.Saravanan

One Time Password Based Atm Security System
pp. 2748-2752
Saranya R , Dhinakaran K , Hemanth G, Govardhan Reddy N

Comparative Analysis of Wireless Technologies
pp. 2753-2755
S.Priyadarshini, S.Chakaravarthi

Research Issues and Challenges in wireless networks.
pp. 2756-2759

Snort, An Open Source IDS Securing The Cloudcomputing Environment Using Signature Based Method.
pp. 2760-2765
Vanathi .R, Mounica .A

Social And Security Implication With Social Television
pp. 2766-2770
AnusuyaDhanasekaran,A.K. Reshmy

Digital Image Processing Using Demosaicing Algorithm
pp. 2771-2779
Aravind Raj C, M.Sowmiya

Secure Communication Of Data In Web Services By Embedding Data In Audio File (Cryptography With Audio)
pp. 2780-2783
A.LakshmiPrasanna, G.H Chandana Priyanka, M.Sowmiya

Cyber- Physical System Security For The Electrical Power System
pp. 2784-2788

Mobile Agent System Plan For Supporting Portable Application Service In Mobile Computing Setting
pp. 2789-2793
K.Sarathkumar Pasham Sai Sumanth Reddy, Dhinakaran K

A Study On Learner Centrical E-Learning System With Decision Making Options Supported By Export System
pp. 2794-2798
K.Vanitha, R.Srimathy


An Overview Of DDOS Attacks & Packet And Gap Algorithm
Nakul Ghimire, Vivky s.

Data Mining In Cloud Computing
pp. 2804-2806
Ms.Neha Pandey, Mr.T.Rajasekaran

A Survey On Web Multimedia Mining
pp. 2807-2813
Mizpah Jenny.D,Babeetha.S

Applications Of Virtual Reality In Power Systems
pp. 2814-281
G. Charan reddy, ,Babeetha.S

A Review On Effective Monitoring Mechanism For Cloud Storage
pp. 2818-2823
K.Charles Chacko, UG Student, Dr. Venkata Subramanian

False Node Recovery Algorithm for a Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 2824-2829
J.Rajesh, Dr D. Venkata Subramanian

A Logical Approach To Opinion Mining By Opinion Surveys
pp. 2830-2835
Rohit Kumar, Dr. G. Rosline Nesa Kumari

A Review of Access Control Mechanism in Cloud Computing
pp. 2836-2839
R.S.Deepan raj,Dr.G.Rosline Nesa Kumari

A Review Of Handover Algorithms In Heterogeneous Networks For Voice And Video Media
pp. 2840-2844

A Survey Paper Ofdata Mining Techniques
pp. 2845-2855
Sneha.S, G.Kapilya

It Infrastructure Trouble Ticket System Using Itil
pp. 2856-2861
Dipankar Mazumdar, Sreenath Bakthavatchalam, G.Kapilya

Internet Of Devices With Cloud Connectivity
pp. 2862-2867

Networking Application on Coding
pp. 2868-2870
R.Rajalakshmi, P.Patricia Rosary, R.A.Karthika

An Efficient Technique Dismember Brain Image using Artificial Neural Methods
pp. 2871-2874
Gowthaman.K.N, Srihari Sonti, M.Narayanan

Study On Cloud Based Remote Access Control Using Enhanced Push/Pull Technology
pp. 2875-2878
S.Arunkumar, B.Bharathan, Dinesh Khattri Chettri, M.Narayanan

Research On Detection, Tracking And Direction Of Lost Objects Using Mobile Phone
pp. 2879-2881
J.Nevetha S.Subhashini Uma priyadharshini Nedunchelian

A Study On Wireless Intelligent Networks
pp. 2882-2884
K.Nithya Haripriya M.K.Manisha Nedunchelian

Green Wireless Communicatio Network
MD.Zayed Rais, K.

An Efficient Security Management in Networks using Unified Threat Management Method
pp. 2888-2891
M.Mounika,Meera.S,N.Durai Murugan

Click-Based Graphical Password For Authentication
pp. 2892-2896

An Android Application For Daily Life Planning And Alerts, And Automatic Ticket Booking – Smart App
pp. 2897-2900
Sruthi.K, P.Sriramya

To Improve Data Content Availability In P2p Computing Using Case-Based Reasoning Method With Combined Lru And Mru Cache Algorithms
pp. 2901-2904
B.Anusha, M.Narayanan

Detecting The Human Facial Features And Interfacing With Computer As Mous
pp. 2905-2908
M.Ramkumar, Dr.P.Latha, Dr.S.Chakaravarthi

Health Care Security on Cloud Network Using Third Party Auditing System and Related Issues
pp. 2909-2911
V.Sarveswara Reddy, Dr.M.S.Saravanan

Improving the Security Level of Fast boot and Recovery in Android Operating System
pp. 2912-2917
R. Kesavvel

Mining Sequential Patterns In Computational Grids
pp. 2918-2922
Biswash Ghalay, Dr. D.Venkata Subramanian

Network-On-Chip Architecture Based On Cluster Method
pp. 2923-2927
R.Jayalakshmi, R.Dhanalakshmi

Optimization Of Marking Regions Using Watershed Segmentation
pp. 2928-2932
N.Manasa Reddy, SP.Chokkalingam

Detection of Optimum Filter For Average Blurredimage
pp. 2933-2937
Gundra Chandrika, SP.Chokkalingam

Performance Evaluation of Relational Keyword Search Techniques
pp. 2938-2941
Akash.K, Chokkalingam SP

Performance Evaluationof HFRECCA And Rough K-Means For Text Clustering
pp. 2942-2947
R.Christopher RajKumar, SP.Chokkalingam

Rheumatoid Arthritis Dataset Analysis and Case Studies
pp. 2948-2952
SP.Chokkalingam, K.Komathy, P.Mohan Kumar, N.Durai Murugan

Secured Way of Preventing ARP Poisoning/spoofing
pp. 2953-2957
Rajashree.R, SP.Chokkalingam

To Manage Traffic In P2P Networks Using Expectation–Maximization Approaches Over Video-On Demand Services
pp. 2958-2966
M.Narayanan, C.Arun

An Efficient Way For Thedevelopment Of Data Communication Networks Exchange Using Various Techniques
pp. 2967-2970

Can I See Your Status - Android Application To Detect Location
pp. 2971-2974
P.Durga vanathi, Dr.D.Venkata Subramanian

Application Of Number Partitioning In The Construction Of Birthday Block Design
pp. 2975-2977
ChennuriPraveen, R.Raghavendran, Ram Kumar

pp. 2978-2981

Application Of Transposition Cryptography Technique To Reinforce The Safety Of DES Rule
pp. 2982-2986
Varun Kumar Rai, K.Malathi

Effective Income And Expense Manager In Android Application
pp. 2987-2991
R.Balamurugan, K.Malathi, SP.Chokkalingam

Sleep Attacks In Mac Protocol Using Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 2992-2994
V.Parthipan, M.V.V.Anil Kumar, P.Pavan kumar

Trends and Improvements in the Field of Green Computing
pp. 2995-2997
V.S.SwarnaLakshmi, J.Sumithra,V.Parthipan

Cloud Based University Registration
pp. 2998-3001
Veerlapati Raju, Arthik Daniel Das

Effects Of Mobile Cloud Computing: A Peek Into The Mobile Cloud In Operation Systems
pp. 3002-3006
P. Shyam Prasad, B Sree Saranya, Arthik Daniel Das

Assistive Walking Cane For Typhlotic People
pp. 3007-3009
G.Sai Thrilok G.Suresh, Dr.M.S.Saravanan

Voice Controller Wireless Based Home Automation System Using Zigbee
Module Muzakkir Ahmed C.R., P.Sriramya

Vehicle Sensor, A Life Saver
pp. 3013-3015
S.Vignesh, V.Parthipan, C. Rajagopal

The Ambiguity In Year 2038 “The Millennium Bug
pp. 3016-3020
Navjeet Kumar, Silviya Nancy J

Cyber-Attacks In Smart Grids And Its Economic Impacts
pp. 3021-3023
Swathi.Rand SannisettiGayathri

Automation Of Home Appliances For Visually Impaired Using Arduino
pp. 3024-3026
Rajesh.G , Saranya.R

Data Deduplication Technique

An Efficient Fault Tolerant System For Compurarionl Service in Grid Computing
Brajesh Kumar, Boolla Nagaraju Guljar Prasad, M.Narayanan

Aquantitative Scrutiny Of Present Security Concerns And Resolutions For Cloud Computing
pp. 3036-3039
Divya Ramarao, S.Abinaya

Building Private Cloud Infrastructure and Related Issues For Healthcare System
pp. 3040-3045
Shafiya Banu, Dr.M.S.Saravanan

Building an Interactive Touch Screen Table using Acrylic Glass Fibre and Computer
pp. 3046-3048
Vaibhav kumar gupta, Sanu kumar, Dr.M.S.Saravanan

Strategies For Diversifyinguser Engagement And Increasing Brand Value On Social Media
pp. 3049-3051
Siddharth Bhandari, Rutvij Kanzaria, N. Duraimurugan

Effectual Collective Expanse Setup In Node-To-Node Contact
pp. 3052-3055
P. Swathidurga, S. Chakaravarthi

TOGGLE - Multiple Search Engine
pp. 3056-3059
K.JaiKumar ,S.Chakaravarthi

A Survey Of DDOS Attacks In Cloud Computing
pp. 3060-3065
R.Bharathi , A .Mounica , R.Vanathi

Security Issues In Home Services
pp. 3066-3069
K.Anupama, T.Mounika, M. Sowmiya

pp. 3070-3072
Aravind Raj C, M.Sowmiya

Comparative Analysis Of Web Application Security Based On The Click Jacking
pp. 3073-3076
Reshma Sulthana. S. G

Smart Id Card With Nfc Tags Using Elliptical Curve Digital Certificate Authentication
pp. 3077-3079
K.Saikumar, Md.Zayed Rais, S.Palaniappan

Emergency Service Based On Message Flooding And Secured RFID In Vehicular Environment
pp. 3080-3083
T.RAJASEKARAN, R.Kaviyapriya

Handy Compiler
pp. 3084-3087
H.Rohitkumar, MR.T.Rajasekaran.

Image Searching Algorithm And Implementation For Physiotherapy In Mobile Computing
pp. 3088-3090
Rutvij Kanzaria,K.Malathi

Auto Configuration Over Ad-Hoc Network Via Address Protocol-Collisionless, Safe And Secure
pp. 3091-3095
AkshayaprarthanaSelvaraj, Babeetha. S

Reliable Evaluation Frameworks And Metrics For Kms Effectiveness Assessment
pp. 3096-3103
Dr. D.Venkata subramanian, Dr. Angelina Geetha

Review of Security Aspects In Private Cloud
pp. 3104-3110
R.K.Divya, UG Student, Dr. Venkata Subramanian

Analysis Of Data Mining Application With Cloud Computing
pp. 3111-3115

Study Of Image Steganography With Recent Techniques
pp. 3116-3119
K.Vanitha, Dr.G.Rosline Nesa Kumari

Security Threats In Cloud Computing
pp. 3120-3124
S.Sridevi, G.Kapilya

Congestion Control In Data Centrenetwork
pp. 3125-3128
Jonnagaddala Jagruthi, R.A.Karthika

Mobile Image Examination Algorithm For Dentistry
pp. 3129-3131
J. Pratik Infanto, Ms.K.Malathi, T. V. BalaShowri Reddy

To Search In Cloud Using Ranked Keyword Search Algorithm
pp. 3132-3135
R.Sushmitha, G.Sivi, M.Narayanan

Detection of Malicious Codes Using Data Mining
pp. 3136-3141
J.Jennifer Deborah, R.Nedunchelian

Design Of Home Gateway Based On Intelligent Network
pp. 3142-3144
L.Muthulakshmi1, R.Nithya, R.Nedunchelian, G.Kapilya

Cryptography Techniques To Deal With Security In Social Networks
pp. 3145-3147
B.Keerthana D.Priyanka S.Anusuya

Enhancing Securityin Knowledge Integrity Using Cloud Auditing
pp. 3148-3152
V.Parthipan, Dr.Dhansekaran

Security Analysis In Internet Of Things
pp. 3153-3157
M.Ramya, Dr.D.Dhanasekaran,Rongali Abhishek

Security System For Cloud Computing
pp. 3158-3160
Husain sheriff H, Dhinakaran K

Product Tracking Using QR-Code IN Inventory Management Sytrem
V.Sai Praneeth Dr.M.S.Saravanan

Designing A Multi Tenancy Based Private Cloud Using Service Oriented Architecture
pp. 3164-3169
S. Gomathi, Dr.M.S.Saravanan

Cancer Detectionusing Lesap Technique
pp. 3170-3173
PavithraRani.J, K.Malathi

Fully Or Semi-Automatic Multi - Leak, Flow And Intruder Detection Robot For Residential Areas Using Artificialintelligence
pp. 3174-3178
Vishal.N.S, K.Malathi, V.Prabhakaran, Dr.D.Dhanasekaran

Efficient Protection Resolution For Privacy-Preserving Cloud Services
pp. 3179-3183

An Overview Ofnetwork Security
pp. 3184-3187
Srinivasan.R, V.M.Gayathri

Accident Surveillance Using Artificial Intelligence Inside Mini Quad Copter
pp. 3188-3191
S.RAHUL, N.S.VISHAL, Dr R.Manoharan, Dr R.Ganesan

Facial Emotion Recognition Based Automatic Music System By Using Raspberry Pi
pp. 3192-3195
Nalamothu abhishek, S.Palaniappan

Preserving Privacy For Profile Matching In Social Networks
pp. 3196-3198
Patibandla Viswasms.Kapilya

A Heuristic Framework Using Ant Colony Optimization Technique For Resource Allocation In Cloud
pp. 3199-3204
Michael Moses.T, G.Kapilya, T.Dhikhi, R.Rathi

A Survey Ongreencomputing Technology
pp. 3205-3208
JeevanSai, R.Nithya, G.Prabhakaran

Future Generation Mobile Communication Using Wireless Technologies
pp. 3209-3212
Anjana.R, G.Prabhakaran

Green Computing And Energy Management Using Virtualization
pp. 3213-3216
A.krishnan, R.Vishali, G.Prabhakaran

Integration Of Remote Web Monitoring Tampering Alongside Android Established Auto Payment Arrangement
pp. 3217-3219
Praveena.M, N.Durai Murugan

Security In Online Ticket Booking Using Gsm Modem
pp. 3220-3222
Saranya.R, DuraiMurugan.N,

Network Security Scenario Awareness Technique Based On Image Visualization
pp. 3223-3226
ShaikJaveedh, Tejaoleti

Safe Steering Employing Mobile Phones
pp. 3227-3233
M.Parameshwari, R.A.Karthika

Tactics For Expanding User Engagement And Increasing Brand Value Using Social Media
pp. 3234-3236
S. Subeendra,S.Sitharthan,V.Parthipan

Approaches For Secured Document Sharing In Cloud Environment
pp. 3237-3244
M.P.Harinath, UG Student, Dr. Venkata Subramanian

A Review And Comparative Study of Protection Mechanisms For Social Networking Sites
pp. 3245-3249
K.Haripriya, UG Student, Dr.D.Venkata Subramanian

E-Waste Management Strategies And Steps For E-Waste Recycling
pp. 3250-3253
D.Shobana, UG Student, Dr. Venkata Subramanian

Harvesting Image Databases From The Web
pp. 3254-3261
M.H.WASEEM KHAN, UG Student, Dr. Venkata Subramanian

Road Hump Indicator
pp. 3262-3265
Bollini Lokesh, UG Student, D.Naveen Chander, , UG Student

Architecture Of Ecosystem Components Onbig Data
pp. 3266-3273

Analysis Of Banking Unstructured Data With Data Mining Technique And Big Data
pp. 3274-3276
Monika, R.Anand

Efficient Trust Establishment In Delay-Tolerant Networks (Dtns)
pp. 3277-3281

Multiplayer Online Games- Offline Mode
pp. 3282-3284
Subalakshmi. D, C. Rajagopal

Determination Of Stiffnss Of Textile Using Image Processing
pp. 3285-3288
Kollipara Chiranjeevi Durgesh, C. Rajagopal

Personalized Pocket Search Engine
pp. 3289-3291
Dinesh kumar. A,UnderGraduate

Avitis! Android Based In Vehicle Telematics And Infotainment System
pp. 3292-3295
P.Manoj Kumar, D.Sheik Ethiris

Library Management System And Campus Smart Card System Using Integration Inrerfanc Techniques
Randir Kumar, Maildhina.K, Rahasekaran

Using Grid Computing To Implement Grid-Based Superimpose Network
pp. 3300-3302
Divya loganathan, Rajasekeran.T

Virtual Brain - A Whole New Future Generation
pp. 3303-3305
A. Kiran Raja, Ms. T. Dhikhi

Satellite Image Enhancement By Using Various Wavelet Transform Vs Dual Tree-Complex Wavelet Transform With Nlm Filter
pp. 3306-3311
S.Vinothkumar, Dr. G. Rosline Nesa Kumari

Ensemble Identical Face Recognition And Matching Using Viola Jones Algorithm With Stationary Wavelet Transform
pp. 3312-3316
G. MohanaSundari, Dr.G.Roseline Nesakumari

A Secured and Effectual Design For Cloud Networking
pp. 3317-3322
Amarnath.M, Dr.G.Rosline Nesa Kumari,

An Efficient System For toring And Automating Household Appliances Using Internet Of Things And Embedded Processing
pp. 3323-3327
Sathya Narayanan.K, S.Chakaravarthi

Improving Security And Performance In The Tor Network Through Tunable Path Selection
pp. 3328-3333
M. Balakumaran, S.Chakaravarthi

Capture-Replay Assessing For Android Requests
pp. 3334-3337

Cloud Computing Security Threats And Retorts
pp. 3338-3341

Comparative Study On Streaming Data Mining
pp. 3342-3346
S.Sabarish, Preethi Ravichandran, Dr.S. Chakaravarthi

Effectiveness Of Short Range Jammers Based On Safety Issues
pp. 3347-3349
R. Dinesh, Dr.D.Dhanasekaran

Security And Isolation Issues In Cloud Computing
pp. 3350-3358

A Brief Studyon Web Security Vulnerabilities
pp. 3359-3362
Vinoth Kumar M, Thamaraikannan N

Face Point Security For Cloud
K.Prasanthi , Arthik Daniel Das

Analysis Of Security Issues In Cloud Computing
pp. 3367-3370
D.Priyanka, J.Kalaimamani

Skill Based Networking For The Growing World’s Professionals
pp. 3371-3374
G.Sofiya, T.Narayanan

Social Tube: P2p-Assistedvideo Allocatingin Online Communal Webs
pp. 3375-3380

Data Leakage Prevention In Cloud Computing
pp. 3381-3382
Debajit Das Gupta, Dr. Nedunchelian R

An Analysis On Effective Association Rule And Summarization Technique For EMR Of Diabetes Mellitus To Identify The Risk
pp. 3383-3386
C.S.Celin, Dr.R.Nedunchelian

Security Architecture For Data In Cloud Computing
pp. 3387-3391
Sana Prasanth Shakti, Ms. Vanathi R

Big Data Opportunities And Challenges
pp. 3392-3399
Anubaama.G, T Narayana

Rate Less Forward Error Correctionmistreatment LDPC
pp. 3400-3405
S.Ramachanran, S.Mohanraj, Uma Pryadarsini P.S

A Study To Leverage Value Engineering And Value Analysis Process In Call Centers Using Speech Technology
pp. 3406-3408
Dr. R. Manoharan, Dr.R.Ganesan, Dr.N.Dhanasekaran, Dr.D.Venkata Subramanian

Big Data Opportunities and Challenges
pp. 3409-3416
Anubaama.G, T Narayana

Blocking Malicious Connections in Anonymizing Networks Using Nymble
pp. 3417-3420
Dr.S.Maruthuperumal,, Dr.G.Rosline Nesa Kumari,, Mr.B.Lakshmana Rao,

An Analysis For Security Issues In Cloud Computing
pp. 3421-3425
P Adamshafi, K Punith, C. Rajagopal

Behaviour Analysis Of Execution Plans In Query Optimization In Virtual Database System
pp. 3426-3428
Ms. Shruthi.T, Mrs.V.Ajitha

Effective Search of Documents Using Bipartite Graph
pp. 3429-3432
Shaurya Prakash, Mrs. V. Ajitha

Development of Efficient Methods For Mining Hidden Granules on Relational Database Systems
pp. 3433-3438
V.Ajitha, C.Rajagopal, Prof.Dr.P.Rajkumar

Enhancing Quality Of Service Parameters In Optical Data Packet Switching Networks
pp. 3439-3442
C. Rajagopal V. Ajitha Dr. P RajKumar

Temperature Control Water bath system using PID Controller
pp. 3443-3446
T.Kavita, B.Naga parvathi, M.Lavanya, M.Arivalagan

Dual Mode Gesture Based Robotic Arm Control
pp. 3447-3449
Sarath A G,Lekshmi M S, Sreedeep Krishnan

To Detect Malicious Node in MANET Using Weight-Based Trusted Topology
pp. 3450-3456
P.Kavitha, RajeswariMukesh

Controlling Of Furnace System In Power Plants Using Virtual Instrumentation
pp. 3457-3459
B.Naga parvathi, P.Muthu kannan, T.Kavita, R.Hari haran

Invisible Robot
pp. 3460-3462
A.Rajesh kumar, D.Mahidhar, R.Hariharan

3G Communication Incorporated Home Security System
pp. 3463-3465
Monisuthan.S.K, Chiranjit Ghosh.T, Ganesh.S

A Smart Cylider-Stove Module Design For Inprovig Safety In Domesic Kitchen
P.kartheek, G.R.V. Sai Brahma, V.Prabhakaran, S.Pavithra

Investigation Of Accedent Using Black Box
P.Sudhakiran,. B.Dwarakanatha Reddy, L.Jagadeeh

Monitoring And Controlling Of Temperature And PH Value Of Water In Pisciculture
pp. 3472-3473
V.Prabhakaran, S.Pavithra, Muppidi Pavan Kumar, K.S.Mohammed Gohar Latheef

Automatic Detection Of Railway Track Breakage Using Passive Sensor
T.Bharghav Shyam, V.Srirama Krishan, V.Prabhkaran, S.Pavithra

Comparison of PI, PD and PID Controllers for a First and Second Order Systems
pp. 3477-3480

PC Operated Wireless War Field Robot, RF Operated Bomb Diffusing Robot With Pick And Place Application.
pp. 3481-3485
Mr.Anoop Johny, K.Sriharish, G.Ganesh ram, sandeep M.K., sampath.D

A Survey On Proficient Image Fusion Approach For Medical Relevance
pp. 3486-3489
G.Sathiyabama, Vimala.A, Swetha.S, Sai Niveditha.S

Diagnosis of Glaucoma Based on Cup To Disc Ratio From Digital Fundus Images
pp. 3490-3493
Manju, A, Rubiya.A

Comparison Of High –K Dielectric Materials For Cmos Devices
pp. 3494-3497
Dolon Chapa Paul, K.M.Balakrishnan,A.RakeshVardhan,Y. Bhaskar Rao

Carbon Nanotube Based Single Electron Transistor
pp. 3498-3500
K.B.Nawaz,K.Suprabath, M.M.Sai Preetham,Bhaskarrao Y

Usage Of Ecg For Generating Cryptography Keys For Wireless Body Sensor Network (Wbsn)
pp. 3501-3505
M.Guru Rajkumar, R.Girisrinivaas, G. Lakshmi Narasimhan, J.Mohana

Enhanced Algorithm For Random Key Generation Using Dna Cryptography
pp. 3506-3511
S.Pavithra, V.Prabhakaran, Rajiv.L, Rajesh.L

Next Generation Vehicular Black Box Mechanism Consolidated Alongside Airbag Domination Arrangement That Records Audio And Discernible Footage Of The Crash Scenario In Supplement To Vital Vehicle Parameters
pp. 3512-3515
Premkumar S

Simulation And Performance Analysis Of 2x2 Microstrip Patch Antenna Smart Array
pp. 3516-3518
Puthanial.M, Dr. P.C.Kishore Raja

PccontrolledrealtineMobile War Field Destoryer Robot
M.Sabarish, S.R.Renganaath, Giridharan.S, Rajalakshmi, Vishnu Priyan

Unmanned Vehicle Using Multisensor Used In Industries
pp. 3523-3526
M.Sabarish, S.R.Renganaath, Giridharan.S, Rajalakshmi, Vishnu Priyan

Dynamically Reconfigurable Low Power Fir Filter
pp. 3527-3529
P.JagadeeshPolisetty Soma SekharM.V.N.Prasanna Kumar

Design Of Microstrip Smart Antenna At Discrete Vs Fitted Frequencies At 2.4 Ghz Using ADS
pp. 3530-3532
Puthanial.M, Sanjana Subramanian, Sasikala. S, Dr. P.C.Kishore Raja

A Review On Heat Transfer Properties On Nano Fluids
pp. 3533-3536
R.Akshaya, A.Divya, A.Deepak

Circuit Analysis Of Liquid Core Optical Fiber With Various Operational Amplifiers.
pp. 3537-3540
Rajesh.L, Ragave.A, Giridharan.S, Saddam Hussain.S

Computational Analysis Of Pmma Polymer In Optical Fiber Medium
pp. 3541-3544
Giridharan.S, Bhaskar Rao.Y, Rajiv.L

Increasing Android Performance By Rooting,Cpu Overclocking And Memory Cleaning
pp. 3545-3549
Abdul Jaleel.M , Poojith.G, Raghavendra.K.N.V, Giridharan.S

NFC And Cloud Based Novel Technique For Patient Monitoringsystem
pp. 3550-3552
N.ShyamSundar, G.Lavanya, Dr.P.C.Kishore Raja

Novel Technique For Bus Authentication And Accident Intimation System Using GPS And GSM
pp. 3553-3556
Lavanya.G, Dr.P.C.Kishore Raja

Modified Bandwidth Of Micro-Wave For Space Application
pp. 3557-3560
S.Pavithra, V.Prabhakaran

Generation Of128 Bit Key From Ecg For Securing Wireless Body Sensor Network
pp. 3561-3563
K.Ganesh Kumar, S.Arvind Kumar, E.Ragul, Gulshan Kumar, J.Mohana

A Review Onwireless Sensor Networks Challenges And Security Issues
pp. 3564-3567
J.Jyotsna keran, M.Reji, Dr.P.C.Kishore Raja

Feature Extraction Of ECG Signal Using Wavelet Transform
M.Akilan, T.Arun kumar, G.Arun kumar, J.Mohana

Energy Optimization And Detection Of Attack In WSN Through Fuzzy Systems
pp. 3571-3574
Aruna.V, Radhika baskar, Dr.P.C.KishoreRaja

Wireless Data Transfer Using Bluetooth in Smart USB Flash Drive
pp. 3575-3579
K. Rupesh , J.Shiva sai ram, K.L.S Vikas , Y.Bhaskarrao

Survey On High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Standard For Efficient Implementation Of De-Blocking Adaptive Filters
pp. 3580-3584
T.Santosh Kumar, Dr.Usha Bhanu.N

Overview on Preparation, Properties and Applications of Graphene
pp. 3585-3587
A.Deepak, P.Yashwant, K.NageswaraRao

Path Tracing Based Metric Analysis Of Wormhole Detection
pp. 3588-3594
M.P.Manjunath, N.Priyanka, Lakshmi Kumar

Power Enhancement In Inverters By Involving The Various Availiable Power Sources
pp. 3595-3598
Ms. Roji marjorie, Ms. Siva Priya.R, Ms. Swathi rekha.U, Ms. Ramya.V

Power Quality Disturbances Finding Using Multi Scale Approximation Of Wavelet Transform
pp. 3599-3603
V.Thiyagarajan, N.P.Subramaniam

Photo Voltaic Driven Switched Capacitor Multilevel Inverter With Self Voltage Balancing
pp. 3604-3607
P.Shunmugakani, Harinni.S, Dharini , Nividya.K

Improved Battery Charger Using Zero Voltage Switched Dc-Dc Converter
pp. 3608-3611
G.Ezhilarasan, M.Jagadeesh kumar, Rajveer Singh Shekhawat, Gikdhal Wangchuk Bhutia, Tamil selvi

Designing Of Line Tracing Robot Using Arduino Board With Obstacle Spotting Tevchnology
Mr.Sk.Monisuthan, A.Aravindakumar, V.Aswiniprabha

DC UPS For Critical Loads
pp. 3616-3622
Ganesh S, Chiranjit Ghosh T, Kokilasree R, Nandhakumar M, G. Ezhilarasan,


Power Factor Enhancement In PMBLDC Motor Using Bridgeless Buck-Boost Converter3
pp. 3623-3627
M.Jagadeesh kumar, G.Ezhilarasan, V.Arundhilipan, A.Aravinda kumar

Development Of DSP Based Demodulation Algorithms For Monitoring Receiver By VLSI Based System Design
pp. 3628-3632
M.Sivaranjani, A.Ramya, V.Prabhakaran, S.Pavithra

An Overview on Different Types of Generators and Converters Used In Wind Energy Conversion System
pp. 3633-3637
Mrs.R.A.Priya, P.Sainathmanikanta, P. Krishna teja, M.Narayana reddy

Mathematical Analysis And Investigation On Boost Converter Topologies
pp. 3638-3641
R. Puviarasi,

Performance Analysis Of Two Phase Interleaved Boost DC-DC Converter Fed DC Drive
pp. 3642-3646
Chandra Kumar .J, Selvakumar.A, Ben Richards.A.R, R .Puviarasi, Anandhakumar.G and V.Prabhakaran

Control Design Of Hybrid Converter For PHEV And Domestic Load Using Virtual Instrumentantion
R.Hariharan, M.Praveen, R.Govindaraj, G.Karthikeyan

In-mold Gel Coating Using Separator Fabric in Glass Fiber Composite Laminate by Resin Infusion Under Flexible Molding Technique
pp. 3650-3655
Bharaneedharan, Muralidharan, Dr. P. Shankar

Autocruise By Fuel Shutoff System (AFS)
pp. 3662-3664
S. Dinesh kumar ,Srikumar.B , Remin.v

Bicycle Navigation Using HMD (Head Mounted Display)
pp. 3665-3666
Richard Sen, Dinesh Kumar

Compliant Mechanism Design, Analysis and Application- A Review
pp. 3667-3671
A.Sivasubramanian, N.Dhakshinamurthy,V.Manivanan, Dr.G.Arunkumar

Design And Operation Of Two Stroke Compressed Air Engine
pp. 3672-3674
S .Dinesh Kumar,

Design Of Braking System In Automobiles Using Ir Rays
pp. 3675-3677
S.Dineshkumar S.Vamshi Krishna, Subro Routh

Development Of Graphene Oxide Based Polyurethane Nanocomposites
pp. 3678-3681
S. Karthikeyan, A.Sivasubramanian, Dr. R. Rajasekar

Enhancement Of Power System Stability Using Distributed Facts (D-Facts) Controllers
PP. 3682-3685
Dr.P.Sivachandran, R.Pushpavathy, T.Hariharan

Long-term Generator Maintenance Scheduling Using Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm to Enhance the Grid Reliability
PP. 3686-3692
G. Giftson Samuel, Member, C. Christober Asir Rajan

Investigating And Analysis of Upfc In Power System
PP. 3697-3701
D.Jayalakshmi, S.Sankar

Detection Of Faults In Micro-Distribution system Based On Voltage Relays using virtual instrumentation
PP. 3702-3704
ArghaPaul, R.Hariharan

Performance Analysis Of Wireless Power Transfer Circuit
PP. 3705-3707
I.Rajashekar, A.Rajeshkumar, P.Muthukannan

Automatic changeover of source in home level micro grid
PP. 3708-3710
Monisuthan.S.K, Amarnath.K.T,GanjikuntaRamaRao

Power System Stability Enhancement Using STATCOM And UPFC For Two Bus System
PP. 3711-3717
M.Jagadeesh kumar , G.Ezhilarasan, D.Dilipkumar, K.Saikiran

Identification Of Weak Bus Using Soft Computing Techniques
PP. 3718-3722
Jagadeesh Kumar M, Ezhilarasan G, Balamurugan P, Prakash K , Sagar Navin

GSM Based Electricity Theft Identification In Distribution Systems
PP. 3723-3727
Mohamed Salman Kursheed.B, Ms. Priya

Delineation And Modeling Of Coupled Three Wheeler
PP. 3728-3731
S.Yadavakumar, V. Sekar, Ch. Raghuma Reddy, S. Dinesh kumar, S.VamshiKrishna, G. Sohithanjan

Charecterisation Of Laser Beam Welded Aisi 301 & 409
PP. 3732-3735
J.Daniel raj

Altered Shaft Driven Bicycle
PP. 3736-3737
Anoop JohnyD.Raghunandan, S.Sanjeeth Kumar, T.R.Rajagopal, U.Lokesh, Sibi George

Prepaid Energy Meter With Gsm Technology
PP. 3738-3740
S.K.Monisuthan, B.Naveen Kumar, D.Pradeep Reddy

New Approach With Pneumatic Shutter
PP. 3741-3745
Rahulkumar, R.Thamilselvan, P.Sai Lakshman,Venket Raghul

Energy Conservation in Paint Circulating Pumps Using Solar Power in Automotive Industries
PP. 3746-3750
K.Saravanan, C.Sharmeela

Neuro Fuzzy Based Power Management For Hybrid Renewable Energy Source
PP. 3751-3755
Manju.A , Banupriya.G, M.Venkateshkumar

Significance Of Sideband Energy Ratio In Gear Defect Monitoring Of Wind Turbine Gearbox
PP. 3756-3761
T.R.Pattabiraman, K.MalarMohan

Review On Various Multilevel Inverter Topologies For Renewable Energy Sources
PP. 3762-3765
R.Rajkumar, K.Ramanathan, M.Venkatesh Kumar

PV ARRAY Based SAPF For Elimination Of Harmonics In Power System By Compare PI And Fuzzy Logic Controller In MATLAB.
PP. 3766-3771

Automatic Tracking & Cleaning The Surface Of Pv Module
PP. 3772-3774
R.Hariharan, B.Dhamodar reddy, B.Saikiran

Isolated Buck-Boost Converter For A Photovoltaic Energy Harvest System
Ezhilarasan G , Balamurugan P,Jayasree K S, Monish K

Optimization Of Grid-Connected Solar Array Using P & O Based MPPT Algorithm With Current Reference Converter
PP. 3782-3786
Thiyagarajan V.

An Overview Of Various Techniques Of Maximum Power Point Tracking For Fuel Cell Power System
PP. 3787-3789
R.Lokeshwaran, D.Sivanandam ,M.Venkatesh Kumar

Wind Resource Assessment Technology
PP. 3790-3794
M.Rajalakshmi, S.Chowsen Basha, S.v.Manikanta, Sagar Navin chandran

Supervisory Control Of PV System Using Single Stage Inversion Mode With Battery Back-Up Unit
PP. 3795-3798
V.Deepak Raghavan, P.Balamurugan, G.Ezhilarasan

An Overview Of Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques For Photovoltaic Power Sysrem
Anand Rangarajan, Britto.S, M.Venkatesh Kumar

Survey Analysis,Scope And Applicationof Biomass Energy In India

SIMULINK Modeling of Fill Factor and Conversion Efficiency of Different Solar Cells In MATLAB.
M.Lokesh, Kamalesh Kumar K.S., Vignesh.T, G.Anandhakumar, V.Prabhakaran, S.Pavithra

Review On Foot Step Power Generation By Piezoelectric Transducer
PP. 3814-3816
K.VINEESH, Amarnath.K.T, M.Lavanya, R.A.Priya

Design And Simulation Of Two Phase Interleaved Boost Converter For Photovoltaic Generation System
PP. 3817-3821
R. Puviarasi, R. Mritha

A Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion System Using Matrix Converter
PP. 3822-3827
Niranjan Padhi , Bhargav Y.S.S, Mrs.Priya.R.A, Dr.Dhanashekharan.D

A Review On Modeling Of PV Array Using MATLAB
PP. 3828-3832
D.Mahidhar ,D.Dilipkumar and K.J.Anoop

Photovoltaic Power Raise By Two Phase Tracking With MPPTIncremental-Conductance Method
PP. 3833-3836
Ben Daryl Christian, V.Prabhakaran, S.Pavithra

Ac Grid Connected Photovoltaic Energy System Using 21-Level Multilevel Cascade H-Bridge Inverter
PP. 3837-3841
M.Venkateshkumar, R.Indhumathi

Design Of Automatic Street Cleaner With Renewable Energy Source
PP. 3842-3845
C.S.Sarath Kumar, K.Kanchana

Intelligent Control Based Effective Utilization Of Renewable Energy Sources
PP. 3846-3850
Dr.P.Shankar, G.Anandha Kumar, A.Dhanam

Simulation Of Standalone Hybrid Solar / Fuel Cell Power System For Standalone Application
PP. 3851-3855
G.Anandhakuamr M,VenkateshKumar, Dr.P.Shankar

Power Quality Improvement In Grid Connected Distributed System Using Facts Devices
PP. 3856-3860
Mr.M.Venkateshkumar, Mr.R.Karthikeyan, Mr.T.Inbaezhilan, Mr.S.Manikandan

Design And Analysis Of Tracking System Of Solar Power System
PP. 3861-3864
K. Sravan, T. Akhil, G. Anandha kumar, M.Rooba, M.Venkatesh Kumar

Intelligent Control Based MPPT For Grid Penetration Of Photovoltaic Power System
PP. 3865-3869
M.Venkateshkumar, Dr.R.Raghavan

Modelling and Simulation of Solar Cells using LabVIEW
PP. 3870-3874
B.Elango, Mr.K.J.Anoop


An Exclusive Study on Unstructured Data Mining with Big Data


Rajalakshmi, M.Narayanan, M.Ramkumar






Security Analysis in Internet of Things


Rongali Abhishek


Blocking Malicious Connections in Anonymizing Networks Using Nymble


Dr.S.Maruthuperumal, Dr.G.Rosline Nesa Kumari, Mr.B.Lakshmana Rao,


An analysis for security issues in cloud computing

P Adamshafi K Punith C. Rajagopal


Comparison of PI, PD and PID Controllers for a First and Second Order Systems


L. ANAND (Student) 2ANOOP K.J


State estimation of Induction Motor using UKF

pp.3917- 3922

M.Arivalagan, M.Lavanya




B.Yugesh Kumar, Mrs. M.Rajalakshmi, Mrs. M. Mahalakshmi



pp. 3931-3935

S.A.Srinivasan, A. Karthik, R.Surendran ,P.Mayilsamy




BharaneedharanMuralidharan*1,Ranjeet Pokharel2, Rohit Gupta2, Sathish Kumar.G2, Sathesh Kumar .M2, Mutharasan.S


A Review on Modeling of PV array using MATLAB


D.Mahidhar , D.Dilipkumar, and K.J.Anoop


Intelligent Control Based Effective Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources


A.Dhanam G.Anandha Kumar, M.Venkatesh Kumar, Dr.P.Shankar


Simulation of Standalone Hybrid Solar / Fuel cell Power System for Standalone Application


Anandrangarajan G.Anandhakuamr M,VenkateshKumar, Dr.P.Shankar


Intelligent Control Based MPPT for Grid Penetration of Photovoltaic power System


M.Venkateshkumar, Dr.R.Raghavan














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