International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 2  (2015)   Special Issues





Electro-Kinetic Remediation To Evaluate And Enhance The Removal Of Arsenic From Cultivated Soil And Red Soil
pp. 1243-1245
M.D. Duraimurugan alias Saravanan, S.P. Shanmuga Priya, T. Boobalan, A. Arunagiri

UWB Planar Antenna Design
pp. 1246-1249
Ogirala Venkata Saikiran, P. Eswaran, E. Sivakumar

A Secure Hash Message Authentication Code To Avoid Certificate Revocation List Checking In Vehicular Adhoc Networks
pp. 1250-1254
Mrs.M.Danya Priyadharshini, Mr.Christo Ananth, M.E,

Efficient Image Segmentation Approach Based On Iterative Thresholding With Optimal Stopping Coefficient
pp. 1255-1260
Edwin Dhas. D, Starwin. M, Arul King. J

Bagasse/Palm Kernel Shell–Vinyl Ester Composite: Fabrication And Mechanical Characterization
pp. 1261-1265
S.Krishnakumar, M. Sankaranarayanan

A Study on Process Parameters and Tool Geometry Effect on Friction Stir Welding of AA1100
pp. 1266-1270
R.Padmanaban, Vighnesh A, Muthukumaran V, Sunny Basil

Comparative Performance Analysis Of A Solar Still Integrated With Pcm Materials
pp. 1271-1275
Prakash Malaiyappan, Natarajan Elumalai

Design of Auto-guard System Based on ZigBee and GSM Network
pp. 1276-1280
P. Eswaran, P. Muthukumar

Analysis of Road Accidents and Prediction Model for Madurai City
pp. 1281-1283
C.Vigneshkumar, K.R.Yoganathan

Reversible Watermarking Based On Otsu's Threshold Selection And Histogram Shifting On Subimages
pp. 1284-1288
Anakha Vijayan, Anju.P, Aswathy Antony, Edwin Dhas D

Vision Based Liquid Level Inspection System For Beverage Industries
pp. 1289-1292
Arun Prakash. C, Saileshwar. C. S, Rajkumar. R, Ramakrishnan. K.S

Back-Propagation Neural Network Learning Using Cloud Computing
pp. 1293-1297
Mrs. Valli N, Mr. H.Anwar Basha

Tracing Unsolicited Request In Web Application Using CPR Approach
pp. 1298-1302
C.Balakrishnan, N.R.Sindhuja, Dr.B.Vinayagasundaram

Authentication Logic Through Turn Around Time In WSN
pp. 1303-1307
C.Balakrishnan, C. Kavitha, Dr.B. Vinayagasundaram

Smart Indoor Air Quality Management
pp. 1308-1311
Sreepriya Sreekumar, P. Eswaran

The Role of Social Media in Teaching, Learning of Mathematics
pp. 1312-1316
Enagandula Prasad, Dr.A.Rama Krishan Prasad

Magnetic Fluid Photonic Crystal Based Sensor
pp. 1317-1321
S.Spartagus, and S.Ponmalar

Differential Voltage Current Conveyor Based Non-Sinusoidal Wave Generator
pp. 1322-1325
Amit Bhattacharyya, Avishek Das, Suman Paul, Dipak Samanta, Somdutta Sinha

Implementation of Delay Optimized Single Precision Floating point Vedic Multiplier Targeted at FPGA Architectures
pp. 1326-1330
Paldurai.K, P.Sathees Lingam, Dr.K.Hariharan

Experimental Study of Flow Maldistribution in Microchannel with Rectangular Header – Effect of Header Width
pp. 1331-1334
C. Anbumeenakshi, M.R.Thansekhar, R. Vishnu gayathri

Efficient Lifetime Maximization Using Adaptive Hybrid Routing Schme In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 1335-1337
K. Sorna priya , V.Krishnamoorthy, P.G scholar

An Efficient Secure and Improved Symmetric Two-Server Password Based Authentication and Key Exchange Protocol Using ECC
pp. 1338-1340
Anitha Kumari K, Sudha Sadasivam G, Rohini L

Z-Source DC-DC Converter With Improved Perturbation and Observation Algorithm For Photovoltaic Systems
pp. 1341-1345
U.Shajith Ali

Efficient Text Detection Based On Background Elimination Approach For Wild Background Images
pp. 1346-1350
Jenitha. D, Shalini. N, Shibi Rose. L, Siva Sreeja. S

Bidirectional Quasi Z-Source Converter Based Flywheel Energy Storage System
pp. 1351-1355
B.Ramasudha, U.Shajith Ali,

A Novel QR factorization Approach to Multi-Robot Localization and Mapping
pp. 1356-1360
K.Kalyani, S.N.V.Sai.Pratap, S.Rajaram

Dielectric And Thermal Studies Of BIS (Glycine) Lithium Chloride (BGLC) Single Crystal Nonlinear Optical Material
pp. 1361-1364
S.R.Balaji, T. Balu, T.R. Rajasekaran

ASIC Implementation of Fast and Area Efficient Numerically Controlled Oscillator Based on CORDIC
pp. 1365-1369
Chinna thambi M, Bharani dharan N, Rajaram S

Sub Optimal Signal Cancellation Method For Joint Reduction Of Papr And Sidelobe Suppression In NC OFDM Based Cognitive Radio Systems
pp. 1370-1375
L.R.Priya, Dr.K.Rouba Soundar,S.Kamala Gomathy, R.Vedha Priya Vadhana

A 2D Threshold Voltage Model for Triple Material Gate-All-Around Silicon Nanowire Tunnel FET
pp. 1376-1381
D. Saraswathi, G.Lakshmi Priya, Dr.N.B.Balamurugan, S.Manikandan

Transconductance-to-Drain Current Ratio and Subthreshold Analysis of Tri-Material Gate-All-Around Silicon Nanowire Tunnel FET
pp. 1382-1387
D. Saraswathi, G.Lakshmi Priya, Dr.N.B.Balamurugan, S.Manikandan

Automatic Vehicle Loan Sentry using GSM
pp. 1388-1391
Chairma Lakshmi K.R, Ramya.S

Pharmacovigilance: An Overview of Drug Safety Monitoring in India
pp. 1392-1397
Shyni Beaulah.M, Bazila Banu.A

Experimental Analysis Of Cycle Time Reduction In Machining Of Stainless Steel 316 Using RSM
pp. 1398-1402
M. Santhanakrishnan, M. MohanapriyaN, Maniselvam, A.Arul Anto

Optimization of Warpage Defect in Plastic Injection Molding Process: An overview
pp. 1403-1406
J.Senthilkumar, a, S.Sivasaravanan, b Kodali Sai Teja

Wavelet Based Flame Flicker Analysis For Fire Detection
pp. 1407-1411
D. Mahiba, C. Emmy Prema, S.S. Vinsley

Sensing And Measuring Acoustic Signals Using Fiber Optics
pp. 1412-1414
F.Shirlin, Ms.Reena Dev.A

Soft Switching PWM Boost DC-DC Converter With Edge Resonant Switched Capacitor
pp. 1420-1424
N.Tamizharasi, R.Jayanthi, I.Gnanambal

Analysis for improving performance of Racing Go-Kart
pp. 1425-1428
Padmanabhan.S, Deepak Verma and Pankaj Kumar

Effect of Cooling Rate on Distribution of Boron Carbide and Graphite in Al 6061 Composites During Solidification
pp. 1429-1433
C. Muthazhagan, K.Rajkumar, A.Gnanavelbabu, S. Santosh

Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics - Definitely An Ideal Combination To Meet A Cost Effective Delivery Model
pp. 1434-1438
Shanmugasundaram Palanimalai,Dr. Ilango Paramasivam

Adaptive E-Learning Based Udutu System For Object Oriented Programming
pp. 1439-1442
Aditya Khamparia, Babita Pandey

Books Detriment Detector Using Digital Image Processing
pp. 1443-1447
Ms. J.Sowmya, Ms. V.R.P.Anitha, Ms. K. R. Chairma Lakshmi

Gender Driven Emotion Recognition From Speech Signal
pp. 1448-1451
N.G.Lidheeba, Ms.C.P.Blesslin Elizabeth

Optimizing Low Leakage TCAM Based on Heterogeneous CMOS Technology
pp. 1452-1455
L.Rajalakshmi, R.Ramalakshmi, S.Bagtha priya

Isolated Quasi Z-Source DC-DC Converter For Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage System
pp. 1456-1459
T.P. Rajalakshmi , U.Shajith Ali

Mapping of Domain Ontologies Using Aggregation Method
pp. 1460-1465
Sangeetha B., Dr.Vidhyapriya R., and Sindhu G.

Enhanced Sder Clock Gating Flipflop In A Synchronous System
pp. 1466-1470
T.D.Subash, T.Gnanasekaran, A.Karpaga selvi, S.Bagtha priya, R.Kavitha

Ameliorating Speech Intelligibility Using Vuvuzela Denoising Technique for Hearing Aid
pp. 1471-1475
Vanitha Lakshmi M, Dr.S.Sudha, Sandhya P

Machining zone Area in Single Point Diamond Turning
pp. 1476-1479
aVenkatraman. ,Om Kumar. M, bGanesan. G

Image Registration Technique of Remote Sensing Image based on the SIFT Features
pp. 1480-1484
B.MuthuKumar , P.Sivakumar , T.Bhagavathi Pushpa

Modal Analysis and Enhancement Of IEEE 14 Bus System Using PSAT
pp. 1485-1489
R.Karthikeyan , Dr.M.Rathinakumar, P.Arivazhagan

Performance And Emission Characteristics Of Low Heat Rejection Engine (Lhre) Fuelled With Biodiesel-Diesel Blends
pp. 1243-1245
Madhu S, Raja M.V, Venkatesan J

Photoelectrochemical Behaviour Of Pulse Electrodeposited Cuinse2 Films
pp. 1493-1497
M.Thirumoorthy, K.Ramesh, K.R.Murali

Application Of Acceptance Sampling Plan In Green Design And Manufacturing
pp. 1498-1499

FTIR Study and Density Prediction of Fly Ash Filled Nylon Composites
pp. 1500-1503
V.L.Raja, A.Kumaravel, P.Dhinesh, M.Balaji

A Novel Unsupervised Satellite Image Segmentation Algorithm To Remove Oversegmentation
pp. 1504-1508
Mithuna.J, Dr. S.Rajesh

A Survey on Energy Efficient Cluster Routing in Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 1509-1513
K. Prasanth, R. Nithya, D. Sumaiya Begam

Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Thermal Energy Storage System
pp. 1514-1516
B.Kanimozhi, Cawin.R, Amit Arnav

Design Of Variable Cutoff Median Based High Pass Filter Using Balanced Histogram Thresholding Technique
pp. 1517-1520
C.G.Vignesh, B. Arivuselvam, Dr. S.Sudha

A Novel Approach: Sybil Attack Detection for Anonymous Location-Based Routing in MANET
pp. 1521-1528
S. Vadhana Kumari, AP CSE, Dr. B. Paramasivan

Swarm Based Scheduling With Resource Provisioning For Scientific Workflows In Cloud Computing
pp. 1529-1533
Mrs. J. Angela Jennifa Sujana, Dr. T.Revathi and T.S.Sivapriya

Towards Efficient and Secure Data Storage (ESDS) Framework for Cloud Computing
pp. 1534-1538
Suguna M, Mercy Shalinie S, Adlene Anusha J

Aerodynamic Modification Of Piper PA 28 151 Aircraft
pp. 1539-1541
J. Alexander, B. Agnes Remitha, C. Agallias Stephanos

Treatment Of Organic Pollutants In Industrial Effluent Using Electrocoagulation – A Review
pp. 1542-1543
ReviewRamaraj.K, Sheik Alavudeen.J, Arunraj.A, Ganesh Moorthy.I, Shunmuga Priya and Ronaldo Anuf.A

Novel Noise Reduction Using DTCWT Based Shrinkage with RSR and RACE
pp. 1544-1551
P.Sobana, A.Velayudham

Technique To Recover Multiple Errors Using SMERTMR
pp. 1552-1554
A Pranesh Sairam

Optimized Distributed Association Rule Mining in Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 1555-1558
Akshata Dilip Jagtap, Prof. Vijayalaxmi Kadroli

Gauss-Seidel Method for Vibration Control in Piezoactuated Cantilever Beams
pp. 1559-1562
M.Kishore Vijayakumar, L. Swathi, L. R. KarlMarx

Normalisation of Weights Using Orthonormalisation in Artificial Neural Network
pp. 1563-1568
Heren Chellam G, Dr. Joseph Raj V

Artificial Bees Colony Based Filter Feature Selection Approach for Classification of Lung Cancer Images Using Support Vector Machine
pp. 1569-1574
S.Sivakumar, Dr.C.Chandrasekar

Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Dual Material Surrounding Gate Stack Architecture of Tunnel FET
pp. 1575-1580
Dr.N.B.Balamurugan, B.Soundarya, G.Srimathi

2D Analytical Modeling of Dual Halo Gate-All-Around Tunnel Field Effect Transistor
pp. 1581-1585
Dr.N.B.Balamurugan, T.Niranjana, B.Samyuktha

Analysis Of Kerf Formation In Basalt Fibre Reinforced Polyester By Using Co2 Laser Machining
pp. 1586-1589
Kalirasu.S, Rajini.N

CFD Modeling Of Combustion And Emission Characteristics Of Diesel Lean Premixed Combustion Engine
pp. 1590-1595
P.S.Srivathsan, B.Praveen, S.Rajkumar

Comparison Study of Link Estimation Time in Vehicular AD HOC Network
pp. 1596-1599
Karthikeyan L, Selvakumar S, Balasubramani S

Optimal Production Policy For The Design Of Green Supply Chain Model
pp. 1600-1601

Brush Electrodeposited Aggase2 Films And Their Photoelectrochemical Characteristics
pp. 1602-1605
J.Ashok Kumar, S.Perumal, K.R.Murali

A Facile Gum Arabic Coated Magnetic FE3O4 Nanoparticles Catalysed Biodiesel Production From The Seeds Of Hevea Brasiliensis
pp. 1611-1614
Michael Donatus S, Madonna Shalma S,

Detection of Malaria Infecting Parasite From Thin Smear Digital Images
pp. 1615-1619
Dr N Hariharan∗, Dr.Perumal Sankar

A Comparative Study on Wrapper Based Feature Selection Approach via Metaheuristic Optimization Techniques for CT Scan Lung Cancer Images
pp. 1620-1624
S.Sivakumar, Dr. C.Chandrasekar

Optimization Of Media Conditions For Maximal Lipid From Aspergillus Niger For Biodiesel Production
pp. 1625-1628
Madonna Shalma S, Micheal Donatus S

Application of Ant Colony Optimization Technique for optimizing Job Shop Scheduling Problem
pp. 1629-1633
Nakandhrakumar.R.S, Kuruba Naga Pavankumar, M.Balachandar, Venathi Himanth

A Novel Multi Perspective Based Similarityfor Text Categorization and Clustering
pp. 1634-1638
Kavipriya M, Maruthupandi. J, Dr. Vimala Devi. K

Study of Wave - Pipelined Systems
pp. 1639-1641
J.Prasad1, Dr.D.Mohanageetha

A Novel Fuzzy Based Clustering For Multi-Label Text Categorization
pp. 1642-1647
Shalini Vincent M, Maruthupandi J, Dr.VimalaDevi T,

Hadoop – A Highly Proficient Technology To Maximize Big Data Benefits
pp. 1648-1651
Shanmugasundaram Palanimalai, Dr.Ilango Paramasivam

Experimental Study on Power generation using High Temperature Compressed air in a Radial Turbine
pp. 1652-1654
Kalidasan B, T Srinivas, Shankar R

Analysis Of Blade Design For Residential Horizontal Wind Turbine
pp. 1655-1658
Kalidasan B*, Balaji R , Vivek V

Dynamic Trust Management using Uncertain Reasoning For Secure Routing Optimization In Delay Tolerant Networks
pp. 1659-1662
Mahalakshmi.S , Varghese.M

Performance and Emission Studies of a Two Stroke SI Engine with Hydrogen as a Dual Fuel
pp. 1663-1667
Seralathan S, Nakandhrakumar R S, Sasi Lakshmikhanth R, Naresh K, Praveen R, Shyam Sundar N

Performance Study On The Modified Single Cylinder Four Stroke Si Engine: Before And After Re-Boring
pp. 1668-1672
Seralathan S, Micha Premkumar T, Yoga Narasimhulu

Economic Analysis of Solar Collector with Different Thermic Fluids of LiBr-Water Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System
pp. 1673-1675
P.Rajkumar, R.Shankar, , T.Srinivas

Increasing Volumetric Efficiency of Two Wheeler Engine at Higher Speed By Changing The Design Of Inlet Manifold
pp. 1676-1678
Mrs. P. Vithya,Kalaipriyan S M

Extensive Study On Architectures And Design Of 3D IC
pp. 1679-1682
Annie Grifita. B, T. Ravi, Karpaga selvi .A

Security Using Iboos And Energy Efficiency With Weighted Rendezvous Planning For Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 1683-1686
M. Jeyam and M. Varghese

Spectral And Hardness Studies Of Pure And Doped Nonlinear Optical Single Crystal (Potassium Penta Borate)

pp. 1687-1692

A. Sundari, S. Manikandan,

Facial Image Retrival Using ULR And Improve Face Recognition Using A Markov Random Field Groupwise Registration
pp. 1693-1696
T.Rajitha and A. Jegadeesh

A Review On Sensor Based Methods For Moisture Content Determination Of Agricultural Commodities

pp. 1697-1703

Saranya Das.Y.M, Divya Nath.K, Sudha Ramasamy, Prabhu Ramanathan

Detecting And Mitigating Malicious Packets Losses Using Random Early Detection Method
pp. 1704-1709
Baskar M , Gnanasekaran T

Design of Multiband Parasitic Patch Antenna for MIMO Beam Steering
pp. 1710-1713
B.Chandru, C.Arunachalaperumal, Dr.J.M.Mathana

Aluminium Doped Zinc oxide Nanostructures: Preparation, Characterization and Ethanol Sensing Applications
pp. 1714-1719
M. Chitra, K. Uthayarani, N. Rajasekaran, N.Neelakandeswari, E. K. Girija & D. Pathinettam Padiyan

Impact of Tool Rotational Speeds on Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar AA 6061 T6 - 8011 T6 Joints
pp. 1720-1724
Suresh Kumar.S, Allen Jeffrey.J, Prabhukumar.C, Mohammed Ryan.R

Effect of Mechanical Properties on Similar Friction Stir Welded AA6082
pp. 1725-1729
Suresh Kumar.S, Sivakumar.B.G, Jeeva.N.T, Amudhan.A.N

Increasing the Impact Testing of Wind Turbine Blade With Wire String
pp. 1730-1732
Rajkumar.P, T.Augustin, V.Kannarasu, Hepsi beaula

Centralized And Distributed Heuristics Based Routing For Open Vehicle Routing Problem In Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 1733-1738
L.R.Priya, K.Jenish Varshini, R.Vedhapriya Vadhana

Multi-Objective Optimization Of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Using Principal Component Analysis
pp. 1739-1742
N.E.Arun Kumar, S .Chandramouli, Dr. A.Suresh Babu

A Review on Investigating the Effects of Process Parameters in Electrochemical Machining
pp. 1743-1748
T. Geethapriyan, K. Kalaichelvan, A. Rajadurai, T Muthuramalingam, S. Naveen

Optimization of a Deaerator Location in a Biomass Power Plant
pp. 1749-1752
Sunil Babu.S, Kalaivanan.R, Rajkumar.P, Swarnalatha, P, Srinivas. T

Design And Development Of Microcontroller Based Spin Coating Machine Used For Making ZNO Thin Films For Various Speed And Temp
pp. 1753-1756
J. Charlesbabu, K. Vasudevan, Dr. K. Gopalakrishnan, Dr.M. Elango

Selective Harmonic Elimination in UPS Inverters Using PSO Based Adaptive Hybrid Technique
pp. 1757-1762
E. Anandha Banu

Effect of Open Central Hole Stress Concentration on Mechanical Properties of Luffa fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composite
pp. 1763-1766
R.Panneerdhass, A.Gnanavelbabu,K.Rajkumar, S.Javed Syed Ibrahim

An Efficient Mimo Optical Wireless System Using Spatial Ofdm With Vignetting Effect
pp. 1767-1770
R.Vedhapriya Vadhana, J Arockia Renilda, L.R.Priya

Design Of CMOS LNA Using Linearization Technique For UWB Application
pp. 1771-1775
G.usha, Ms.S.Porkodi

Implementation Of Evolutionary Algorithm Based Clustering Protocol For Homogenous Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 1776-1780
K.Krithika, J.Friska

Knowledge Discovery from Unstructured Software Defect Reports Using Text Mining
pp. 1243-1245
Sakthi Kumaresh,Baskaran R

Improvement Of Spectrum Efficiency By Exploiting Network Computations Via Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
pp. 1787-1791
Dalma Maria John, J.Friska

Cognitive Radio Mesh Networks With Efficient Cooperative Multicast Scheduling
pp. 1792-1796
Rintu M Babu, W. Stalin Jacob

Enabling Radio Resource Allocation Using Low Complexity Algorithm
pp. 1797-1801
T.Archana, M. Suresh Chinna Thampy

Design Of Dlms Adaptive Filter Using Partial Product Generator
pp. 1802-1807
Ms.M.Ramalakshmi, Mrs.R.Renugadevi

Comparison Of Mechanical Characteristics Of Broom Grass Reinforced Epoxy And Broom Grass –Groundnut Shell Hybrid Reinforced Epoxy Composites
pp. 1808-1811
Nikhil Anto V, Sandeepak M, Santhosh Manikandan S and Raj Kumar K

Interference Detection And Mitigation Of Overcrowded Cells In Multiple Networking Environment
pp. 1812-1816
Jincy George, E.Francy Irudaya Rani

Message Authentication And Source Privacy Based On Elliptic Curve Cryptography In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 1817-1821
S.Sankari, Saranya, J.R.Anisha

High Speed 32 Bit Vedic Multiplier Using Different Adders: A Survey
pp. 1822-1826
Suganya.A, S.Kalyani

Design of Observer for a Nonlinear Singular Switching System
pp. 1827-1832
Santhosh K V, Rohit Kalyani

Automatic Candlestick Chart Pattern Recognition
pp. 1833-1836
Touchpakorn Dhammathanapatchara, Ohm Sornil

Automatic Trend Line Construction Using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 1837-1841
Kanokporn Udomvongsak

Assessment of MPPT Controllers (Excite & Monitor and Fuzzy Logic Control) for Detached Photovoltaic Systems
pp. 1842-1847
Dr.P.Selvan, L.Vijay Anand, E.Immanuvel Bright

A Study On Sic Abrasive Assisted Electro Chemical Machining Of Aluminium Boron Carbide Composite
pp. 1848-1851
M. Sankar, K.Rajkumar, A.Gnanavelbabu

Effective Architecture Of Discrete Cosine Transform Using Sum-Select Algorithm
pp. 1852-1856
R. Radhika, S. Abinaya, R.Anitha, Dr. R. Manimegalai

Segmentation Of Retinal Blood Vessels And Optic Disc
pp. 1857-1861
K.G.Lavanya, S.Vasanthi

Analysis And Comparison Of Digital Nonlinear Controllers For Cuk Converter
pp. 1862-1867
J. Leema Rose, Dr. B. Sankaragomathi

Theoretical Modelling Of The Drying Characterstics Of Switchgrass In A Greenhouse Solar Tunnel Dryer
pp. 1868-1872
Subahana.K.R,  R.Natarajan

Low Energy High Performance Synchronous And Asynchronous 64-Point Fft Using Radix-4 Algorithm
pp. 1873-1876
Sabitha Gauni , Sibi Cherian Mathew, R.Kumar

Elicitation And Characterisation Of Fatty Acids And Low Cost Biodiesel Production From Chlorella Pyrenoidosa
pp. 1877-1880
Nivedita A, Chavan Vinod, Vijayalakshmi S, Ranjitha J

Phytoremediation Of Heavy Metal Analysis In The Whole Plant Extract Of Water Fern - Salvinia Molesta
pp. 1881-1883
Chavan Vinod, Nivedita A, Vijayalakshmi S, Ranjitha J

Plasma Display Covert Aircraft (*Invisible Plane)
pp. 1884-1888
C.Ramamoorthy, R.Ranga Raj

Challenges and Issues In Spectrum Sharing and User Activity
pp. 1889-1893
C. Sahaya Kingsly, Raju.C, Dr. J. George Chellin Chandran

Intelligent Transportation System for Urban Environment
pp. 1894-1899
G.L.Nicelin Asha, Dr. J. George T.D.Subash

Flow Analysis of Air Over a NACA 0012 Aerofoil
pp. 1900-1905
Mr. Kishan Choudhuri, Mr. Nabarun Biswas, Dr. Prasun Chakraborty

Coulomb Energy Neural Network Approach In Design Knowledge Hierarchy Based On The Qfd Environment
pp. 1906-1912
Dr. U.K.Mandal

Drill Wear Monitoring Using ANFIS
pp. 1913-1918
Nakandhrakumar. R.S, Dinakaran.D, Satishkumar.S, Gopal. M

Strength And Durability Studies On High Performance Concrete With Manufactured Sand As Fine Aggregate
pp. 1919-1924
T.Shanmugapriya, Dr.R.N.Uma

Feasibility Studies On The Use Of Foundry Sand In Bottom Ash Geopolymer Mortar
pp. 1925-1932
J.Thaarrini, M.Priya, S.Matchakkalai

Comparison of Various Fuel Properties of Simarouba Glauca, Karanja and Jatropha Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Having Different Blends With Conventional Diesel
pp. 1933-1937
S.B. Arun, R. Suresh, K.V.Yathish, Omkaresh B.R

Biodiesel Production from Custard Apple seed (Annona squamosa) Oil and its Performance Test on CI Engine
pp. 1938-1942
Omkaresh.B.R , R Suresh , S.B.Arun , Yathish.K.V

Open Loop And Closed Loop Analysis Of Solid State Transformer
pp. 1943-1948
S.Srinivasan, A.K.Parvathy , P.Deiva Sundari

The Role of LSDCCFF for LC Resonant Clock Distribution Networks in Low Power VLSI
pp. 1949-1953
T.D.Subash, T.Gnanasekaran, T.D.Subha, T.D.Subashini

Software Development Effort Estimation using Ridge Regression
pp. 1954-1958
S. K. Pillai, M. K. Jeyakumar

Design of Low Power Clock-Gated Double Edge –Triggered Flip-Flops
pp. 1968-1952
T.D.Subash, T.Gnanasekaran, V.Ajitha, R.Rajimol, R.Ratheesha

Optical Properties of MN and DY Doped Calcium Aluminate Nanophosphors
pp. 1963-1965
G.Suresh, M.Freeda


Performance Analysis of Efficiency Enhancement Technique for SPVPGS: A Simulation Study


K. R. Chairma Lakshmi


Testing of reversible logic circuits using automatic test pattern generation technique


D.Gracia Nirmala Rani, S.Rajaram, V. Dharshana, Amalin Marina


Finite Element Simulation of Magneto-rheological Brake


Thanikachalam. J, Nagaraj. P, Sathish kumar. G


Context Aware Rule Expert System for Biometric Template protection


Betty P, Dr Mohana Geetha D


Efficient Hybridized framework for Denoising of Images using TIDFT with Gabor filters and BM3D


N.Kalyani, A.Velayudham


A conceptual approach for thrust improvement of Vulcain - 2 engine by modification of nozzle


S.J.Elphej Churchil , Sravani.v , S.Rajeswari






Novel Optimisation Technique Based Control On Wind Energy Conversion Systems Using Matrix Converter


T.S.Siva Rani, Dr.S.Joseph Jawhar, L.Shiny




Yash Pal, Kothala Jitendra Sairam


Exposing Cryptographic Operations and Secrets using Cipherxray and Linear Analysis


M.Pramila, C.P MuthuPriya


Analysis of Dust Accumalation in PV panel using Matlab Simulation


S.Raja Sekar, Dr. K.S.Badrinathan, S.Amudhan and Antony Jolly


IP Based Adaptive Intrusion Tracing Mechanism for Detecting Low Rate DDoS Attacks




Analysis of Skeleton Joints Descriptor for Action Recognition


Akila.K , Chitrakala.S




T.S. Arulananth, Dr. T. Jayasingh M. Baskar, Dr.T.Gnansekaran


Trust based ANT optimization Routing in Mobile Adhoc Networks accentuating Quality of Service


S.Sridhar, R.Baskaran


A comparative study of physical and optical properties of CaAl2O4 :Mn and CaAl2O4 :Dy nanostructures by sol-gel method


M. Freeda  and G. Suresh


Evolution of Hybrid Group based Re-Key Management for High Secure Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks


Suma Christal Mary.S, Dr.PallikondaRajasekaran. M


Delamination analysis in drilling process of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) for marine composites


Monivarman.P, Nagarajan.V.A


Wind Power Generation with the Attachment of Wind Tunnel


Monivarman.P, Nagarajan.V.A


Comparison of Beamforming Techniques for MIMO Wireless Networks.


C.Arunachalaperumal, C.Arun, S.Dhilipkumar, G.Abija


Trellis Coded Spatial Modulation for Green Communication


C.Arunachalaperumal, C.Arun,  S.Dhilipkumar, G.Abija,


Numerical Flow Visualization in Overexpanded Axisymmetric Nozzle


G. Natarajan


Study of Different Configurations for Second Throat Diffuser in High Altitude Testing of Rocket Motors


G. Natarajan


Structure, Morphology and Optical properties of CaAl2O4 nano particles


M. Freeda  and G. Suresh




Deepanraj A, Gokul Raghavendra S, Raja Sekhar Y, Vijayalakshmi S, Ranjitha J


Behaviour of Non-deterministic PWM Methods and Influence of DC Link Fluctuation in Harmonic Spreading Effect of VSI Output Voltage Spectrum




Design & Analysis of A low-power Hybrid Multiplier using Modified Booth Encoder


Jithin Kumar M.V. and Jayanthi K.B.








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