International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 24  (2015)  





FPGA Design and Implementation of FFT processor for OFDMA system
pp 43923-43925
Salauddin Mohammad, Piyush Kuchhal and Rajeev Kumar Gupta

Analysis On EEG For Predominant Occurrence Of Eye Blink Activity
pp 43926-43929
K. Yasoda and A. Shanmugam

Smart Grid Application Via Home Automation System
pp 43930-43933
Meysam Shamshiri, Chin Kim Gan, Javad Safaei, Rosli Bin Omar, Mohd Ruddin Bin Ab Ghani and Mohamad Rom Tamjis

Mechanical Behavior of Sio2 Particulate Reinforced AA 6063 Surface Composites Using Friction Stir Processing
pp 43934-43938
S. Joyson Abraham, S. Chandra Rao Madane and S. C. Vettivel

Modified PID Controller Design Formulae for FOPDT System
pp 43939-43941
P.K Juneja, A.K Ray, Nikita Rawat and Sameer K Singh

An Efficient Query Retrieval Model Using Pattern Tree-Based Latent Dirichelt Allocation
pp 43942-43946
Varghese . S .Chooralil and E. Gopinathan

Energy Efficient Spanning Tree And Spatial Association Based Data Collection In WSN
pp 43947-43952
Biju Paul and E Gopinathan

Impact Of Quadratic Harvesting On Prey-Predator Model With Holling Type-II Functional Response
pp 43953-43959
V. Madhusudanan and S. Vijaya

Study and modelling of triple-band Planar Inverted-F Antenna
pp 43960-43965
Nizar Sghaier, Lassaad Latrach and Ali Gharsallah

A Study on Business-to-Business Relationship Marketing of Mechanized Floor Cleaning Equipment Market in Southern States (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala) of India
pp 43966-43974
K Rajogapal, R.Bagyalakshmi and Vaishali Mahajan

Dimensionality Reduction for Text Preprocessing in Text Mining Using NLTK
pp 43975-43982
Rashmi S, Hanumanthappa M and Jyothi N M

Designing a photovoltaic generator with intelligent controllers applied to a breeding Building Hens Layers
pp 43983-43992
F. Bekkouche, H. Ait Mimoun and B. Bekkouche

Resource Monitoring and Prediction with Fault Tolerance in Grid Environment through Meta heuristics
pp 43993-44000
V. Indhumathi and G. M. Nasira

Implementation of Low Power Multi Precision Floating Point Multiplier
pp 44001-44006
D. Gokila and H. Mangalam

On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Volterra Spaces
pp 44007-44011
S. Sharmila and I. Arockiarani

Biogeography Based Optimization For Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch
pp 44012-44017
V. Vasudevan and P. Aravindhababu

Calculation of the Elastic Characteristics of Composite Materials with Dispersed Inclusions
pp 44018-44022
Yu. E. Kisel, I. N. Serpik, G. V. Guryanov, L. M. Markaryants, V. A. Bezik and D. A. Bezik

Remote Patient Monitoring using IPTV Service Platform in Wireless Body Area Network Environment
pp 44023-44026
Pyung Soo Kim

Multi-parents crossover for total flexible job-shop scheduling problems using hybrid evolutionary algorithms
pp 44027-44034
M. Nagamani, E. Chandrasekaran and D. Udaya Suriya Rajkumar

Numerical Simulations of Optical Transmission for Pyramidally Textured Silicon Surface with Antireflection Dielectric Coating
pp 44035-44038
R. Khafizov and A. Timofeev

Investigation of Influence of Process Parameters over the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Friction Stir Welded Al2O3 and SiC reinforced Hybrid Aluminium composite Joints
pp 44039-44044
C. Venkatesh and M. Aravindh, K. Pridivirajkumar, Eswaramoorthy

A Character Extraction Technique Based On Character Geometry Using Image Processing
pp 44045-44048
M. Deepa, K. Santhi, M. B. BenjulaAnbu Malar and M. Lawanya Shri

Computer Aided Modelling And Simulation Of A Generic Robot For Inspection
pp 44049-44056
G. ShanmugaSundar and R. Sivaramakrishnan

Optimize The Carbon Footprint In Power Plant By Applying Green Sigma In Different Nature Inspired Algorithms
pp 44057-44063
Devibala.B and G. Karuppusami

Stachostic Frequency Set (Fsd) Algorithm Based Eeg Signal Analysis With Environmental Features For Drivers Drowsiness Estimation
pp 44064-44069
A.Saravanamoorthi and R.S.D. Wahidha Banu

Research of biofilter feed properties
pp 44070-44074
Elena Gogina and Olga Yantsen

Reliability & Availability Analysis of an Anaerobic Batch Reactor Treating Fruit and Vegetable Waste
pp 44075-44079
S. M. Rizwan, J. V. Thanikal, N. Padmavathi and H. Yazidi

Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Pressure on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Squeeze Cast Rectangular Plate of LM6 Aluminium Alloy
pp 44080-44085
R. Srinivasan, A. Ramesh and P. Senthil

Oral Presentation And Extempore Activity To Enhance Professional Communication Skills Among Engineering Students-A Research
pp 44086-44091
Y.Vijaya Babu

Optimisation of the weld bead geometry in gas tungsten arc welding of AISI 904 L super austenitic stainless steel by TOPSIS method
pp 44092-44097
V.Elango and C.Jegadheesan

Multi-threshold competitive immunochromatographic assay for chloramphenicol control in milk
pp 44098-44104
N.A. Taranova, A.A. Semeykina, A.V. Zherdev and B.B. Dzantiev

A Comparative Study of Transportation Problem for Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers
pp 44105-44111
R. K. Saini, Atul Sangal and Om Prakash

Quantitative Analysis of Equilibrium Solution and Stability for Non-linear Differential Equation Governing Pendulum Clock
pp 44112-44117
M.C. Agarana and S.A. Bishop

Modeling and analysis of transient thermal responses during welding of 316L stainless steel and low carbon steel joint using pulsed Nd: YAG laser
pp 44118-44125
K. Suresh Kumar, S. Vanithaa and A. Jayanthi

Experimental Wake and Drag comparison between Wavy Tooth and Saw Tooth Trailing Edge Modification
pp 44126-44131
Karthik Sundarraj, Prakash S Kulkarni and Tze Pei Chong

Information security enhancement in smart grids using secrecy capacity of a wireless channel
pp 44132-44139
S.Belmoubarik, G. Aniba and B. Elgraini

Estimating Embodied Energy in Residential Buildings in a Nigerian Context
pp 44140-44149
I.C. Ezema, O. I. Fagbenle and A. O Olotuah

System Identification And Controller Design For An Integrating Process With Time Delay
pp 44150-44156
Soundarya M S, Jenitha Rashmi P, Akilaa Sre R and Uma S

The development of energy-saving technologies of oil wells chemical treatment to prevent scale
pp 44157-44161
L. Shangaraeva and D. Tananykhin

Energy Consumption Models for Cloud Computing Environment
pp 44162-44165
Supriya Shri P, G. R. Karpagam, S. Neelakrishnan, R. Venkatesan and P. K. Rajesh

An automatic Search Result Computation and Recommendation Using Bayesian Method for QoS improvisation
pp 44166-44171
Althaf Ali A and R. MahammadShafi

Low-Power Wideband CMOS Operational Amplifier for High-Speed Delta- Sigma Modulator
pp 44172-44177
J.-Y. Ryu

AMBA AXI Bus Verification Technique
pp 44178-44182
Anurag Shrivastava and Sudhir Kumar Sharma

Designing the electrothermal complex control system for enhanced oil recovery
pp 44183-44188
Viacheslav Olegovich Zyrin and Bogdan Urievich Vasiliev

Wireless Sensor Network Routing Protocol Survey
pp 44189-44202
Shibin Liu and Beakcheol Jang

Research of horizontal structure of Split-Drain Magnetic-Field Sensitive Field-Effect Transistor
pp 44203-44205
A.E. Timofeev and G.V. Prokofyev

π-Compatibility of τ with j in ideal topological spaces
pp 44206-44210
Selvi . A and I. Arockiarani

Investigating the possibility of using piecewise constant functions in spectral analysis of signals
pp 44211-44213
Alexey AlexandrovichBashkov and Dmitry SergeevichSilnov

A Detailed Investigation on the Production Improvement of ZARI Yarn using WRAP Spinning Machine
pp 44214-44220
S. Sundaresan and K. Thangamani

Design Optimization Of Mounting Plate Modification Of Exhaust Manifold System By Using Fea
pp 44221-44230
Basava Vineela and D. Azad

Radiation evaluation of a wearable antenna on human head in the ISM band
pp 44231-44234
Y.Neqrachi and A.Khafaji, J.El abbadi

A comparative study on different application procedures on climatic data logger for outdoor environmental survey
pp 44235-44240
RoozbehArabi, Mohd Fairuz Shahidan, Mustafa Kamal M.S, Mohamad FakriZaky Bin Ja'afar and Hamid Ahmadi

Block Based Multi Level Continuous Reversible Character Encoding Scheme For Improved Data Hiding Using Color Values
pp 44241-44245
B. Chitradevi and S. Manikandan

Characterization of Power Quality Events based on Hilbert Huang Transform and fuzzy expert system
pp 44246-44253
P. Kalyana Sundaram and R. Neela

Simulation and Analysis of Fuzzy Controlled Induction Motor
pp 44254-44257
G. Pandian and S. Rama Reddy

Using Prefabrication Systems In Building Construction
pp 44258-44262
Alireza Baghchesaraei, Meltem Vatan Kaptan and Omid Reza Baghchesaraei

An Effective Collaborative Querying Using Distributed Clustering Algorithm on Multiple Domain
pp 44263-44270
D. Madhusubram and S.P. Shantharajah

Formal Verification on Signcryption Re-Cryptography: Secure and Efficient Approach towards Trust Problem
pp 44271-44277
Gautam Kumar and Hemraj Saini

Application of Unified Number to Temperature Profiles of Pipe Walls and Fluids Using Mathematical Experimentation

pp 44278-44282
Emetere Moses E and Agarana M.C

Light-Weight Authentication Protocol Based On Time Variant Group Key Mechanism For Secure Handover In Mobile Wimax Networks
pp 44283-44289
Adhinath and K. Dinakaran

Multi Variant Soil Pattern Based Classification Of Geospatial Soil Images For Agricultural Plant Growth Estimation Using Data Mining
pp 44290-44295
P.Manikandan and C. Jothi Venkateswaran

Owner-Occupiers’ Perception of Quality of Housing Constructed by Small-Scale Contractors in Informal Settlements
pp 44296-44306
A. P. Opoko, Bayo Amole and E. A. Adeyemi

Solving Third Order Ordinary Differential Equations Using Hybrid Block Method of Order Five
pp 44307-44310
Ra’ft. Abdelrahim and Zurni. Omar

An Eliciting Requirements for Automotive Product Development: A Study
pp 44311-44314
Nur Syifaa Sukoryoh, Suriati Akmal, Massila Kamalrudin and Safiah Sidek

Investigation on Vibration Excitation Behavior of an Elastically Mounted Circular Cylinder at Different Interference Conditions
pp 44315-44325
K. Karthik Selva Kumar and L. A. Kumaraswamidhas

Experimental Analysis Of Natural Convection Over A Vertical Cylinder
pp 44326-44329
D. Subramanyam

Refined Decision Theory Rough Set Model using Covering based Approach
pp 44330-44335
Anik Pait and Venkatesan M

An Approach To Optimize Cutting Force And Power Consumption In Turning Operation Of Al-Hmmc Material
pp 44336-44340
M. P. Senthil Kumar, R. Mohan and T. Jesudas

A Multiband CMOS RF Power Amplifier with Double Secondary Transformer Matching
pp 44341-44346
Veeraiyah Thangasamy, Noor Ain Kamsani, Mohd Nizar Hamidon, Shaiful Jahari Hashim, Muhammad Faiz Bukhori, Zubaida Yusoff and Vinesh Thiruchelvam
Percolation units for waste water treatment
pp 44347-44349
Nikolay Makisha, Vladimir Scherbakov, Alexander Smirnov and Elena Scherbina

RU-MAC: A Receiver Initiated Update Asynchronous Duty Cycling MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 44350-44352
Yong Shi and Beakcheol Jang

Calculation of biogas facilities for recycling of organic sewage sludge of breeding factories
pp 44353-44356
Vladimir Scherbakov, Elena Gogina, Tatiana Schukina, Nadezhda Kuznetsova, Nikolay Makisha and Evgeny Poupyrev

Implementation of Variable Step Based Incremental Conductance MPPT Algorithm Using dSPACE
pp 44357-44362
K. Muthukumar and T. S. Anandhi

Stability Investigation of the Virtual Power Plants Electrical Systems
pp 44363-44368
E. Sosnina, I. Lipuzhin, A. Shalukho, A. Kechkin

SortingGIN: A Gamma Interconnection Network for Parallel Divide and Shift Sorting
pp 44369-44382
Meenal Borkar and Atul Kumar and Nitin

Modeling And Transient Thermomechanical Analysis Of Steam Turbine Rotar Using Fem
pp 44383-44386
H. Kiran Kumar and D. Azad

Colorectal Cancer Survivability Prediction Models: a Comparison of Six Rule Based Classification Techniques
pp 44387-44392
Jaree Thongkam and Vatinee Sukmak

OFDM Performance Measurements in WiMax Physical Layer Network
pp 44393-44398
Nasser A. Hamad

SDS: A Machine Learning Based Heuristic Scale to Disease Scope
pp 44399-44405
N Satyanandam and Ch Satyanarayana

Сentral Asia as a segment of modern world-system
pp 44406-44415
K. Bazarbayev, E. Tulegenov, M. Rustambekova, G. Zhorayeva and R. Sadykova

Direct Torque Control of Matrix Converter-fed-Induction Motor with Input Power Factor Control
pp 44416-44421
Sweety Jose P, Jovitha Jerome and Joseph Richards A

Multi Agent Based Cloud Security Model for Association Rule Mining
pp 44422-44426
Imran Qureshi, Shaik Mohammed Imran and G.Rama Murthy

Efficient Dr-Daq With Bof Descriptor Based Spiht Processing For Breast Cancer Detection
pp 44427-44435
S. Yuvarani and C. Jothi Venkateswaran

Adaptive Packet Combining Scheme for Multi-path Wireless Sensor Networks
pp 44436-44439
Y. Saring and C. T. Bhunia

Implementation of a python based hierarchical clustering program on h-index dataset of journals using normalization and priority queue elements
pp 44440-44444
P.VaraPrasada Rao and A.Govardhan

Ranking of Delay Factors Causes Time and Cost Overruns in Construction Projects in Tamil Nadu
pp 44445-44453
Shanmuganathan N and Baskar G

Different Particle swarm optimization techniques for optimization of PID controller parameters in interconnected power system
pp 44454-44461
S.Surendiran and S.Thangavel

Detection of Malicious Activities in Mobile Ad hoc Networks using Mac Layer Parameters and Channel Traffic Pattern
pp 44462-44467
M.Sathishkumar, P.C.Kishore Raja, D.Dhanasekaran and R.Thirukumaran

Digital Image Steganography using RGB Color Model: A Review
pp 44468-44474
Mamta Jain and Saroj Kumar Lenka

A Symmetric Key Based Certificate-less Authentication Approach
pp 44475-44479
Nagendra Prasad Tiwary and G Sahoo

Budget Effect On Bse (Sensex And Nse Nifty) Under Various Nda And Upa Union Budgets
pp 44480-44482
D. S. Selvakumar

A Real-Time Application for the Detection and Mitigation of Spam SMS in Android
pp 44483-44488
Anupama Sheela and Kamalanathan Kandasamy

The Effect of Viscous Losses Factor on a Simple Pico-Hydro Reaction Type Turbine
pp 44489-44492
M.B. Farriz, M.N. Hashim, N.A Rais, A.A. Zulkefle, M.S.A. Khiar and S. Mat, K. Sopian

Decomposition And Approximation Of Bone Cancer Using Wavelet Techniques
pp 44493-44497
P.Sinthia, K..Sujatha, M.Malathi and M.Kumaresan

Deduplication In Target Machine Using Hybrid Algorithm For Network Attached Storage Devices
pp 44498-44503
R. Gayathri and A. Malathi

An Efficient Hybrid Information Retrieval Approach for Unstructured Document Classification
pp 44504-44508
R. Umamaheswari and N. Shanthi

A Survey Paper Of Inspired Resource Manangement Algorithms In Cloud Enviroment
pp 44509-44514
Sudeepa Roy Dey, Bidisha Goswami, Sai Prasanna M S and Gambhire Swati Sampatrao

An Efficient Framework For Improving Bug Detection In Object Oriented Javascript Coding
pp 44515-44522
F. Fawzia Khan and R. Mallika

Hierarchical Predictive And Block Based Lossless Image Coding Scheme
pp 44523-44528
P. Suresh Babu and S. Sathappan

Design and Optimization of Half Mode Substrate Integrated Wave Guide Band pass Filter Based to Defected Ground Structure Cells
pp 44529-44534
M. Damou K. Nouri and M. Khazini and M. Feham

Thermal bending of Laminated Plates Using Meshfree Method
pp 44535-44538
Manoj Kumar Solanki, Sabin Kumar Mishra and Jeeoot Singh

A Secure Communication System Using RC6 and LSB
pp 44539-44544
M. Saraireh

Combined Cluster based Tree Routing for Energy Efficient Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sink
pp 44545-44553
T. Nagamalar and T. R. Rangaswamy

Healthcare IOT-A Multilayer Security Mechanism using Linear Programmable Pre-coded Matrix Decomposition Method
pp 44554-44563
B. Nagajayanthi, R. Radhakrishnan and V. Vijayakumari

Single phase AC-DC power factor improvement with high frequency isolation using buck converters
pp 44564-44569
Sumit Kumar Singh and KrishanaPratap Singh

Effect of different statistical measures in error reduction in Feed Forward Back Propagation Neural Network (FFBPNN) to predict rice production
pp 44570-44578
S. Arun Balaji and P. Manimegalai Vairavan

A Novel Approach for Online Automotive Remarketing using Edge Rank
pp 44579-44581
Sudharshan Duth P and Narendra Kamath G

Reconfigurable Bandstop Filter with Independent Frequency and Bandwidth Control in IMT-Advanced
pp 44582-44588
Gajendra Kant Mishra and Sanjay Kumar

Geometrically Nonlinear Free Vibration of Exponential Functionally Graded Beams
pp 44589-44596
M. N. Elmaguiri, R. El Alaiji, M. Haterbouch and O. Oussouaddi

An Efficient Density Based K-Medoids Clustering With Expectation-Maximization Algorithm to Analyze Crime Data
pp 44597-44602
MuhammedShafi. P, Selvakumar.S and Periyasamy.S

Implementation and Performance Analysis of an EtherCAT Master on the Latest Real-time Embedded Linux
pp 44603-44609
Raimarius Delgado, Chang Hwi Hong, Wook Cheol Shin and Byoung Wook Choi


pp 44610-44618
Alim F.Kemalov, Ruslan A.Kemalov and Fernando Javier Rangel Rocha

Selection Of Efficient Reagent Compositions Reducing Hydraulic Resistance In Poly-Phase Liquid Stream Alim F
pp 44619-44628
Alim F.Kemalov, Ruslan A.Kemalov and Dinar Z. Valiev

Defining Relations Of Vibrations Of Vehicle Suspension With The Mass And Rigidity Design Deviations
pp 44629-44635
Rustem Gabsattarov, Yuri G. Konoplev, Oscar A. Sachenkov, Sergey V. Egorov and Alex D. Lustin

The Study Of Frequency Behaviour And Effects Of Statistical Memory Of Eeg-Signals Of A Man With Bipolar Affective Disorder
pp 44636-44641
Oleg Yu. Panischev, Sergey A. Demin, Joydeep Bhattacharya and Natalya Yu. Demina

Neogene Longitudinal Profiles And Early Quarternary River Valleys Of Volga And KamaInterfluve
pp 44642-44649
Elena V.Petrova and Aydar Z.Satdarov

Analysis Of Specifications Of A Cold Plasma Generator
pp 44650-44655
Azat T. Gabdrakhmanov, Azat T.Galiakbarov and Almaz T. Gabdrakhmanov

Upgrading Of High-Viscosity Naphtha In The Super-Critical Water Environment
pp 44656-44661
Sergey M.Petrov, Raikhan R.Zakiyeva, AbdelsalamYa. Ibrahim, Leah R.Baybekova, Ildar I.Gussamov, Sergey A.Sitnov and Alexey V. Vakhin

Ensuring Identity Of Dynamic Properties Of Medium By Vibroabrasive Machining
pp 44662-44667
Alla A. Yelakova, Anatoly P. Abyzov and Vitaly B. Stupko

Modern Conceptualization Of Oil Disperse Systems Composition And Structure
pp 44668-44671
Alim F. Kemalov, Ruslan A. Kemalov and Irek I. Mukhamatdinov

Assessment Of Kinetic Energy Storage Band Volume Energy Consumption
pp 44672-44676
Alla A. Yelakova, Anatoly P. Abyzov and Vitaly B. Stupko


Simulation Of Deformation Of Loose Continuous Media On The Basis Of Particles Method
pp 44677-44681
Dmitry V.Berezhnoy, Naila F.Gabsalikova and Irina S.Balafendieva

Lake Water Quality Of Kazan City (Russia) Kaban Lake In The Anthropogenic Pollution Conditions And Improving Actions Implementation
pp 44682-44687
Olga Yu. Derevenskaya, Nafis M. Mingazova and Lyubov R.a Pavlova

Studying Of The Layland Soils Organic Matter By Ir Fourier Spectroscopy Method
pp 44688-44695
Albina A. Valeeva, Kamil G. Giniyatullin, Rodion V. Okunev and Elena V. Smirnova

Regional Geo-Statistical Operation Model Of Soil Humus-Content, Acidity And Structure Distribution With Geo-Morphometric Data Use
pp 44696-44704
Stanislav S. Ryazanov1, Ilnaz A. Sahabiev and Boris R. Grigoryan


Tutorial-Pictorial Presentation Of Program Codes In The Python Language For Illustration Of The Flow Chart Theory Principles
pp 44705-44710.
Viktor O. Georgiyev and Margarita A. Morozova

Definition Of The Intense And Deformable Jaw State Under The Masseters Hyper Tone
pp 44711-44714
Faina A.Shigapova, Mignonette F.Mustakimova, Gulshat T.Saleeva and Oscar A. Sachenkov

On Application ofBubnov-Galerkin Method of the Solution of Differential Equations
pp 44715-44723
Valeriya L.Vorontsovaa and TatyanaYu.Gorskaya

Natural And Anthropogenic Factors Influencing Evolution Of Lakes (On Example Of The Lake Glubokoe)
pp 44724-44729
Gennady V. Sonin, Ruslan A. Ulengov and Svetlana K. Gubeeva

Modification Of The Reactor Gas-Distribution Device On The Basis Of Numerical Simulation Of Turbulent Heat Exchange
pp 44730-44736
Evgeny I. Kalinin Alexander B. Mazo and Petr V. Urtyakov

Automated System Of Engine Tests On The Basis Of Bosch Controllers
pp 44737-44742
Lenar A. Galiullin and Rustam A. Valiev

The Complex Of Program Systems Of Speech Analysis For The Tatar Languge
pp 44743-44750
Aydar F. Khusainov, Djavdet Sh. Sulaimanov

The Study Of Solid High-Molecular Paraffin Hydrocarbons In Crude Oils
pp 44751-44757
Liya R. Baibekova, Dina A. Ibragimova , Rustem K. Ibragimov, Yuliya M. Ganeyeva, Sergey M. Petrov and Dmitry A. Shaposhnikov (Shaposhnikov D.A.)

Express - Method Of Determination Of The Content Of Resins And Asphaltenes In Bitumens By Thermal Analysis
pp 44758-44763
Ekaterina S. Okhotnikova, Yulia M. Ganeeva, Tatiana N. Yusupova and Igor N. Frolov

Comparative Analysis Of Algorithm For Solving Teaching Objectives In Four Language Environments
pp 44764-44772
Albert V. Gubaidullin and Viktor O. Georgiev

Comparison Of Critical Rate Correlations
pp 44773-44779
Firdavs A. Aliev, Khurshed A. Rahimov, Balabek Amzayev and Alim F.Kemalov

Design Of Wells In Case Of Water Coning
pp 44780-44790
Firdavs A. Aliev, Khurshed A. Rahimov, Balabek Amzayev and Alim F.Kemalov

Patterns Of Food Thermal Processing In Electric Deep Fat Fryers
pp 44791-44794
IrekA. Gaysin, Julia V.Sarapulova, IrekKh.Israfilov and AzatT. Galiakbarov

Methods And Software Tools Of Morphological Disambiguation In The Texts In Tatar
pp 44795-44800
Ramil R. Gataullin, Rinat A. Gilmullin and Djavdet Sh. Suleymanov

The Contaminating Impact Of Surface Water Runoff From The MSW Landfill On The River Krutovka (Through The Example Of Samosyrovskaya Landfill, Kazan, Russia)
pp 44801-44807
Rimma P. Shaliamova, Elvira G. Nabeeva and Irshat S. Shipagov

Extremity lognormal distribution of technological hazards
pp 44808-44811
Konstantin A. Rubcov, Olga A. Ivashchuk, Igor S. Konstantinov and Sergej A. Lazarev

Chemical aspects of hydrophobization technology for secondary cellulose fibers at the obtaining of packaging papers and cardboards
pp 44812-44814
Olga A. Mishurina, Elvira R. Mullina, Larisa V. Chuprova, Olga V. Ershova, Elvira P. Chernyshova, Mikhail B. Permyakov  and  Anatoly L. Krishan

Polarized Continuum Solvent Model: Considerable Acceleration With The Multicharge Matrix Approximation
pp 44815-44830
Sulimov V.B, Mikhalev A.Yu, Oferkin I.V, Oseledets I.V, Sulimov A.V, Kutov D.C, Katkova E.V and Tyrtyshnikov E.E

The Elements OfGeneralTheoryOf TheSystems In Terms Of System-Object Approach Of «Unit-Function-Object»
pp 44831-44837
S.I. Matorin,O.A. Zimovets,A.G. Zhikharev

The Proof Of Security Of NCTP Protocol Based On Coq
pp 44838-44843
Dmitry G. Bukhanov, Vladimir M.Polyakov, Anton M.Makarov and Maksim V.Panchenko

To The Question Of Dry Mortars Components Mixed In Various Mixing Units
pp 44844-44847
Liliya H. Zagorodnjuk, Valery S. Lesovik and Aleksandr A. Volodchenko

Modernized Algorithm Of Neural Network Initial Weighting Factors During The Diagnosis Of Diesel Engine Faults
pp 44848-44854
Alexey N. Ilyukhin and Evgeny V. Zubkov

Evaluation Of External Fixation Device Stiffness For Rotary Osteotomy
pp 44855-44860
Ranis R. Galiullin, Oscar A. Sachenkov, Ruslan F. Khasanov and Petr S. Andreev

Numerical Simulation Of Turbulent Flow Behind The Diaphragm With Periodic Consumption Pulsations
pp 44861-44866
Irek H.Israfilov, Alexey V.Boldyrev, Sergei I.Kharchuk, Sergey V.Boldyrev and Danis I.Israfilov

Polarization Of Radiation Reflected From Rough Surface
pp 44867-44871
Rystem R. Ziyatdinov and Alexander A. Shabayev

On Effectiveness And Ways Of Ecological Characteristics Increase Of The Condensation Boiler For Heat Supply Independent Systems
pp 44872-44878
Mikhail I. Kuleshov and Artyom V. Gubarev

The Aspects Of Increase Of Luminous Efficacy Of The Low Voltage Sodium Vapor Lamp Dna?-85
pp 44879-44883
V. K. Sveshnokov, A. V. Kurenshchikov and A. F. Bazarkin

Vibration Diagnostics As A Way Of Defining Car Suspension Bracket Ball Elements Technical Condition
pp 44884-44888
Alexander N.Novikov,Andrey A. Katunin and Maxim D. Tebekin

The Use Of Zeolite-Containing Rottenstone Powder For The Composite Binding Production
pp 44889-44895
Ruslan V. Lesovik, Sergey I. Leshchev, Marina S. Ageeva, Sergey V. Karatsupa and Nataliya I. Alfimova

The solution of environmental problems during plastic package recycling
pp 44896-44899
Olga V. Yershova, Larisa V. Chuprova, Elvira R. Mullina, Olga A. Mishurina and Mikhail B. Permyakov

The Issue Of Evaporation Loss Of Oil Products And Possible Solutions
pp 44900-44905
Valeriy F. Danilov, Rafis H. Muhutdinov, Viktor Yu. Shurygin and Rais M. Timerbaev

Measuring The Position Of Current-Carrying Conductor Based On Mathematical Model Ajusted By The Method Of Full-Scale Model Experiment
pp 44906-44914
S.G. Yantaryev, N.I. Gorbatenko and V.V.Grechikhin

Methodological Grounds of Study ofLight-Emitting Diode Illumination Effectiveness
pp 44915-44919
Olga E.Zheleznikova, Lyudmila V.Sinitsyna

Finite Element Modeling Of Cutting Process At External Longitudinal Turning
pp 44920-44926
Tatiana A. Duyun, Ivan V. Kalatozishvili and Anna V. Grinek

Safety Mechanism For Multi-Factor Authentication With Digital Access Key Use In Closed Virtual Environment Of Distributed Information Resources
pp 44927-44933
Igor S. Konstantinov, Sergej A. Lazarev, Pavel P. Silaev

Influence Of Sodium Arsenate (V) On The Content Of Nitrogen-Containing Compounds In Soil
pp 44934-44938
Rodion V. Okunev, MansurovnaS. Lyutsiya and Boris R. Grigoryan

Modeling Dust Particle Dynamics In Suction Units With Rotating Cylinders
pp 44939-44947
Olga A. Averkova, Artur K. Logachev and Valeryi A.Uvarov

Calibration Of Combined Pressure And Temperature Sensors
pp 44948-44957
A.Zh. Sahabutdinov, A.Z. Kuznetsov, I.I. Nureev, O.G. Morozov, L.M. Faskhutdinov, A.V. Petrov and S.M. Kuchev

Experimental study of laser ignition impact on the intensification of the combustion process of air fuel mixture "methane + air"
pp 44958-44965
Sattarov A.Ga, Kuchev S.M and Hafizof I.G

Electrohydraulic Gas Distributing Mechanism Control
pp 44966-44973
A.V. Maksimov, A.B. Berezovsky, L.A. Zimina and N.A. Gataullin

Numerical Modeling Of Diesel Internal Combustion Engine Heating
pp 44974-44981
Salakhov R.R, Yamalov D.R, Gureev V.M, Salakhov I.R and I.F. Gattarov

Experimental Study Of Heat Transfer In The Cooling Jacket Of ICE KAMAZ
pp 44982-44991
Yamalov D.R, Salakhov R.R, Gureev V.M, Salakhov I.R, Makarov A.N and Burlakov V.V

About The Motion Nature Of Standing Waves With Supporting Ring Variable Speed
pp 44992-45002
AleksandrI. Polunin

Balancing Features Of Car Engine Turbine Compressors
I.P. Emelyanov and E.V. Ageev

The Description Of Heavy Oils And The Products Of Their Catalytic Conversion According To Sara-Analysis Data
pp 45007-45014
Dmitry A. Feoktistov, Sergey A. Sitnov, Alexey V. Vahin, Marina S. Petrovnina, Galina P. Kayukova and Danis K. Nurgaliev

The Creation Of High Temperature Steam Flow For Plasma Chemical Gasification Of Polymer Waste
pp 45015-45021
Guzel R. Gibadullina, Almaz H. Tazmeev and Ramilya N. Tazmeeva

Application Of Neural Networks For The Diagnosis Of Depth Sucker Rod Pumps
pp 45022-45026
Rustem R. Ziyatdinov, Vadim R. Mukhametzyanov and Gulnaz I. Nabiullina

Quasi Adaptive Automatic Control System Synthesis With A Reference Model For Multiple Connected Object With State Delays
pp 45027-45033
AsanovAskhatZamilovich and Valery SergeevichKarimov

The Development Of Infrastructure Security For Distributed Information Computer Environment Based On Secured Portal Network
pp 45034-45042
Igor S.Konstantinov, Sergej A. Lazarev, Oleg V.Mihalev and Alexander V.Demidov, Roman V. Shateev

Numerical Modeling Of Heavy Oil Displacement By Hot Water
pp 45044-45048
Nelly A. Islamova and Alim F. Kemalov

The Rheology Of Silica Dispersions Taking Into Account The Genesis Of Quartz And Plasticizer Type
pp 45049-45054
ViktoriaV. Nelyubova,Valeria V. Strokova and Aleksandra I. Bondarenko

Using Of Silver Nanoparticles In The Package Of Toilet And Laundry Soap
pp 45055-45060
Svetlana N. Butova S. Svetlana Yu. Soldatov, Galina N. Dubtsova, OlgaV. Kraineva and OlgaV. Beznaeva

Synthesis of metal nanoparticles for their further usage as components in packaging films in foods storage
pp 45061-45068
Svetlana N. Butova, Svetlana Y. Soldatova, Lyudmila A. Ivanova, Olga V. Beznaeva and Vera A. Salnikova

Ways Of Strengthening Filler Coupling With Cement Concrete Matrix
pp 45069-45074
Shark M. Rakhimbayev, Natalia M. Tolypin? and Elena N. Khakhaleva

Estimation Of Bitumen Adhesion To The Mineral Material On The Basis Of Its Wetting Properties
pp 45075-45081
Irek I. Mukhamatdinov, Alim F. Kemalov, Pavel S. Fakhretdinov and Svetlana A. Bogdanova

Using Ferruginous Quartzite Tailings In Dry Building Mixes
pp 45082-45090
Svetlana V. Sverguzova, Irina V. Starostina, Galina I.Tarasova and Ekaterina V. Fomina

Determination Of Barbotage Pipeline Hydraulic Resistance In The Bio-Reactor Receiving Bio-Gas
pp 45091-45096
Denis Yu. Suslov and Leonid A. Kuschev

Grinding Bodies Movement Features In A Ball Grinder Tapered Chamber
pp 45097-45107
Sergey I. Khanin, Denis N. Starchenko, Vasiliy S. Bogdanov and Olga S. Mordovskaya

On Environmental Friendliness Increase For Metallurgical Production
pp 45108-45114
Evgeny V. Kharlamov, Rashid R. Sharapov and Valentina V. Yadykina

The Features Of The Process And Directions Of Industrial Infrastructure Development In The Region
pp 45115-45123
Galina S.Feraru and Elena A.Stryabkova

Containerization Of Multi-Tier Client-Server Architecture To Create A Cloud For Business And Analytical Applications
pp 45124-45130
V.N. Solovyev, ?.V. Prokofyev, ?.?. Khlamov and R.G. Chesov

Organic-Mineral Modifier On The Basis Of Volcanogenic-Sedimentary Rocks
pp 45131-45136
Nataliia I. Alfimova, Evgeniy E. Shadskiy, Ruslan V. Lesovik and Marina S. Ageeva

Design Product Projecting Made Of Recycled Materials
pp 45137-45141
Nadezhda S. Zhdanova, Alexander A.Zhdanov, Julia V. Lymareva, Elena V.Ilyasheva, Julia S. Antonenko and Tatiana Zakharchenko

Improving The Efficiency Of Wall Materials For «Green» Building Through The Use Of Aluminosilicate Raw Materials
pp 45142-45149
Aleksandr A. Volodchenko, Valery S. Lesovik, Anatoly N. Volodchenko and Liliya H. Zagorodnjuk

Mathematical Model Of Liquid Vapor Compression System For Multicircuit Cooling Systems Of High Mobile Platform
pp 45150-45155
D.L. Karelin, V.L. Mulyukin and V.M. Gureev

Thermal Chemical Activation Of Cement Raw Compounds
pp 45156-45162
Vladimir M. Konovalov, Svetlana S. Solomatova and Dmitry M. Glikin

The Macroscopic Phenomena During The Development Of Mechanical Twins In Titanium Under Concentrated Intensive Load
pp 45163-45168
Nikolai V. Kamyshanchenko, Vladimir V. Krasil’nikov, Ivan S. Nikulin, Alexander V. Gal’tsev, Vladimir A. Belenko and Irina N. Galt’tseva

Impact Of Epicrystallization Modifying On Characteristics Of Cement Rock And Concrete
pp 45169-45175
Valeria V. Strokova, Larisa N. Botsman and Yulia N. Ogurtsova

New approaches to creating quality management systems
pp 45176-45180
Yevgeny I. Evtushenko, Ruslan V. Lesovik, Natalia A. Mityakina and Anatoly M. Stepanov

Influence Of The Clinker Cooler And Burning Zone Location Efficiency On The Clinker Microstructure And Activity
pp 45181-45185
Alexey G. Novosyolov, Inna N. Novoselova and Iya G. Luginina

Decision algorithm of near-field microwave sounding
pp 45186-45189
Igor' S. Konstantinov, Aleksandr V. Mamatov, Viktor A.Sapryka, Aleksandr D. Cherenkov, Aleksandr V. Sapryka and Anatolij E. Poedinchuk

Analysis Of Encapsulated Polymer System Technology Application Methods And Other Diverter Technologies In Order To Increase Oil Recovery
pp 45189-45193
Ramil F.Tuhbiev, Bulat G.Ganiev, Alim F.Kemalov and Ruslan A.Kemalov

Generalized Interpolating Polynomial Operator An
pp 45194-45202
Anis F. Galimyanov and Chulpan B. Minnegalieva

The Influence Of Nonionic Surfactants And ?-Cyclodextrin On The State Of 5-Phenylthio-8-Mercaptoquinoline In Aqueous Media
pp 45203-45207
Anna B. Ziyatdinova, Julia R. Shaiymova, Evgeniya A. Burilova and Rustem R. Amirov

Model Approach To Interactive System Software Development
pp 45208-45213
Victor O.Georgiev and Nikolay A.Prokopiev

Morphological Characteristic Of Hydraulic Fracturing According To The Results Of Microseismic Research
pp 45214-45223
Ilmir I. Nugmanov, Ekaterina V. Nugmanova, Ranas N. Mustafin and Sergey A. Mikhailov

Emulation System Software Of The Gas Engine KAMAZ Operation For Electronic Control System Testing
pp 45224-45227
Kuchev S.M., Ilmir Gattarov, Marat Sadykov ande Ibragim Murataev

KAMAZ engine emulation system for electronic control system testing
pp 45228-45131
Marat Sadykov, Kuchev S.M, Ibragim Murataev and Danil Yaroslavskiy

Subtractive Processing Modeling By Micromilling And Microdrilling
pp 45232-45238
A. N. Afonin, V. V. Lomakin, A. Yu. Aleynikov, I. S. Nikulin

Formal And Software Language Means For Specialized Language Implementation
pp 45239-45246
V. V. Lomakin and A. N. Afonin

Formation Of Transport Correspondence Dynamic Matri?es At The Reconstruction Of Street Road Network
pp 45247-45254
Alexey E. Borovskoy, Natalia A. Buryachenko, EvgenyA. Novopisny and SergeyI. Sokorev

Deflected Mode Of Junction Of Pipes Of Different Diameters In The Constructions Of Contact-Line Supports Of Electrical Transport
pp 45255-45263
L.S. Sabitov, I.Z. Gatiyatov, I.L. Kuznetsov and L.G. Ibragimov

Algorithm for Solving the Primal Problem of the Dynamics of Parallel Robots in Terms of Platform Models and Supports
pp 45264-45270
Larisa A. Rybak, Elena V. Gaponenko and Tatiana A. Blinova

On The Division Of Speech Signals On Homogeneous Segments
pp 45271-45275
Evgeny G. Zhilyakov, Sergey P. Belov, Alexander S. Belov and Aleksandra A. Firsova

Comparative Lysine Sulfate Efficiency Assessment of the Corynebacterium Glutamicum (V-11167, V-11287). Two Strains
pp 45276-45280
Irina V. Batlutskaia, Aleksandr A. Sirotin, Aleksei G. Balanovskii and Nadezhda I. Zhivina

The Informational Decision Support at Task Distribution in the University
pp 45281-45286
Alexey E. Fedoseev, ?lexander N. Nemtsev, Vadim V. Mishunin, Vladimir A. Belenko and ?lexander N. Galtsev

Studying of stowage massifs formation conditions in deep-laying rich KMA iron oxides developing and efficient stowage composition projection
pp 45287-45291
Elena A. Ermolovich, Sergey V. Sergeev, Denis A. Zaytsev and Oleg V. Ermolovich

About The Development Of New Tools System-Object Simulation Process And Traffic
pp 45292-45296
Sergey I. Matorin, Alexander G. Zhikharev, Karina V. Korchagina and Tatiana V. Saitseva

The Influence Of Injecting Strengthening For Uniform Subgrade Soils Of Strip Foundations On Their Stress-Strain State
pp 45297-45306
Sergei M. Prostov, Mikhail V. Sokolov and Andrey V. Pokatilov

Experimental Research On Pressed-Bending Reinforced Timberwork
pp 45307-45313
S.I. Roshchina, M.V. Lukin, A.V. Lukina, M.S. Sergeyev and M.S. Lisyatnikov

The Effective Implementation Of The Security Policy Of The Natural Environment
pp 45314-45323
Alex L.Kuznetsov, Alexey A.Tikhomirov, Violetta V.Rokotyanskaya, Olga V.Beznaeva and Magomed D.Magomedov

Determination Of Resistance Change Dependence For Contact Connections Of Low-Voltage Devices According To Their Nomuinal Parameters
pp 45324-45330
E.I. Gracheva, O.V. Naumov and R.R. Sadykov

The Analysis Of Influence Of The Temperature-Time Mode On Process Of Preparation Of The Composite Bitumen Binder
pp 45342-45344
S.N. Shabaev, S.A. Ivanov and E.M. Vakhyanov

The Analysis Of Structure Bituminous Knitting, Modified By A Rubber Crumb
pp 45345-45349
S.N. Shabaev, E.M. Vakhyanov and S.A. Ivanov

Data Centers: Trends And Development Prospects
pp 45350-45359
Oleg Silberstein, Marina Lyashenko and Tatyana Shklyar

Methods of fighting against scale build-up at the Tuymazy deposit
pp 45360-45365
Kseniya Yuryevna Goryntseva and Raisa Grigoryevna Markova, Alim Feyzrakhmanovich Kemalov

Concept Of Component Technology Application In The Lifecycle Management Of The Project For Complex Innovative High Technology Product
pp 45366-45371
Igor S. Konstantinov, Sergej A. Lazarev, Julija I. Sergeyeva and Ekaterina. S. Mikhaleva

Composition And Morphology Of Metal Microparticles In Paleozoic Sediments Of Caspian Depression
pp 45372-45382
Rafael H. Sungatullin, Anatoly Io.Bakhtin, Guzal M. Sungatullina, Vladimir A. Tsel'movich, Mikhail S. Glukhov, Yuri N. Osin and Vyacheslav V. Vorobiev

Anticorrosive properties of epoxy coatings, impregnated with manga-nese-containing pigments
pp 45383-45391
Vasiliy A. Solodov and Maya R. Ziganshina

Determination Of The Driving Force's Asymmetry Factor And The Vibrostand's Work's Analysis
pp 45392-45398
Michail D. Gerasimov, Sergey N. Glagolev, Dmitriy M. Gerasimov and Oleg V. Mkrtychev

Impact Of The Acoustic Machining Process On Rheological And Physical-Mechanical Properties Of Composite Bituminous Materials
pp 45399-45412
Ruslan A. Kemalov, Alim F. Kemalov and Rashid Khusnutdinov

The Rate Of Soil Formation In Regenerative Ecosystems With Various Combinations Of Substratum And Vegetation Conditions
pp 45413-45416
Pavel V. Goleusov, Fedor N. Lisetskii, Oleg A. Chepelev and Alexander V. Prisniy

Installation and testing of server component of the information educational environment of the university on the LMS Moodle platform
pp 45417-45422
Irina I. Eremina

Integrated Treatment Of Formation Waters Of Oil Deposits Of The Republic Of Bashkortostan
pp 45423-45426
Kseniya Yu. Goryntseva and Alim F. Kemalov

Vegetative Index Perennial Dynamics Applied to the Cultivated Areas Vegetative Cover Analysis
pp 45427-45430
Edgar A. Terekhin, Alla V. Zemlyakova, Pavel A. Ukrainskii and Mariya E. Rodionova


Assessment Of Performance Characteristics Of Blended Nonwovens From Areca Catechu Husk Fibers And Polypropylene Fibers
pp 45431-45437
V.Bhanu Rekha, K.Ramachandralu and Vishak S


Stress-Strained State Of Supports For Energy Construction
pp 45438-45348
L.S. Sabitov, I.N. Khamidulin, I.L. Kuznetsov and D.М. Khusanov

Creation Of Labor Correspondence Matrix On The Basis Of Public Statements For The Development Of Computer Transport Model Of The Region
pp 45449-45453
P. V. Loginov, S. E. Shirobakin and S. N. Kuznetsov


Genetic Algorithm Based Intrusion Detection System for Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 45454-45460

S.Vijayarangam and A.Rajesh


Optimization of the strength design for recliner connected structure on the folding headrest in a static load
pp. 45461-45466
Ji Hun Choi, Yun Sik Yang and Euy Sik Jeon


High-Frequency Systems Of Linear Electron Accelerators
Aleksandr Evgen'evich Novozhilov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich Filatov and Viadimir Kuz'mich Shilov


pp. 45473-45477
Ji Hun Choi,YunSik Yang and EuySikJeon

Building Blocks from Petroleum Sludge: Leachability and toxicity studies
pp 45479-45481
Johnson O.A, Madzlan N, Kamaruddin I. and Oloruntobi O.O

pp 45483-454837

Problems related to Synthesis and Application ofMR Fluids
pp 45489-45495
Lijesh K.P and Muzakkir S.M

Smart Stock Management Control
pp 45497-45504
KRISHNA A/L RAVINCHANDRA, Raed Abdulla and Thang, K. F

A Study on the Optimization of Suction Valves in Refrigeration Compressors
pp 45505-45508
S. J. Park and Y. L. Lee

SQW PbSe/PbSrSe Emitted Wavelengths Calculations for Breath Analysis Applications
pp 45509-45511
Majed Khodr

The Approaches to Implementation of Patterns of Static Object Models for Database Applications: Existing Solutions and Unified Testing Model
pp 45513-45516
Pavel P. Oleynik and Sergey M. Salibekyan

Modeling of the water-wheel with a water stream by means of the computer program «FloWision»
pp 45517-45521
Azhumakan Zhamalov and Murat Kunelbayev

Analysis of Side Effects of Chemotheraphy Treatment For Cancer Patients Using Neutrosophic Cognitive Graphs (NCG)
pp 45523-45525
Ashit Kumar Dutta

First Stage Cross Flow Turbine Performance
pp 45527-45532
Rudy Soenoko

Models for Boundary Lubrication
pp 45533-45540
Lijesh K.P and Muzakkir S.M.

Experimental Evaluation of MR Brake with Elliptical Profile
pp 45541-45545
Lijesh K.P and Muzakkir S.M.

Real Flow Dynamic Queue(RFDQ) performance evaluation with real flows in MANET

pp 45547-45551
Sourabh Singh Verma, R. B. Patel and A. K. Dahiya

Rpoposals On Mathematical Prosessing Improvement of Geodetic Measurements For Geodetic Monitoring of Engineering Constructions
pp 45553-45557
V. A. Seredovich, E. I. Avrunev and E. S. Plusnina


Implementation Patterns of Object Static Models for Database Applications: Classical ORM-Patterns and Object-Attribute Approach
pp 45559-45566

Pavel P. Oleynik and Sergey M. Salibekyan

High-Gain Low-Area Power Amplifier for 77-GHz Automotive Radars
pp 45567-45570
J. -Y. Ryu

Implementing a simulator of Wireless Cognitive Radio Network Primary Users
pp 45571-45576
Danilo A. López S, Nancy Y. Gélvez G and Edwin R. Trujillo

Service Life Estimation of Rubber Seals
pp 45577-45583
Lijesh K.P and Muzakkir S.M

pp 45585-45591
Taeho Jo

An Eliciting Requirements for Automotive Product Development: A Study
pp 45593-45596
Nur Syifaa Sukoryoh, Massila Kamalrudin, Suriati Akmal and Safiah Sidek

Data Mining-based Anti-spyware System Using a Hybrid of Common Feature-based Extraction And Frequency-based Feature Extraction Approaches
pp 45597-45604
Mohamed Adel Sheta, Kamel Abd El Salam El Hadad and H. Aboelseoud M


Secure Nakagami-m fading Broadcast channel for Smart Grids

pp 45605-45610

S.Belmoubarik, G. Aniba, B. Elgraini and M. Maaroufi


Study the Effect of Wire Electrodes on Performance of WEDM during machining of Titanium Grade 2 alloy
pp 45611-45617
Rajyalakshmi.G, Karthik.C and Rimmie Duraisamy

Simplification of Switching Functions Using Hex-Minterms
pp 45619-45624
Sahadev Roy and Chandan Tilak Bhunia

Effect of Epoxy modifiers (Bagasse fiber / Bagasse ash / Coal powder /Coal Fly ash) on mechanical properties of Epoxy / Glass fiber hybrid composites
PP 45625-45630
Raffi Mohammed, B Ram Gopal Reddy, V Sridhar Reddy and Md Abid Ali

Distance Two Labeling of Some Special Graphs
pp 45631-45636
K.M. Baby Smitha and K.Thirusangu

Approximate COSMIC Functional Size Measurement approach to Agile Software Development
pp 45637-45647
M.Kumarasamy and M.Radhakrishnan, Director IT

An approach to evolve at a Standard Methodology for defining COSMIC FUR
pp 45649-45660
M.Kumarasamy and M. Radhakrishnan

Mobile learning process for Students by using Cloud computing
pp 45661-45663
Perepi. Rajarajeswari

Moving Object Segmentation Using Background Modeling With Orthogonal Polynomials
pp 45665-45673
R. Punidha, K. Gayathri Devi, K. Suguna and R. Subaja

pp 45675-45683
S.Velmurugan and S.Selvarajan


Bibliometric Analysis of Urban Runoff Study with help of Google Scholar
pp 45684-45690
Vladimir M. Moskovkin, Andrey V. Prizhihalinskiy, Natalya L. Rychak, and Ruslan V. Lesovik

Theoretical aspects of evaluation of the corporative portal network traffic management
pp 45691-45696
Igor S. Konstantinov, Sergej A. Lazarev, Kostiantyn O. Polshchykov and Oleg V. Mihalev

Indistinct temperature controller of the exothermic fermen-tation processes
pp 45697-45702
E.V. Lubentsova, V.F. Lubentsov, A.I. Koldayev, A.A. Evdokimov and D.V. Samoylenko

Model of recognition of technical condition of electromechanical systems based on parallel classification schemes with excessive number of computing elements
pp 45703-45716
D. M. Shprekher, Yu.N. Matveev and V. N. Bogatikov

Mathematical model of process of management of elimination of consequences of emergency and emergency situations on technogenic chemical and technological objects
pp 45717-45723
Matveev Yu.N, Palyukh B. V, Stukalova N. A and Bogatikov V. N.

Technique of classification of technical condition of electromechanical system in multidimensional space of signs on the basis of a local metrics
pp 45724-45730
B. V. Palyukh, D. M. Shprekher and V. N. Bogatikov

Subjective models of rational choice in automated systems design and management
pp 45731-45735
G.P.Vinogradov, A. R. Chabarov and G.B. Burdo

Search of innovations and management of industrial system evolution
pp 45736-45740
B.V.Palyukh, V.K. Ivanov and I.A. Egereva

pp 45741-45749
Filatova N.N., Sidorov K.V and Iliasov L.V

Information technology imaginative thinking in the person – reasonable systems
pp 45750-45755
Kuznetsov V.N., Vinogradov G.P and Semenov N.A

One of approaches to realization of the mechanism of training in systems of
the automated design
pp 45756-45760
G. B. Burdo, G. P. Vinogradov, N. A. Semenov and N. N. Filatova

Experts and expertise at competitive selection of scientific projects
pp 45761-45764
Vladimir Arlazarov, Valery Krivtsov, Vera Farsobina and Igor Janiszewski

Using of microwave impact as efficient method of bitumen structure modification
pp 45765-45770
Andrey Evgenevich Akimov and Valentina Vasilevna Yadikina






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