International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC)



Volume 11, Number 4, (2015) 






Studies On Ternary Liquid Mixtures At Different Temperatures
pp. 389-398
J.Senthil Murugan and S.Chidambara Vinayagam

Property and Drug Release Profile of Keratin/Sucrose Blend Films
pp. 399-408
Yaowalak Srisuwan and Prasong Srihanam

Optimizing of ‘N - tert - butoxycarbon anhydrides polymerization of NCAs’ AG, SIK and VAV
pp. 409-426
Estella J. Salamula, Martin, W. Bredenkamp, Deon Bezuidenhout and Misael S. Nadiye - Tabbiruka

Sponge Role In Alleviating Oil Pollution Through Sludge Reduction, A Preliminary Approach
pp. 427-441
Ismail Marzuki, Alfian Noor, Nursiah La Nafie and M. NatsirDjide


Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2 Nanotube Films for a Photo-electrochemical Corrosion Prevention of Stainless Steel Under UV Light Exposure
pp. 443-453
Misriyani, Abdul Wahid Wahab, Jarnuzi Gunlazuardi, Paulina Taba and Koichiro Shiomori

Acoustical And Thermodynamical Parameters Of Iodine Doped PVA With Aqueous Solution At 303k
pp. 455-462
P. Divya, S. Jayakumar, Preetha Mary George and N. S. Shubashree

Glucose Biosensor using a Glucose Dehydrogenase Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide Electrochemically Immobilized on Natural Zeolite Nanoparticles
pp. 463-474
Raudhatul FADHILAH, Latifah Kosim DARUSMAN and Dyah ISWANTINI

Synthesis And Covalent Attachment Of A Methylene Blue Derivative To A Triple Helix Forming Oligonucleotide
pp. 475-485
Maria Goretti M. Purwanto

Synthesis, Characterization, And Optimization Of Β-Sitosterol Imprinted Polymers Using TFMAA As Functional Monomer
pp. 487-495
St. Fauziah, Paulina Taba, Muh. Bachri Amran, Prastawa Budi and Nunuk Hariani S

Studying Kinetics Of Carbon-Humic Acids With Vynyl Monomers Graft Copolymerization
pp. 497-504
А.S. Utegenova, Zh.B. Rakhimberlinova, P.Sh. Madi, О.О. Nurketayeva and А.Т. Таkibayeva


Influence Of Pressure And Temperature On The Performance Of Pem Fuel Cell With Taper Flow Channel Design
pp. 505-513
S.Praveenkumar, S.Muruganantham, M.Premkumar, M.Muthukumar and A.Vetrivel

Effect of formulation variables on in vitro release of Doxorubicin from Chitosan/PVA-Polyamidoamine Dendrimer Complex
pp. 515-525
S. Mohanty and S.K Biswal

Neoteric Approach To One-Step Bleaching And Antibacterial Finishing Of Cotton Fabric
pp. 527-538
Naglaa Abdel Azeem Ameen Elsayed, Rania Nabil Shaker and Rehab Mahmoud Kotb



Electro deposition of thin films in the presence of complexing agent: A review
pp. 539-544
Ho Soonmin

Phytochemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Activity of methanol Extract of the Leaves of Mucuna utilis (Velvet Beans)
pp. 545-551
Mercy A. Ezeokonkwo and Sunday Okafor

Physico-Chemical Treatment Enhancing electroactivity Properties Of Coconut shell-Based Carbon Electrode
pp. 553-565
Aris Mukimin, Hanny Vistanty and Farida Crisnaningtyas

Use of Diethylenetriamine-Bacterial Cellulose Gel As a Binding Agent for Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films
pp. 567-577
Khairuddin, Abd Wahid Wahab, Buchari and Indah Raya

Antimony Voltammetric Characteristics On Organo-Modified Electrodes And Its Determination After Fire Shot
pp. 579-586
Sorokin, S. Nekhoroshev, G. Slepchenko, A. Gazaliyev, S. Каbiyeva, Zh. Rakhimberlinova and A. Takibayeva

Examination of Heavy Oil Transformation During Ultrasonic Treatment
pp. 587-592
L.R.Baibekova, S.M.Petrov, S.A.Sitnov, Rayhan R.Zakieva, Dmitry V. Baranov and A.G.Safyulyna

Polymer Additive Influence on Composition and Properties of Bitumen Polymer Compound
pp. 593-599
L. R. Baibekova, S. M.Petrov, I. I. Mukhamatdinov and M. A. Burnina

Anticorrosive Efficiency of Coprecipitated Manganese Compounds IV
pp. 601-609
Vasily A. Solodov, Maya R. Ziganshina and Elvira A. Bayburina

Synthesis of TiO2 Nanotube Decorated Ag as Photoelectrode: Application for Corrosion Prevention of Stainless Steel 304 Under Visible Light Exposure
pp. 611-619
Misriyani, Abdul Wahid Wahab, Paulina Taba and Jarnuzi Gunlazuardi




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