International Journal of Applied Biotechnology & Biochemistry  (IJABB)


Volume 2  Number 4  (2012)




Production of Fruity Aroma by Non Lactose Fermenting Lacto bacilli Species Isolated from South India Hills
pp. 319-326
Authors: Chandramohan Marimuthu, Kathiravan Veeramalai and Kasthuri Gnanasekaran

Kinetic study of Rubisco from Solanum xanthocarpum leaves
pp. 327-339
Authors: Ashwini A. Pawar and Anita S. Goswami-Giri

Effect of C:N Ratio on Amylase Production by Bacteria Isolated from Soil
pp. 341-354
Authors: Jyoti Mittal and Priya Goel


A novel strain of Bacillus thuringiensis which efficiently degrades feather
pp. 355-364
Authors: L. Resmi Raj, V.P. Potty and G.M. Nair


A Simple And Modified Protocol Of Dna Isolation From Whole Blood Cells In A Multiple Hereditary Exostoses Affected Proband.
pp. 365-374
Authors: Vichare V V, Kokane K, Kutty B C and Gangawane A K


Deduce the functional profile from sequence: Role of integrative platform for sequence analysis
pp. 375-379
Authors: L Tadiparthi, Venkata S.P. Dendukuri and M.Maheshwara reddy


Effective Study of Lipid Profile during Pregnancy
pp. 381-386
Author: Shital S. Phuse


Genetic analysis of resistance in tomato cultivars against early blight
pp. 387-404
Authors: Suchita J. Patel and R.B. Subramanian


Biochemical, HPLC Analysis and Pharmacological Activities of Methanol Extract of Embelia ribes
pp. 405-417
Authors: K.M. Thara and K.F. Zuhra


Continuous Production of Camptothecin by Fast Growing Normal Root Culture of Ophiorrhiza Mungos
pp. 419-426
Authors: Ginu Joseph, Joy P. Joseph, Jolly C.I and Sreejith Raghavan






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