International Journal of Applied Biotechnology & Biochemistry  (IJABB)

Volume 1  Number 4  (2011)




Characterization and Purification of Thermostable Alkaline Protease Produced by Acremonium sporosulcatum
pp. 347-359
Vasant Kumar Valaparla


Immobilization of Halophilic α-Amylase from Bacillus Cereus MS6 Bacteria and its Characterization
Authors:Mohammed Mohammed Abdu Al-ZaZaee,
Shivayogeeshwar Neelgund and Rajeshwara N. Achur


Effect of Various Chemical Fertilizers on Growth of General Soil Microorganisms
Authors:Prabhuprasad Paduchuri, M. Subhas, Sonali Gohokar,
U.K. Rangankar and Bindu Thamke


In vitro Regeneration of Plantlets of Cymbidium irridioides D. Don. using Nodal Segments as Explants
Authors:Aolemla Pongener and Chitta R. Deb


Effect of Honey on Quorum Sensing of Bacteria
Authors:Jangala Jesonbabu and Navuru Spandana


Isolation and Screening of Halophiles Producing Halocin from Different Samples
Authors:Nisha S. Panicker and S.S. Sudha


Effect of Growth Regulator on Callus Induction of Bryonia Laciniosa
Authors:Ujjwala Supe





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