Global Journal of Management and Business Studies (GJMBS)



Volume 3 Number 6 spl.  (2013)




Global Marketing- A Study with Reference To Motor Pumps in Coimbatore City, India
pp. 565-572
Authors: R. Rajasekaran and M. Esther Krupa

Imagination and Visualisation Two Essentials for Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment
pp. 573-580
Authors: M.B. Murthy and M. Naga Gopinath

Dynamics of Expatriation Process A Case of Indian Expatriation to UAE
pp. 581-588
Authors: Mahjabin Banu and Mini Amit

Lean Six Sigma Approach for Quality and Business Performance
pp. 589-594
Authors: Man Mohan Siddh, Gaurav Gadekar, Gunjan Soni and Rakesh Jain

Perception of College Going Student of Rural Villages in India for Multi National Food Service Brand
pp. 595-604
Authors: Manisha and Sanatan Tiwari

Rural Marketing A Radical Perspective 
pp. 605-610
Author: Mayuri Gaur

Integrated Framework for Implementing Knowledge Management in Contemporary Organizations
pp. 611-618
Authors: Meghna Goswami and Anil Kumar Goswami

Innovation in Public Relation Strategies in Film Promotion- A Study
pp. 619-624
Author: Mou Mukherjee-Das

A Study on Green Product and Innovation for Sustainable Development
pp. 625-632
Authors: Major R. Rajasekaran and N. Gnanapandithan

Inclusive Growth and Food Inflation: An Analysis of their Nullification Effect
pp. 633-638
Authors: Naveed Ahamad Lone and D.K. Yadav

New Public Management in Developing Countries
pp. 639-644
Author: Naveen Kumar.C

International Organization Development Treaties in World
pp. 645-650
Author: Naveen Kumar.C


A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Public and Private Sector Banking Services [with Special Reference to Anantapur District of Andra Pradesh]

pp. 651-658
Author: M.E. Doddaraju

Increased MSME and Global Entrepreneurship Due to Cloud Computing
pp. 659-666
Authors: Alok Malviya and Nilotpal Chakraborty

Leadership Behaviour of Male Female Managers in Service Sector
pp. 667-674
Authors: NituNimbrain and Kapila Mahindra

Employee Engagement Drivers for Organizational Success
pp. 675-680
Author: Nusrat Khan

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in India
pp. 681-688
Authors: Pankaj Dodh, Sarbjeet Singh and Ravita






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