Global Journal of Management and Business Studies (GJMBS)



Volume 3 Number 2 spl.  (2013)





Study on the Marketing Strategies of NCB in Saudi Arabia 

pp. 75-80

Author:Abdullah Saleh Alshetwi


A Study Report, to Find out Market Potential for 4g Businesses in Pune

pp. 81-90

Authors: Mr. Abhishek Kumar Singh and Prof. Malhar Pangrikar


Empirical Study of Factors Affecting Online Shopping Amongst Youths

pp. 91-96

Authors: Achal Hardia and Kapil Sharma


Measuring Level of Usage of E-learning amongst Students Pursuing Higher Education

pp. 97-102

Authors: Kapil Sharma and Achal Hardia


Soft Computing in Financial Decision Making 

pp. 103-110

Authors: Anil Kumar Singh and Prataprudra Parida


The Extent of Disclosure Code of Corporate Governance in India: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Banks

pp. 111-118

Authors: Ankita Asthana and M.L. Dutt


Career Boundaries in a “Boundaryless” World 

pp. 119-124

Authors: Anshu Lochab and Kiran Mor


Current Account Imbalance and Exchange Rate Adjustment a Study of India

pp. 125-130

Authors: Vijay L.N. Gangal and Anuradha Agarwal


E-commerce: It’s Impact on consumer Behavior 

pp. 131-138

Author: Arjun Mittal


Vipassana and Business Management 

pp. 139-144

Author: Ch Venkata Sivasai


Production of Herbal and Medicinal Plant: An Innovative Effort Towards Sustainable Development (A Case Study of Bihar)

pp. 145-152

Author: Chanchal Charan


Reality of Triple Bottom Line 

pp. 153-158

Authors: Deepak Kumar Tripathi, Arun Kaushal and Vikash Sharma


Passenger Service Quality Dimensions with Respect Toindian Air Travel Using Data Envelopment Approach and Statistical Estimation


Author: Dipa Mitra


A Study of Success of First IPO of SKS Microfinance 

pp. 163-170

Author: Doodhnath Singh


What Extent is Risk Reduction Required? 

pp. 171-184

Authors: Elahe Taheri, Reyhaneh Taheri and Alireza Arsalan


Marketing Strategies of Pattiwork Enterprise -A Study in Aligarh City U.P.

pp. 185-190

Authors: Saba Khan and Fehmina


Public Expenditure and Economic Growth A Case Study of India 

pp. 191-196

Authors: Vijay L.N. Gangal and Ms. Honey Gupta






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