Global Journal of Applied Agricultural Research. (GJAAR)


Volume 7, Number 2 (2017)





Biochemical Assessment of Vermicompost

Shian Lee


Different Spraying Systems Evaluation in the Dispersal of HaNPV in Pigeonpea Ecosystem

Ningbo Li


Ingredients Nutrition before and after Pelleting Elephant Grass (Pennisetum Purpurium) for Animal Feed Ruminant

Ningbo Li


Utility of Real Time PCR in the Rapid Diagnosis of Pyogenic Meningitis

Humin Lei and Jin Zhou


Inhibition of phosphorylation of cdk2 and cdc2 in rat tumor hepatoma cells constitutively expressing specific p67 mutants

Lei Shao


Construction of Soil Metagenomic Library for Trapping of Novel Promoter Sequences

Bin Wang


Performance Study of Open Pan Furnaces Systems used in Karnataka for Jaggery Making.

Xinyuan Zhang


Double Haploid Technique: In Soybean and Other Species

Ping Shuai


Study on Marketing Scenario of Jaggery in Karnataka with Special Reference to Cavery Command Area

Liangwei Huang


Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity Potential of Thiocyclam in Root-Tip Cells of Allium cepa

Shaolong Chen


Production of Human Epidermal Growth Factor (hEGF) by in Vitro Cultures of Nicotiana tabacum: Effect of Tissue Differentiation and Sodium Nitroprusside Addition

J Lihong Xu







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