Advances in Fuzzy Mathematics (AFM)

Volume 5 Number 3 (2010)





Intuitionistic Fuzzy Relational Equations 
pp. 239-244
Authors: AR. Meenakshi and T. Gandhimathi

Some Fuzzy Operators with Threshold and Application to Fuzzy Association Rules in Data Mining
pp. 245-262
Authors: Bui Cong Cuong and Le Chi Ngoc

Transformation of Transportation Performance Ratings Using Fuzzy Theory
pp. 263-278
Authors: J.O. Olusina, J.B. Olaleye and F. Ogunwolu

Fuzzy Similarity Measure on Shortest Path 
pp. 279-284
Authors: A. Nagoorgani and A. Mumtaj Begam

Critical Path Analysis in the Fuzzy Project Network 
pp. 285-294
Authors: N. Ravi Shankar, V. Sireesha and P. Phani Bushan Rao

An Approximate Method for Solving Fuzzy Games 
pp. 295-300
Authors: T. Porchelvi and D. Stephen Dinagar

A Sequential Variance Ratio Test with Fuzzy Observations 
pp. 301-309
Authors: Ruma Talukdar and Hemanta K. Baruah

Homomorphism on Intuitionistic L-Fuzzy BF/BG-Subalgebras 
pp. 311-316
Authors: P. Muralikrishna and M. Chandramouleeswaran

Fuzzy Regular and Fundamental Relation on Fuzzy Subsemihypergroup 
pp. 317-334
Authors: Goutam Chowdhury


Rank and Regularity of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Matrices 
pp. 335-347
Authors: S. Sriram and P. Murugadas

On Fuzzy Abel Grassmannís Groupoids 
pp. 349-360
Authors: Madad Khan and Muhammad Nouman Aslam Khan

Estimation of the Maximum Age Group of the Dyeing Industrial Labourers Suffered By Health Hazards, Using 4 x 6 Fuzzy Matrix
pp. 361-366
Authors: S. Narayanamoorthy and R. Venugopal

Intuitionistic M-fuzzy Metric Spaces 
pp. 367-377
Authors: N. Soleimani

Fuzzy Ideals of Near-Rings With Respect to s-Norm 
pp. 379-393
Authors: J.D. Yadav and Y.S. Pawar

A More Realistic Assignment Problem with Fuzzy Costs and Fuzzy Restrictions
pp. 395-404
Authors: Sathi Mukherjee and Kajla Basu




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