Advances in Applied Computational Mechanics (AACM)

Volume 8 Number 1 (2017)




Super Resolution Of Mammograms For Breast Cancer Detection
Author: Renato Volpe

Novel Enhancement Of Security And Performance Of Software Define Network (SDN)
Author: Marco Sabatini

VLSI Implementation of Optimized Carry Select Adder
Author: Giovanni B. Palmerini and Anibal Ollero

Enhanced Security System Using an Embedded Real-Time Finger-Vein Detection

Author: Mohammad Mahdi Heydari

Extraction of Frequent Sequential Patterns From Web Usage Data and Their Applications In Pre-Fetching Rules Generation For Effective Web Latency Reduction

Author: Nooredin Ghadiri Massoom

Architecture Of Software Development Kit For Surgery Training Suites
Author: Pedro Sanchez-Cuevas and Guillermo Heredia

An Overview of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Applications

Author: Seong-Cheol Kwon

Load Balancing with Reliable Link in MANET Using Predictive Back-off Mechanism

Author: Mun-Shin Jo



















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